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Deadwood, South Dakota

Jane , Al Swearengen, and other historical figures. * Showed as a haunted town in American Sci Fi, Horror TV series Supernatural in the 2nd Season's 21st & 22nd Episode named as "All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1)" and "All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 2)" * The Doctor Who comic book story Dead Man's Hand, published by IDW, takes place in Deadwood several years after the burial of "Wild Bill" Hickock. * In the 2012 video game Borderlands 2, The town

Milwaukie, Oregon

April 4, 2009 url http: news story.php?story_id 123879942431141000 accessdate 2009-05-20 Literature Faith makes appearances in various ''Buffy'' and ''Angel'' comic books (List of Buffyverse comics) and novels (List of Buffyverse novels). In the ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' comic book story "Haunted (Haunted (Buffy comic))", an imprisoned Faith reveals to Angel her memories of being in a coma between ''Buffy'' seasons three and four


in the Tikhaya Bay due to lack of coal. Thorgils Skarthi is described in the ''Kormáks saga'' which is principally about Kormak Ogmundsson (Old Norse: ''Kormákr Ǫgmundarson''). Robert Mannyng of Brunne in his book ''Story of Inglande'' (1338) quoted from two lost romances about Thorgils Skarði, including that he had a brother called Fleyn. If so, this Kormak may have had the nickname '''Fleinn''', and if so may have founded Flamborough (from Old Norse ''Fleinaborg''). Thorgils

South Africa

, and black frock coat instead of Scrooge's red or blue one. It can be assumed that he actually ''is'' of Scottish descent as it was stated that both he and Scrooge are distantly related to Bogey McDivot in John Lustig and Vicar's (Vicar (comics)) comic book story "Family of Fore." Under Carl Barks Glomgold was created by Carl Barks and first appeared in ''The Second-Richest Duck'', first published in September 1956. In this story, Scrooge, who holds the title


Manga, Inc. owns the English translation copyright for "Desire". The English First Edition (ISBN 1-56970-979-3) was printed in October, 2004 in Canada and was rated 'M' for mature audiences 18 years and over. The book story consists of four chapters titled "Desire" (which is the story of the manga), including a special additional episode titled "Not That Deviant" (epilogue) and two small chapters titled "Free Talk" were the writer talks about

United States

Virginia Martinsburg , West Virginia in 1978. They released two studio albums through Atlantic Records, and gained charting success through the Billboard 200. In 1993, they changed their name to Souls at Zero (Souls at Zero (band)). In 2000, McKee won the 1999 International Moving Image Book Award for his book ''Story'' (Regan Books HyperCollins). The book, currently in its 19th printing in the United States and its 14th printing in the UK

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