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Walsh, Ontario

of the same corporate ownership but operated as separate companies. Half a block to the south of Earle's was the village's only full scope service station, Engell's Walsh Garage that sold Texaco products. At Walsh Station located five kilometers to the south, Cherwaty's Service sold Fina (Petrofina) products during the early years of his business. He would keep the business selling Petro-Canada products before passing away in 2008 at the Leisure World


1 8 df y birth_place Orenburg, Russian Empire death_date Early life Malenkov was born at Orenburg, Russian Empire. His paternal ancestors were of Macedonian (Macedonia (region)) extraction, some of whom served as officers in the Russian Imperial Army. His father was a wealthy farmer in Orenburg province. Young Malenkov occasionally helped his father to do business selling harvest. ref name "ab1

Manhattan, Kansas

to prospect in the mountains. Manhattan was one of the last significant settlements on the route west, and the village's merchants did a brisk business selling supplies to miners. That same year Manhattan's first newspaper, ''The Kansas Express'', began publishing on May 21, 1859. In 1861, when the State of Kansas entered the Union, Isaac Goodnow, who had been a teacher in Rhode Island, began lobbying the legislature to convert Manhattan's Blue Mont Central College into the state university. The culmination of these efforts came on February 16, 1863, when the Kansas legislature established Kansas State Agricultural College (now Kansas State University) in Manhattan. When the college opened for its first session on September 2, 1863, it was the first public college in Kansas, the nation's first land-grant institution (land-grant university) created under the Morrill Act (Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act), and only the second public institution of higher learning to admit women and men equally (List of mixed-sex colleges and universities in the United States) in the United States. '''Tuttle Creek Lake''' is a reservoir on the Big Blue River (Big Blue River (Kansas)) 5 miles (8 km) north of Manhattan (Manhattan, Kansas), in the Flint Hills region of northeast Kansas. It was built and is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers for the purpose of flood control. - November 16, 2000 Manhattan (Manhattan, Kansas) Bramlage Coliseum - Auker was born and raised in Norcatur, Kansas, the son of Fred and Florence Auker. He attended college at Kansas State University in Manhattan (Manhattan, Kansas), where he was a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa. Called by former Kansas State University President James McCain, "the greatest all-around athlete in Kansas State history," Auker won nine varsity letters - three each in baseball, basketball and football during his college career from 1929-1932.* He was first-team All-America n in baseball and All-Big Six Conference in baseball, football (American football), and basketball. In football, Auker starred at quarterback, was named second team All-American by Grantland Rice, and was offered a $6,000 contract by the Chicago Bears. The Bears sent Bronko Nagurski to Manhattan to try to convince him to join the team. Auker turned down the Bears, however, to pitch for the Detroit Tigers.

Empire of Japan

(now National University of Singapore). His university education was delayed by World War II and the 1942–1945 Japanese occupation of Singapore. During the occupation, he operated a successful black market (Underground economy) business selling tapioca-based glue called ''Stikfas''.


and then went on to study at Western Reserve University, graduating in 1948, before starting his own business selling comic books from his car. By the late 1950s his business had swelled to a major wholesale magazine company with affiliates in several American cities. During the 1960s Sturman started selling magazines with sexual content, a product he discovered could make profits that outmatched anything that could be achieved by selling any kind of comic book. By the late 1960s


National Service, Cook attained the rank of corporal (latrines). After a brief stint working for the family business, selling lingerie in a department store in Neath, Wales, he spent most of the Fifties abroad. He lived in the Beat Hotel in Paris, rubbing shoulders with his neighbours William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, and danced at fashionable left bank (Rive Gauche) ''boîtes (nightclub)'' with the likes of Juliette Greco. In New York he resided on the Lower East Side and was married to an heiress (Beneficiary) from New England for all of sixty-five days. He claimed that he was sick of the dead-on-its-feet upper crust he was born into, that he didn’t believe in and didn’t want, whose values were meaningless. He was seeking to carve his way out — “Crime was the only chisel I could find.” Cook smuggled oil paintings to Amsterdam, drove fast cars into Spain from Gibraltar, and consummated his downward mobility (Social mobility) by spending time in a Spanish jail for sounding off about Francisco Franco in his local bar. After serving as part of the Garrison of Gibraltar from 24 April 1941 to 1 December 1943, it was redesignated as the 28th Infantry Brigade (28th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)) and as such saw action in Sicily (Battle of Sicily) and Italy (Italian Campaign (World War II)) as part of the 4th Infantry Division (British 4th Infantry Division). From December 1944 through to August 1945 the Brigade served in Greece with General Ronald Scobie's III Corps (III Corps (United Kingdom)). *Even though this was written before the 1999 massacre (Columbine High School massacre), it is one of the massacres foreshadowed in this play. *It has been performed widely in the United States, as well as in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Gibraltar, Sweden, Romania, Venezuela, India, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, and in Portugal by InActu Theatre Group, a group of students from Madeira Island, who have been working on the play since 2007. As the playwright intends ''Bang Bang You're Dead'' to raise awareness of school violence, it may be performed without payment of royalties, as long as the performance is not for profit, and subject to certain other conditions. *The 2002 Showtime (Showtime (TV network)) telemovie ''Bang Bang You're Dead (Bang Bang You're Dead (film))'' features students rehearsing and performing the play. Territorial application Part I of the Act (copyright provisions) extends to the whole of the United Kingdom (s. 157). It has also been extended, with consequential amendments, by Order in Council to Bermuda

Portland, Oregon

signed to appear.

White House

for reelection, but due to the continuing Great Depression, loses in a landslide to John P. Tweedledee. Wintregreen makes an unsuccessful appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn the election results. It is also revealed that Diana Deveraux divorced Throttlebottom to marry the French Ambassador. After the end of his term, Wintergreen, Throttlebotton, and their associates start a business selling his wife Mary's blue shirts on "Union Square." At Union Square, Kruger

Russian Empire

father to do business selling harvest. Zubok, V.M. & Pleshakov, K., ''Inside the Kremlin's cold war: from Stalin to Khrushchev'', Harvard University Press, 1996, pp. 140: "His ancestors were czarist military officers of Macedonian extraction." His mother was the daughter of a blacksmith and the granddaughter of an Orthodox (Russian Orthodox Church) priest. Zubok, V.M. & Pleshakov, K., ''Inside


, Weinstock bought "armfuls of records" by jazz artists at nine cents each, opening up "a new world of music" for him. As a teenager growing up in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side, Weinstock started a business selling jazz records through advertisements in the pages of ''Record Changer'' magazine from his family's apartment, with the support of his father and uncle. He couldn't play or read music, but he had an ear that enabled him to pick

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