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and the decline of pedestrian-oriented Downtown. Economy The service industry employs the most people in Kelowna, the largest city in the tourist-oriented Okanagan Valley (Okanagan). In summer, boating, golf, hiking and biking are popular, and in winter, both Alpine skiing and Nordic skiing are favourite activities at the nearby Big White (Big White Ski Resort) and Silver Star (Silver Star Mountain Resort) ski resorts. Kelowna produces Canadian

in Kelowna and debuted on September 7, 2006 at the Toronto Film Festival. * Part of the movie ''Mee Shee: The Water Giant'' was filmed in Kelowna. * The movies ''Shred (Shred (film))'', and ''Shred 2'' were partially filmed at Big White, a ski hill near Kelowna. * Flicka: Country Pride, released in 2012, was filmed in Kelowna in several locations, such as Mission Creek Ranch, Kelowna Secondary School and Gemstone Equestrian Centre. http: title tt2039339

of supporting the current traffic levels. A small park area on the Kelowna side of the bridge has a dedication to the old bridge, and artwork made of pieces of it. Highway 33 (British Columbia Highway 33), which connects with Highway 97 in Rutland (Rutland, Kelowna), provides an alternate way to enter and exit the city, towards the southeast; it also is the route to the Big White Ski area. Kelowna's road network has sometimes been a source of criticism by local residents especially regarding


and 5.30 pm, permitting you to reach the evening train or flight from Ubon Rachanthani. The package costs USS$ 725 from Oct to Apr, US$ 615 in Jul Aug and US$ 580 in May and Sep (2015). *

Vernon, British Columbia

birth_place Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), BC (British Columbia), CAN (Canada) draft undrafted DATE OF BIRTH February 4, 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Vernon (Vernon, British Columbia), BC (British Columbia), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH


''', is the nearest beach resort from the city, apart from the more aimed at locals Pobla de Farnals, and worth a day visit from Valencia if you have time. It is settled down an isolated mountain (with a big white sign saying "Cullera" on it) beside a beautiful bay. It has crowded and quiet beaches. The most quiet ones are located along the lighthouse road. There is also a naturist beach right North of Cullera, in Playa del Dossel, with a tricky road to access it. There is a castle on top


; * The Legality of the Use of White Phosphorus by the United States Military During the 2004 Fallujah Assaults (Roman Reyhani) * on WP (including use during the Battle of Fallujah (Operation Phantom Fury) and during the December 1994 battle for Grozny during the First Chechen War) *


