Tal Afar

(Reuters) On March 27, 2007, a truck bomb exploded in a market (2007 Tal Afar bombings and massacre) in a Shiite area. It was first reported to have killed 83 people and wounded 183, but the Iraqi Interior Ministry later raised the death toll to 152 and said that 347 were wounded, which would make it the deadliest single strike since the war started. The explosion, for which a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda claimed responsibility, led to reprisal shootings by Shiite policemen

and others against Sunnis, in which between 47 and 70 men were killed. Several Shiite policemen were arrested for taking part in the shootings. Iraq Raises Death Toll in Tal Afar Bomb, Guardian Unlimited, April 1, 2007 Deadliest bomb in Iraq war kills 152, Reuters

, April 1, 2007 Iraq Says Truck Bomb in North Killed 152, New York Times, April 1, 2007 Police accused in sectarian revenge killings, CNN, March 29, 2007 On April 14, 2007 a sniper shot dead a woman.

Homestead Air Reserve Base

''' was activated. On 1 November 1955, the now-Homestead AFB was upgraded to a group level facility with the activation of the '''379th Air Base Group''' which managed a major construction and rehabilitation program through 1957. 51 buildings on the base were rehabilitated by February 1955, and the base was readied for two Strategic Air Command (SAC) Boeing B-47 Stratojet (B-47 Stratojet) jet bomber wings. The '''379th Bomb Wing (379th Air Expeditionary Wing)''' was activated at Homestead

on 1 November 1955. It consisted of the following squadrons: * 524th Bomb Squadron * 525th Bomb Squadron * 526th Bomb Squadron * 527th Bomb Squadron (1 November 1958 – 9 January 1961) The 379th BMW inherited the honors, history and colors of the World War II Eighth Air Force 379th Bomb Group upon activation. During the first five months, the 379th BMW concentrated on the manning and equipping of the unit and formulated a training schedule on 20 April 1956. The squadrons received their B

Air Refueling Squadron was transferred from Carswell AFB, Texas flying the KC-135A Stratotanker (KC-135 Stratotanker). Within a year, the '''19th Bomb Wing (19th Airlift Wing)''' was transferred to Homestead on 1 June 1956 from Pinecastle AFB (McCoy Air Force Base), Florida. It consisted of the following squadrons: * 28th Bomb Squadron (B-47, 1956–1962) (B-52H February 1962 – 1968) * 30th Bomb Squadron (1956 – 1 January 1962, assigned to 4133rd Strategic Wing, Grand Forks AFB


;The Most Dangerous Place." During this time, Forward Observers from Task Force 1-506 claimed the honor of the first use of a GMLRS (Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System)(Company B, 2nd Platoon "Diablos," 1st Squad) in combat. ** A massive suicide car-bomb kills 70 Iraqi civilians in an attack near a police station in the city of Baquba, north of Baghdad. ** Insurgents launch simultaneous attacks on U.S bases around Ramadi, killing two U.S soldiers and wounding eight. One

guerilla and an Iraqi civilian are killed in the Ramadi fighting. Clashes between Marines and guerillas are reported elsewhere in Al Anbar province, west of Baghdad. ** A U.S soldier is killed and three wounded in a roadside bomb attack on a convoy in the town of Balad Ruz, north of Baghdad. Military use thumb right A US soldier in Ramadi Ar Ramadi (Image:Shotgun.jpg), Iraq in 2004 armed with a Mossberg 500 Mossberg claims the Model 500 is the only shotgun to pass the US

: A suicide car bomb kills 16 and wounds 40 at a police training base in Ramadi west of Baghdad. A separate car bomb kills four Iraqi National Guard soldiers at a check point in Samarra. Two die and four are injured in U.S. air strikes on Falluja. In Mosul, two Turkish (Turkey) drivers are killed and two wounded when their convoy is attacked. Mortars (Mortar (weapon)) land in central Baghdad killing two civilians. The U.S. military say they have

Thule Air Base

Wing , March AFB (March Joint Air Reserve Base), California * 509th Air Refueling Squadron, c. 17 June 1955 14 September 1955 *: Detached from 96th Bombardment Wing (96th Air Base Wing), Altus AFB (Altus Air Force Base), Oklahoma * 26th Air Refueling Squadron, 9

1955 January, 9 1959 *: Detached from 40th Air

Expeditionary Wing 40th Bombardment Wing , Smoky Hill AFB (Schilling Air Force Base), Kansas 2 Apr 1958, Detached from 100th Bomb Wing Pease AFB New Hampshire * 509th Air Refueling Squadron c. 3

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

place at PINSTECH, where scientists worked on weapon designs and eventual nuclear weapons testing. The PAEC expanded the crash program with various laboratories, facilities, and directorates researching on developing and testing materials and components for bomb designs (Nuclear weapon design), whilst it engineered plants and funded facilities for production of highly enriched uranium (enriched uranium#highly enriched uranium) (HEU

, the PAEC's research was focused back to civilian and peaceful research with the establishment of the National Command Authority (Pakistan National Command Authority) and the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

, and philosophy. As the emphasis shifted towards concerns for the national security (National Security Council (Pakistan)) interests, the PAEC's important projects were also initiated in this area.


