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Bryggare – Former hurdling athlete, Former member of Parliament of Finland. * Kaarlo Halttunen – Former actor. * Laila Hirvisaari (formerly Laila Hietamies) – novelist, has written a novel series about Lappeenranta and its people. * Horna – legendary Finnish black metal band. * Kari Jormakka – distinguished Professor of Architecture Theory at Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria. * Anssi Kippo – A Platinum selling producer. * Kotiteollisuus – hard rock

band. * Arvi Lind – legendary Finnish TV news reader. * Pave Maijanen – Famous musician. * Miikka Multaharju – Football player. * Jaska Raatikainen - drummer of the band Children of Bodom. * Jukka Paarma – former Archbishop of Turku and Finland * Tiia Piili – the most successful gymnast in Finland * Saku Puhakainen – football player * Satanic Warmaster – Finnish black metal band * Petri Skriko – retired ice-hockey player in the National Hockey League

university programmes. alias origin Lappeenranta, Finland genre Black metal * Maribor (Slovenia) * 2002: Doha (Grand Prix) - 2.28 m; Seville (European cup first league) - 2.33 m; Zürich (Golden League-meet) - 2.35 m; Rieti (Grand Prix) - 2.29m; Paris (Grand Prix Final) - 2.31 m * 2003


Skellefteå, Skellefteå, Sweden background group_or_band origin Skellefteå, Sweden genre Folk metal, black metal, progressive metal '''Vintersorg''' ( ; "Winter Sorrow" in English (English language)) is a Swedish (Sweden) band from Skellefteå, formed in 1994 under the name '''Vargatron

''' ('''Wolfthrone''' in English). Musically, Vintersorg has covered a wide number of heavy metal (heavy metal music) genres; while the band is mostly rooted in extreme metal styles, particularly black metal and Viking (Viking metal) folk metal, it has also expanded into progressive metal and avant-garde metal. Lyrically, the band deals with topics on fantasy, mythology, nature, the cosmos, and metaphysics. Vintersorg means " Seasonal


s Edvard Grieg, Rikard Nordraak and Johan Svendsen is internationally known as is the modern music of Arne Nordheim. Norwegian black metal (Early Norwegian black metal scene) has been an influence in world music since the late 20th century. Norway's classical performers include Leif Ove Andsnes, one of the world's more famous pianists; Truls Mørk, an outstanding cellist; and the great Wagnerian soprano Kirsten Flagstad. Since the 1990s, Norway's biggest cultural

export has been black metal. This lo-fi, dark and raw form of heavy metal (heavy metal music) exploded in Norway during the 1990s, developed by such bands as Darkthrone, Mayhem (Mayhem (band)), Burzum, Emperor (Emperor (band)), Gorgoroth and Immortal (Immortal (band)), as well as later bands such as Dimmu Borgir. This development has since become an important part of extreme metal. thumb upright left Hardingfele (File:FeleHel (2).jpg), the "Hardanger

fiddle", a Norwegian instrument Controversial events associated with the black metal movement in the early 1990s included several church burnings and two prominent murder cases (Black metal#Aarseth's murder). The jazz scene in Norway is thriving. Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Mari Boine, Arild Andersen, and Bugge Wesseltoft are internationally recognised while Paal Nilssen-Love, Supersilent, Jaga Jazzist and Wibutee are becoming world-class artists of the younger generation. Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway


ksmlRalliSivut 1979 27_8_1979_sivu11.pdf accessdate 28 November 2011 language Finnish alias origin Kuopio, Finland genre Black doom (Black metal#Black doom) '''Barathrum''' is a Finnish (Finland) black doom (black metal#Black doom) band. They originate from Kuopio but have since re-located to Helsinki. The first letters of their full-length albums spell "HEIL SOVA" (referring to the band's

ever since, appearing in many films such as the 1983 James Bond spoof ''Agentti 000 ja kuoleman kurvit'' where he acted alongside actors such as Ilmari Saarelainen and Tenho Saurén. DATE OF BIRTH 1 April 1951 PLACE OF BIRTH Kuopio, Finland DATE OF DEATH background group_or_band origin Kuopio, Finland genre Death metal Folk metal Doom metal Black metal Aleksander was governor of Mikkeli in the 1880s and later worked governor as of Kuopio. Aleksander worked as governor of Vaasa in 1888 where he worked for the rest of his life. From 1894 Aleksander also worked with the military law chief in the Senate. Aleksander died at Helsinki on April 15 in 1896, of paralysis. - 1955 (1955 World Allround Speed Skating Championships for women) WikiPedia:Kuopio commons:Kuopio


the centre section. alias origin Norrköping, Sweden genre Black metal '''Marduk''' is a black metal band from Norrköping, Sweden. The band formed in 1990 and released their first record in 1991. Their name is derived from the Babylonian god Marduk, patron deity of Babylon. - 1. 18 June 1992 Idrottsparken, Norrköping, Sweden


Ruins , Hamar, Hedmark *Various stave churches

) '''The Kovenant''' is a Norwegian black metal band from Oslo Hamar. The band originally formed as '''Covenant''' in 1993, but in 1999 were forced to change their name to The Kovenant due to a dispute with a Swedish (Sweden) electronic (electronic music) band of the same name (Covenant (band)). ref



Moynihan first Michael coauthors Didrik Søderlind year 1998 publisher Feral House location isbn page pages 66 Euronymous of Mayhem opened an independent record shop named ''Helvete'' (Norwegian (Norwegian Language) for 'hell') in Oslo. Musicians from Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor and Thorns often met there, and it became the foremost outlet for black metal records.

medium motion picture location Norway publisher Grude, Torstein In its basement, Euronymous founded an independent record label named Deathlike Silence Productions. With the rising popularity of his band and others like it, the underground success of Euronymous's label is often credited for encouraging other record labels, that previously shunned black metal acts, to then reconsider and release their material. Euronymous's murder On 10 August 1993, Varg Vikernes of Burzum murdered Mayhem guitarist Øystein 'Euronymous' Aarseth (Euronymous). That night, Vikernes and Snorre 'Blackthorn' Ruch (of Thorns (Thorns (band))) traveled from Bergen to Euronymous's apartment in Oslo. Vikernes fatally stabbed Euronymous. His body was found outside the apartment with 23 cut wounds – two to the head, five to the neck, and 16 to the back. Steinke, Darcey. "Satan's Cheerleaders". ''SPIN (Spin (magazine))''. February 1996. *1985 (Biathlon World Championships 1985) WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo




decades has returned to its roots. Rock themed night club playing all varieties of rock music "from rockabilly to black metal". Occasional gigs. *

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