vendor is located at 43 Yizhong Street, opposite the 水利大樓 (Shuei Li Building). They sell drinks made with gelatin mixed with milk or brown sugar water. It has a big white sign with a green and orange words, and there is a picture of a frog beside the words. You can choose what you want from the board, and order 一杯 (Yi Bay) for one. 青蛙下蛋 (Ching Wa Sha Dan) also sells vegetarian gelatin combined with lemon. The price is between 25 and 30NT. *'''半月燒 (Ban Yue Shau)''' 半月燒 (Ban Yue Shau) is at 31 Yutsai South Street (育才南街31號) across from the 水利大樓 (Shuei Li Building). This is the tallest building in the area There’s a yellow sign with a big sign with black letters that say半月燒 (Ban Yue Shau). Under the sign, there are five pictures that show different kinds of pancakes. There are pork, corn, tuna, chicken and beef. These may be ordered with or without cheese. This shop also sells pancakes made with fried eggs and Chinese basil. They cost 35 to 40NT. You can just point at one of the pictures to order, and you can pay 5 dollars to add cheese. To order a chicken flavor for one, you should say 一份雞肉燒 (Yi Fen Ji Rou Shau). It costs 35NT. The vendor will ask you 加起司嗎 (Jia Chisz Ma?), means “ Do you want to add cheese? *'''饕饌 (Tau Juan)''' 饕饌 (Tau Juan) is at No.33, Yutsai South Street (台中市育才南街33號 ). It’s next to 半月燒 (Ban Yue Shau). There’s a big a sign with two pictures of rice balls and clay oven rolls. On the top of the sign there are beige and brown letters that say 饕饌 (Tau Juan). Under the big sign, there’s a small white sign with black letters which lists eight selections. This vendor only sells clay oven rolls and roast rice balls. Both of them are made with pork, chicken, beef or lamb. The filling of the roast rice balls includes pickled cabbage, dried bean curd, stewed egg and fried bread sticks. The fillings of the clay oven rolls are cabbage and diced, preserved radish. These cost between 40 and 45NT. The vendor also adds Taiwanese pickled cabbage to every order for free. The most popular snack is the roast rice balls. To order roast rice balls with chicken, you should say 一份烤飯糰 (Yi Fen Ji Rou Kau Fan Tuan). It cost 45NT. *'''王印乾麵 (Wang Yien noodles)''' 王印乾麵 is located at 65-1 Taiping Road (太平路65號之1). 王印乾麵 (Wang Yien Noodles) is point on a small yellow sign with yellow words. The specialty at 王印乾麵 (Wang Yien Noodles) is handmade noodles with a spicy sauce. Many people will order this when they visit there. You should ask for 一碗 (Yi Wan) for one, and the price is 30 to 40NT. *'''山西刀削麵食館 (Shan Shi Dau Shiau Mian Shr Guan)''' 山西刀削麵食館is located at 18 Yutsai South Street (育才南路18號) It has a big white sign with the name of the shop in red words. Its specialties are hand- sliced noodles with beef soup, and木須炒麵 (moo shi chao mian). The price is between 50NT+70NT, and they also sell fried rice and many other noodle dishes. You should ask for牛肉麵 (a bowl of beef noodles) or 炒麵 ( fried noodles) for one. *'''胖子雞丁 (Ponz Ji Ding)''' This vendor is located at 20 Yizhong Street. There is a cartoon man on an orange sign with purple letters that say胖子雞丁. Their opening hours are 11:30AM to 11PM, and they are closed every Tuesday. They sell fried chicken, including chicken legs, and chicken breasts. They also sell French fries and various quick-fried vegetables. There is a menu in Chinese that shows the items and the prices. If you want to buy a small bag of diced chicken, you say 我要一份小的雞丁(Wo yao yi fen hsiao de ji ding). We bought one small bag of fried diced chicken to check it out. It tasted delicious and juicy. A small one costs 40 NT, and a large bag costs 60NT. *'''雄爺雞蛋糕 (Shong Ye Ji Dan Gao)''' This small stand is located at 65-1 Taiping Road (太平路65號之1), next to胖子雞丁 (Ponz Ji Ding). Opposite the building is中興堂 (Zhong Xing Tang). There is a white sign with black letters that say 雄爺雞蛋糕 (Shing Ye Ji Dan Gao). They sell small cakes with different fillings such as chocolate, butter, cheese, or peanuts. There are many small boards below the sign that show the flavors and prices. If you want to want a bag of cheese flavor, you can say 我要一份起士口味的 (Wo yao yi fen cheese kou wei de). These are small and convenient to eat while you walk around. A small bag of any flavor costs 10NT-20NT. *'''日式炸物 (Japanese Fry)''' 日式炸物 (Japanese Fry) is an unusual and cheap vendor that has been in the Yizhong Street market area for over 6 years. It’s on Yutsai South Street (育才南街), in front