Ambassador to the US Yitzhak Rabin informed the United States State Department that "introducing" nuclear weapons would constitute testing and public declaration, and mere possession would be excluded from the pledge. Avner Cohen and William Burr, "The Untold Story of Israel's Bomb," ''Washington Post'', April 30, 2006; B01. There is extensive evidence Israel has

default.aspx publisher Israel Atomic Energy Commission accessdate February 01, 2012 Extensive information about the program in Dimona was disclosed by technician Mordechai Vanunu in 1986.

as the highest possible value. One source in 1997 suggested "more than 400", but this has not been echoed in later analysis. For a compiled list of estimates, see Avner Cohen, ''The Worst-Kept Secret: Israel's bargain with the Bomb'' (Columbia University Press, 2010), Table 1, page xxvii. Imagery analysts can identify weapon bunkers, mobile missile launchers, and launch sites in satellite photographs. In May 2008, former US President Jimmy


A track from the Iranian city of Zahedan links to Quetta via Taftan, Balochistan. Service was temporarily discontinued in 2006 due to unrest in Balochistan (Balochistan (Pakistan)). Since 2008 railway service has come under attack by the Balochs, especially in the Bolan Pass area resulting in a bomb blast on the railway tracks and firing on trains. Iran Airtour '''Iran Airtour''' is a low cost airline, based at the Mashhad International Airport (MHD

, the southeastern part of Iran, on the bank of the Helmand River, near the Zahedan-Zabol road. A proposal is submitted to include it in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. "Shahr-e Sukhteh", UNESCO wesite -- Zahedan — Mirjaveh 94 1920—1921 -- A bomb blast on May 28, 2009 rocked a mosque in the city of southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan as mourners

iran.crash index.html CNN.com - Iran tanker crash kills dozens - Jun 25, 2004 For a second time this week, the southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan (w:Zahedan) was rocked by a bombing. Like the previous bomb blast reported Tuesday, it was relatively small and produced only three injuries and no fatalities. This is in stark contrast to bombs detonated over the weekend in Ahwaz (w:Ahwaz) and Tehran (w:Tehran), which produced a dozen

Sadr City

from militants. 2005 On May 15, 2005 the bodies of 13 Iraqis were discovered in a shallow grave, each blindfolded, tied and shot multiple times in the back of the head. They had been hastily buried in a vacant lot. On May 18, gunmen shot and killed Ali Mutib Sakr, a Transport Ministry driver. On May 23, a car bomb exploded

outside a crowded restaurant, killing eight Iraqis and wounding an additional 89. "Zarqawi is reported hurt", ''International Herald Tribune'', May 25, 2005. On March 12 three car bombs exploded, killing thirty-five people. On July 1 a car bomb exploded in an open-air market killing 77 and wounding 96. Roug, Louise Salman, Raheem. "

. last1 Gordon first2 Stephen last2 Farrell date May 21, 2008 accessdate April 10, 2010 Sadr City then became the main base for Shi'a Insurgent group Kata'ib Hezbollah, an offshoot of the Mahdi Army. http: www.navytimes.com news 2009 12 airforce_uav_hack_121809w Recent history After a year of relative calm, Sadr City was struck (24 June 2009 Baghdad bombing) by a massive bomb blast on June 24, 2009 when a bomb-laden vegetable cart


was hit by a deadly bomb and 38 people have been killed in the attack in a café. The blast happened shortly after 22:00 local time (19:00 (GMT). It comes after more than 40 people died in a series of bombings and shootings across Iraq, including in Kirkuk, on 11 July 2013. On 12 June 2014, the town was taken by Kurdish

news 1067885186126782.xml Occupation of Iraq : Attacks consisting of six explosions, reportedly coordinated, occur (one in Kirkuk, five in Baghdad). The series of explosions in Baghdad, which may have come from mortar (Mortar (weapon)) shells, is in an area that is home to several coalition headquarters buildings. The Kirkuk bomb blast northeast of Baghdad kills one Iraqi and wounds 15. The target of this explosion

a hiatus caused by World War I it reformed and struck an immense gusher (oil gusher) at Kirkuk, Iraq in 1927, renaming itself the Iraq Petroleum Company. * In Kirkuk, Iraq, a suicide car bomb attack on the Iraqi National Guard headquarters in Kirkuk kills 23, and prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Kadhim al-Hany is ambushed and killed. (BBC) * Darfur Conflict (Darfur conflict): The United Nations

Ambon, Maluku

barracks next to a marketplace. On 8 May a CIA B-26 tried to bomb an Indonesian Navy gunboat in Ambon harbour.

Its bomb missed but it then machine-gunned the boat, wounding two crew. The machine-gunners returned fire and an Indonesian Air Force P-51 Mustang chased the B-26, but it escaped.

p 122 On 15 May a CIA B-26 attacked a small ship, the ''Naiko'', in Ambon Bay. and setting the ship on fire.

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