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Alturas, California

W. authorlink title Modoc County; University of California Publications in Geography, Volume 17 publisher University of California Press year 1965 location Berkeley and Los Angeles page 84 url doi id isbn and in 1876, was renamed Alturas, which is Spanish for "heights".

Tukwila, Washington

; is believed to have come from the Chinook Jargon word for "nut" or "hazelnut", referring to the hazelnut trees that grew in the area


''kahnawà:ke'', meaning "place of the rapids", referring to their major village Caughnawaga (Caughnawaga Indian Village Site) near the rapids of the Mohawk River in New York. When converted Catholic Mohawk moved to the Montreal area, they named the new settlement after their former one.

Anacortes, Washington

tribe who live in the U.S. state of Washington (Washington (U.S. state)). The seat of their tribal government is in Anacortes (Anacortes, Washington). The Native American form of "Samish" is '' sʔémǝš '', from '' s– '', "nominalizer (Nominalization)", '' ʔé '', "be there", and '' –mǝš '', "people".

Omak, Washington

agricultural industry (Agriculture in the United States). The name Omak comes from the Okanagan (Okanagan language) placename umák , or the Salishan (Salishan language) term ''Omache


located in the Canadian province (Provinces and territories of Canada) of British Columbia defined by the basin of Okanagan Lake and the Canadian (Canada) portion of the Okanagan River (Okanogan River). As of 2009, the region's population is approximately 350,927. The primary city is Kelowna. The name derives from the Okanagan language place name ''ukʷnaqín''.

Alta California

September 1926. Francisco Garcés, the explorer, missionary, and regional "peacemaker" based at Mission San Xavier del Bac had initiated expeditons along the river and surrounding terrain through and past the Whipples in the early 1770s. In 1774 he joined


to Monterey, Alta California. That expedition was led by Juan Bautista de Anza, in whose honour the valley was renamed from Cahuilla Valley to Anza Valley on 16 September 1926. While in Paris, Ángeles made contact with individuals opposed to the new Huerta government

Portland, Maine

people in thirty-five towns. The name "Saco" comes from the Eastern Abenaki (Eastern Abnaki language) word '' sɑkohki '', meaning "land where the river comes out".

Northern Ireland

, Northern Ireland. It is the home ground of Enniskillen Gaels and the County ground of Fermanagh GAA. The ground has recently reopened after having been closed for redevelopments. The ground now has a capacity of approx 18,000 after the redevelopments. '''Vin

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