of 一中二街購物廣場 (Yizhong Second Street Shopping Plaza). There’s a blue sign with white letters that say日式炸物 (Japanese Fry), and the small stand is decorated in a Japanese style. The snacks are unique and delicious. They sell fried bananas, fried cheese balls, fried hash browns, and fried chicken speared on skewers. The cost is between 15+ 30NT. One popular snack they sell is fried bananas. A skewer of fried bananas only costs 15NT. To order a fried bananas, you should say 一份炸香蕉 (Yi Fen Ja Shiang Jieu). *'''豪大雞排 (Hao Da Ji Pai)''' Hao Da Ji Pai is located at 49 Yizhong Street. It has a big yellow sign with a chicken picture and red words that say 一中豪大雞排 (Yizhong Hao Da Ji Pai). The wall inside is made of wood. This vendor sells fried food like French fries, quick-fried vegetables, chicken breast filets, and mushrooms. The most popular item is the chicken breast filets. Just say, 一份雞排 ( Yi fen ji pie ) to ask for one. The seller will ask you 要切嗎? (Yao chie ma? ), which means do you want it chopped up or not. It costs 45NT. If you want it spicy you can say, 我要加辣 (Wo yao ja la), and they sprinkle it with cayenne pepper powder. *'''山姆先生 (Mr. Sam)''' Mr. Sam is located on Yizhong Street 61 Lane. The sign is black with a yellow cartoon child’s face on it and white words that say 可樂奶 ( Kele Nai). This is a drinks vendor. They sell many different kinds of drinks, and the most special drink is 可樂奶 ( Kele Nai). It is coke with milk tea. If you want to buy a cup of this, you can say 一杯可樂奶 (Yi bei kele nai). It’s a large cup, and it costs 30NT. The seller will ask you 甜度冰塊 (Tian du bing kwai), which means how much sugar and ice do you want. The best way to enjoy this is not too sweet and very cold, so you should say “Ban tan duo bing”. *'''臭豆腐 (Chou Tofu)''' This vendor is on Yizhong Street across from 胖子雞丁 (Ponz Ji Ding). The sign si white and red words say 臭豆腐. This vendor has been in business for thirty years. They sell only stinky tofu. This is the small brown squares of fried stinky tofu that many vendors sell, but it’s always fresh and well-prepared. You can say 一份小的 (Yi fen shiao de) for a small box, it costs 30NT, or 一份大的 (Yi fen da de) for a bigger box that costs 40NT. The seller will ask you “Jia la ma?”, which means do you want it spicy. You can choose to eat it there or get it to go. *'''北京茶燻 (Bei Jing Cha Shien)''' This vendor is on Yizhong Street near the A-Sir tea shop. Its sign is black and with red words with the vendor’s name on it. They sell cold boiled food like blood rice cake, chicken leg, beans, tofu and meatballs. You put the items into a small basket yourself, and they chop it up and put into a bag for you to eat with skewers. Each item costs 10NT. You can say, “Wo ye ja la”, which means do you want to add spice. The seller will ask you, “Yau ja swan tsai ma?”, which means do you want Chinese pickled cabbage or not. The rice sausage and blood rice cake are very good at this vendor. If you have no idea about what you should try, just grab a bunch of stuff and see how you like it. *'''打餅舖 (Da Bing Pu)''' At 83 Yizhong Street near 豪大雞排 (Hao Da Chi Pie). There is a vendor stand with a red sign with white words that say 打餅舖. This vendor sells Chinese pancakes. Their top most popular flavors are pictured on a placard over the stand. The best-seller is Chinese pickled cabbage with cheese and egg. However, we thought that cheese with egg was better than that because we tried both of them. It cost 30NT for the cheese with egg, and the Chinese pickled cabbage with cheese and egg costs 35NT. You can say “我要一份起士蛋”(Woy au yi fen chiz dan) for cheese flavor, or “我要一份酸菜起士” (Woy au yi fen swan tsai chiz) for the Chinese pickled cabbage wit cheese and egg flavor. They will ask you 要加辣嗎? (Yao ja la ma?), Which means do you want spicy. *'''泰好喝(Thai How Her)''' This vendor is located at 8 Lane 75 Taiping Road. This stand is made of wood, and there are two lovely chairs in front of it. The sign over the stand says 泰好喝, and it is decorated with LED lights. They sell Thai-style drinks like black tea and milk tea. We bought a cup of milk tea. It’s orange and not very sweet, and it has a strong tea taste. We think the best way to enjoy it is fairly sweet and very cold, so you should say,”一杯奶茶全糖多冰” (Yi bei nai cha. Chuan tan duo bing.) One cup costs 35NT. They may ask you 要袋子嗎? (Yao daiz ma?) means do you want a plastic bag. '''Clothes Stores at Yizhong