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Province *Yangyang and Chuncheon, Gangwon (Gangwon-do (South Korea)) Province *Ansun, Gyeonggi (Gyeonggi-do) Province '''Chuncheon Puppet festival''' is an annual puppet festival held in Chuncheon, South Korea that includes both Korean and international performers '''''Makguksu''''' is a Korean buckwheat noodle dish served in a chilled broth. It is a local specialty of the Gangwon (Gangwon-do (South Korea)) province of South Korea

accompanied by boiled beef or pork; elsewhere, it may be served with ''bindaetteok'' (mung bean pancakes) or ''gamjajeon'' (potato pancakes). Chuncheon ''Makguksu'' has become a large part of the identity of the Chuncheon region. In recent decades, a "buckwheat noodle street" featuring more than a dozen ''makguksu'' restaurants has developed in the downtown area. There is a makguksu museum, and the city also hosts the annual Chuncheon Makguksu


dish. They also have other great dishes such as tang su liji and gong bao rou. Korean Food: you can't miss. Given the proximity of Korea, the food has made a strong presence. During the warm summer months, seek out the tasty soup called ''mool naeng myun'', an ice-cold, bold beef broth that is laden with buckwheat noodles and laced with bits of cucumber, chive, sliced beef and leafy coriander (British) or cilantro (North Americans refer to coriander as the seed, not the leaf, of the same

Oryol Oblast

in the oblast in 1998. «Ростелеком» в Орле переводит абонентов на цифровые АТС Agriculture Most of the oblast's agricultural land is used for plant cultivation. Grain growing is very important, with winter wheat and rye being the main crops. Buckwheat, oats, barley, and potatoes are also grown, and sugar beets are in great demand. The area planted in feed grains is increasing due


brit During the Korean War, Busan was the biggest refugee destination on the peninsula; people from all regions of Korea came there. Some of these refugees stayed and adapted and adjusted the recipes of their local specialties. One of these foods is ''milmyeon'' (밀면) (lit. 'wheat noodle') a version of ''naengmyeon'', cold buckwheat noodle soup, but using wheat flour instead. (Naemyeon is originally a specialty food of Hamhung and Pyongyang, the northern regions of the Korean


deposits. The area is rich in coal, oil and gas; nonferrous metal and ferrous mental, namely iron, tin, zinc, lead, gold, silver, molybdenum etc. have large reserves. Non-metal minerals include limestone, marble, fluorspar, silica, pearlite, bentonite etc. In agricultural and animal husbandry products, besides the dominant crops of corn, rice, millet, there are cash crops like beans, buckwheat, oil-used sunflower seeds, sugar beets, tobacco, and Chinese herbals. Yearly yield of grains can reach 6


; such as ''Coreff de Morlaix'', ''Tri Martolod'' and ''Britt''. Stronger alcohols include the ''chouchen'', a sort of mead made with wild honey, and an apple eau de vie called ''lambig''. Crêpes and galettes are the two most iconic Breton dishes. The crêpes made and served with butter, are eaten for dessert and the galettes are usually salty and made with buckwheat. They traditionally replaced bread as basic food and they can be served with cheese, sausages, bacon

, mushrooms or eggs. They can be accompanied by Breton buttermilk called ''lait ribot''. Brittany also has a dish similar to the pot-au-feu known as the Kig ha farz, which consists of stewed pork or beef with buckwheat dumplings. Surrounded by the sea, Brittany offers a wide range of fresh seafood and fish, especially mussels and oysters. Among the seafood specialities is a fish stew called cotriade. The Beurre blanc sauce, invented in Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, close

of these northern regions is also considered some of the best in the country, including cauliflower and artichokes. Buckwheat grows widely in Brittany as well and is used in the region's ''galettes'', called ''jalet'', which is where this dish originated. thumb right 200px Fleur de sel (File:FleurDeSel.JPG) ; fleur de sel: literally "flower of salt," hand-harvested sea salt collected by workers who scrape only the top layer of salt


for several songs by the Scandinavian pop-dance group Aqua (Aqua (band)), including one for the Doctor Jones CD single. They also have released several songs remixes under the aliases ''Face'' and ''The Buckwheat Rebels''. Rooth was head of the Investment Committee of the United Nations Pension Fund from 1947 to 1961, and he was also head of the Currency Board in Kuwait from 1960 to 1962. After 1962 he stepped down and lived at Lidingö, Sweden, and occasionally wrote and gave


on the New Brunswick (Canada) side of the bridge to Route 120 (New Brunswick Route 120), a secondary east–west route from Edmundston, New Brunswick west to Saint-Alexandre, Quebec. * plaise: plaice (American plaice) (FR: plie) * ploye: buckwheat pancake, a tradition of Edmundston, New Brunswick (Fr: ) * pomme de pré: (lit. meadow apple) American cranberry (''Vaccinium macrocarpon'') (Fr:

Penza Oblast

of the CPSU was formed, the first secretary of the committee being Alexander Kabanov. Administrative divisions Economy Penza Oblast is part of the Volga economic region. The oblast is one of Russia's leading producers of wheat, rye, oats, millet, buckwheat, cereal and forage crops, vegetables, potatoes, mustard (Mustard plant) !--- Should this be mustard or horseradish? Can't find


is Gangwon's local specialty buckwheat noodle dish served in a chilled broth. If you ask the locals, Yehyang is the place they will tell you to go for makguksu. *

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