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and business related to the seaport. Much of it has been the work of the influential businessman Johan Kock. Other important industries he established were ''Akzo Nobel Inks'', Today called Flint Group Sweden, manufacturing printing inks (established as ''Gleitzman Industries'' in the 1890s), and DUX, who make beds. Later in the 1950s, Perstorp (Flooring) Industries was established in Trelleborg and it manufactures flooring boards and other plastic material. Trelleborg continues to be a working-class-oriented city and is politically a traditional stronghold for the Swedish Social Democratic Party. However, since the latest elections in 2006 the Social Democratic Party is in opposition in the municipality. It is today often visited by people travelling from Sweden to Germany because of the ferries to Rostock, Sassnitz, and Lübeck - Travemünde in Germany. These ferries began sailing on May 1, 1897, with the Sassnitz line; the route to Travemünde was established in 1962, while the line to the former East German city Rostock was inaugurated after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The ferries carry both passengers on one-day journeys, cars with vacationing families, and heavy trucks on their way through Europe. In April 1917, Lenin arrived with the ferry from Sassnitz to Trelleborg on his way from exile back to Russia to lead the Revolution (October Revolution). Today Trelleborg has the second largest seaport of Sweden, behind Gothenburg. Every year it transports more than 10 million metric tonnes of cargo. Overlooking the harbour of Smygehuk near Trelleborg is a statue of a nude woman that was installed in 1930. Uma Thurman's grandmother, the mother of Nena von Schlebrügge, was the model for this statue. Uma Thurmans mormor staty i Trelleborg, ''Sydsvenskan'', 30 July 2006. Wikipedia:Trelleborg Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Skåne_County Localities Trelleborg Commons:Category:Trelleborg

Port Harcourt

number of multinational (Multinational corporation) firms as well as other industrial concerns, particularly business related to the petroleum industry. It is the chief oil-refining city in Nigeria and has two main oil refineries (Oil refinery) that process around 210,000 barrels of crude oil a day, both operated by the Port Harcourt Refining Company.

San Pedro Sula

and financial development." The then-manager of Hotel Copantl attributed its growth in business-related tourism ... to the maquila (apparel manufacturing) industry. Wikipedia:San Pedro Sula Dmoz:Regional Central_America Honduras Localities San_Pedro_Sula Commons:Category:San Pedro Sula


an economic development alliance called ''SouthGrow'', representing a population of over 140,000. Annual Report 2006, SouthGrow. June 21, 2006. In 2006, Economic Development Lethbridge partnered with SouthGrow Regional Initiative and ''Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance'' to create the ''Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership''. This partnership promotes business related to alternative energy


not mandatory to have Work permit for any economic activity such as work and business related activity. These accords cemented a "special relationship" between India and Nepal that granted Nepal preferential economic treatment and provided Nepalese in India the same economic and educational opportunities as Indian citizens. WikiPedia:Kathmandu Dmoz:Regional Asia Nepal Localities Kathmandu Commons:Category:Kathmandu


The '''ESB Business School''' (formerly ''ESB Reutlingen'') is the business school of Reutlingen University in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It was founded in 1979; since 2000 the school is responsible for all business related degree programmes of the university - in addition to the former ESB programmes it also includes the former School of International Business (SIB) and Production Management (PM). The school offers 20 undergraduate and graduate as well as double degree programs


;ref name PieGau Since the second half of the 20th century, physical changes have ceased, and since that time the area has degraded due to national economic stagnation. The port's proximity has contributed to the installation of various industries in the area surrounding the bay, particularly import export businesses and other business related to port and naval activity. The density of industrial development in the area surrounding the port has kept its popularity

The Bronx

United States law enforcement officials announced the arrest Thursday of four men in connection with a plot to blow up two synagogues in The Bronx (w:The Bronx), a borough of New York City (New York, New York), and shoot down military airplanes flying out of the Stewart Air National Guard Base (w:Stewart Air National Guard Base). thumb left Satellite photo of Stewart Air National Guard Base (File:Stewartafb-ny-20apr1994.jpg)


(near People's Square) offers a lot of books in English and other major languages, especially for learning Chinese. Just around the corner at 36 South Shanxi Rd you will also find a small but well-stocked second-hand foreign-language bookshop. If you're searching for computer or business related books, head to the biggest store in Fuzhou Rd: Shanghai Book Town (上海书城). You'll find special editions targeted at the Chinese market. The only difference to the original version is the Chinese cover

Portland, Oregon

-authoritarian progressive monthly, is the largest radical print paper in the city. ''Just Out'', published in Portland twice monthly until the end of 2011, was the region's foremost LGBT publication. A biweekly paper, ''Street Roots'', is also sold within the city by members of the homeless community. ''The Portland Business Journal (American City Business Journals)'', a weekly, covers business-related news, as does ''The Daily Journal of Commerce''. '' Portland Monthly

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