Street''' *'''RT (Iivery)''' This store sells clothes, shoes and nail polish for young women. It’s on Yutsai South Street (育才南街) inside 一中二街購物廣場 (Yizhong Second Street Shopping Plaza) on the second floor. Go up the stairs, and it’s on your right beside a restroom. There’s a white sign with brown letters that say Iivery. The clothes cost between 300 and 2000NT. The prices are higher than other shops because the clothes come from Korea, and they are high quality. *'''Cream''' The store is located at 22-3 Zunxian Street (尚賢街22號-3). The Shuei Li Building is across the street. There is a green sign with white words say Cream. It sells clothes for young women, and it is very popular. It has been open for five years. The prices of their clothes are very reasonable, so many people shop there. If you want to try the clothes on, there are two fitting rooms inside the store that you can use. '''Specialty Shops at Yizhong Street''' *'''台中放送局(Taichung Fon Song Ju)''' At 1 Dian Tai Street, you can visit the building which housed the first radio station in central Taiwan. It has been refurbished by the Taichung city government, and it is now a popular attraction. You can visit for free. Inside the gate, there is a courtyard with a small pool. There are also trees with some decorations on them. Inside the building, there is a video screen playing a film about the history of radio in Taiwan. There is also a display of some old radio station microphones, photos and books. There is a cafe’ area that sells ice cream and drinks. They also offer picnic blankets, so you can sit outside in the courtyard. Places of worship thumb Pao Jiue Temple (File:Pao Jiue Temple, Taichung.jpg) thumb Taichung Mosque (File:Taichung Mosque.JPG) Temples can be found all over the city of Taichung. While many of them are of recent construction, others are considered historic and are indicative of the changing currents through Taichung’s history. *'''Confucius Temple''' *'''Martyr’s Shrine''', Adjacent to the temple is the Martyr’s Shrine, dedicated to the hero’s of the Republic of China. *'''Pao Jiue Temple''' 寶覺寺, This is a Buddhist temple which features the “Big Budda.” The gold, seven-floor Buddha is dedicated to Maitreya. The temple grounds also include a Japanese Shinto shrine. *'''Cheng Huang Temple''', This temple was established during the Qing Dynasty, and has since been renovated numerous times. Its main festival is the 15th day of the sixth lunar month. *'''Wan Chun Temple''', Established during the height of the Qing Dynasty more than two hundred years ago, it is home to a couplet written by Emperor Kuangshu. It is also noted for its lifelike carvings. *'''Li Ancestral Shrine''' *'''Wen Chang Temple''', Built around 1825, this temple is dedicated to the “Scholar God.” Students frequently come to pray prior to exams to get good scores. *'''Le Cheng Temple''' Over two hundred years old, the Le Cheng temple is dedicated to the goddess Mazu, and is known locally as the “Hanxi Mazu.” It includes an ancient cauldron and other artifacts. *'''Wan He Temple''', This temple was built during the Qing Dynasty in thanks to the goddess Mazu. It is noted for exquisitely-designed carvings. *'''Taichung Mosque''', Originally built in 1949, the mosque moved to its current location in 1990. It is the only mosque in Taichung. Learn thumb Feng Chia University (File:Feng Chia University in Central Taiwan Science Park.JPG) *'''Feng Chia University''' (逢甲大學) *'''Dong-Hai University''' (東海大學) *'''Asia University ''' (亞洲大學) *'''National Chung-Hsing University''' (中興大學) *'''Ling-Tung University''' (嶺東科技大學) *'''National Taichung Institute of Technology''' (台中技術學院) *'''The Overseas Chinese University''' (僑光科技大學) *'''Providence University''' (靜宜大學) *'''Chaoyang University of Technology''' (朝陽科技大學) Work *'''Taichung Science Park''' *'''Howli Science Park''' *'''Dali Industrial Park''' *'''Changpin Industrial Park''' *'''Fongyuan Industrial Park''' *'''Chengliao Industrial Park''' Buy Taichung has many department stores which can be accessed by bus. *'''Sogo Department Store''' *'''Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Store''' *'''Chungyo Department Store''' Taichung is also well known for its Chinese bakeries. Pastries that are worth a try include sun cakes(太陽餅) and pineapple tarts(鳯梨酥) * Commons:Category:Taichung Wikipedia:Taichung Dmoz:Regional Asia Taiwan Localities Taichung City


directions On the river bank near metro station Ploshad' 1905 goda phone fax hours price content Easily one of Russia's weirdest attractions is the gargantuan keyboard monument in this city. Big white stones rise from the earth, and as you approach, you see engraved upon them, words like "Q" and "SHIFT." thumb Sevastjanov House (File:Sevastjanov House.jpg) *


restaurant, turn left after Koala's in Cantonments Rd, then the first on the left, 400 m on the righ, a big white house''). *'''Travellalodge''', C61 21 Ablenkpe Close, Ablenkpe, ☎ +233 28 9100846, +233 20 7536088. *'''Kokomlemle Guesthouse''', Oroko Street, Kokomlemle, (''north from Ring Road Central, close to Nkrumah Circle''). *'''The Postlodge-in Newtown''', New town Accra, ☎ +233 21-229456, ☎ +233 21 231908. If on a very tight budget. *

Thunder Bay

of by SD90MAC buyers due to reliability issues with the newer engine. Over 400 SD90MAC locomotives fitted with 4300 hp 710 engine were built. thumb Lake Nipigon is the big white area above Lake Superior (File:Great Lakes from space.jpg) '''Lake Nipigon''' ( ) is the largest lake entirely within the boundaries of the Canadian province of Ontario (since four of the five Great Lakes are split between the U.S. and Canada). It is sometimes

Tallahassee, Florida

a seventh-generation Floridian, she was raised on the land farmed by her family generations earlier. Official Website Young grew up in a musical family in Clearwater (Clearwater, Florida), where she was a member of the band Big White Undies. In the 1820s, the town of St. Marks (St. Marks, Florida), Florida was considered an important port of entry. The town served as a port for the prosperous planting region of Middle Florida and some counties of South Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)). Growers hauled their agricultural products down to the port town in wagons by way of an early road which connected the then territorial capital of Tallahassee (Tallahassee, Florida) to the town of St. Marks. Later, this road would be widened and improved upon by the Tallahassee Railroad Company and would become the state's first railroad (Rail transport). '''WABW-TV''' digital channel 6 (Ex-Analog Channel 14) part of the Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) public broadcasting network, serves Albany (Albany, Georgia) and southwestern Georgia, from its transmitter in Pelham (Pelham, Georgia). The station's signal travels in about a 50-mile (80-km) radius from the transmitter site, carrying it into the Tallahassee (Tallahassee, Florida) and central north Florida area also. John Paul II Catholic High School (commonly called JPII), located in Tallahassee (Tallahassee, Florida) first opened up in the fall of 2001. It is the first Catholic high school to be founded in Tallahasse. The first graduating class was in 2004, with the first charter class graduating the next year, in 2005. edit The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is a state government (State governments of the United States) agency (government agency) which reports to the governor of Florida and the Florida Cabinet. The DHSMV is headquartered at the Neil Kirkman Building in Tallahassee (Tallahassee, Florida), the state capital (List of capitals in the United States). Julie Jones is the executive director of DHSMV. David Westberry is deputy executive director. - 105. Tallahassee, Florida '''WCTV-DT2 (WCTV)''' 6.2 1 2006 UPN Gray Television owner J. W. Hinson, Jr. location Tallahassee (Tallahassee, Florida), Florida elevation-f 155 '''Tallahassee Commercial Airport''' Although identifying as a separate station in its own right, WSWG is considered a semi-satellite of WCTV in Tallahassee, Florida. Master control and some internal operations are based at that station's facilities on Halstead Boulevard next to the I-10 (Interstate 10 in Florida), SR 61 (Florida State Road 61) Thomasville Road, and US 319 (U.S. Route 319) Capitol Circle Northeast (Capital Circle (Tallahassee, Florida)) junction in the city's Carriage Gate section. It airs some of WCTV's syndicated (television syndication) programming but at different times. There are also programs that only air on WSWG while some are only seen on WCTV. This station airs separate station identifications and commercials. Syndicated programming exclusive to WSWG includes ''The Real Housewives of Orange County''. thumb right A few things for themselves, Florida, venereal soil, Disclose to the lover (File:STS-95_Florida_From_Space.jpg). ~ Wallace Stevens '''Florida (w:Florida)''' is a state (w:U.S. state) in the southeastern region of the United States, bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico (w:Gulf of Mexico), to the north by Alabama (w:Alabama) and Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)), to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Straits of Florida. Florida is the 22nd most extensive (w:List of U.S. states and territories by area), the 4th most populous (w:List of U.S. states and territories by population), and the 8th most densely populated (w:List of U.S. states and territories by population density) of the 50 United States (w:List of U.S. states). The state capital is Tallahassee (w:Tallahassee, Florida), the largest city is Jacksonville (w:Jacksonville, Florida), and the largest metropolitan area is the Miami metropolitan area (w:Miami metropolitan area). Quotes

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