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Aberdeen, South Dakota

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down Qi Yi street and take the first left to Bai Sui bridge. Or from old town square, go down Wu Yi street to the Big Stone Bridge, then follow the water downstream, cross a bridge and go to the next bridge, called 100 year old Bridge. The cafe is inside Water Nymph cafe, upstairs. phone 13769001439 tollfree fax hours 9AM-11PM price reasonable content Great location, with view of the mountain and below the canal and bridge. Run by two foreigners, who roast their own coffee, make their own fresh cheese and cakes, and use organic produce. Has Italian pizza and pasta, as well as Indian meals. Also good source of travel information, cycle routes, etc. Currently closed pending a move to another location in old town. * WikiPedia:Lijiang City Dmoz:Regional Asia China Yunnan Lijiang


: potanin title Воспоминания об И. А.Гончарове 23-44 (примечания на с. 263-265). publisher И. А.Гончаров в воспоминаниях современников. Л., 1969. С. accessdate 2011-10-10 The Goncharovs' big stone manor in the town center occupied a vast territory and had all the characteristics of a rural manor, with huge barns (packed with wheat and flour) and numerous stables. Гончаров, И.А. Собрание


of central Västerås not destroyed by the building programs of the 1960s. Really nice surroundings, where you can walk on the small and winding lanes and look at some of the oldest buildings in Västerås and, if you like, visit local arts and crafts shops. Anundshög, which lies a few kilometers east of Västerås, is a nice place for a picnic during the summer. Anundshög is an ancient burial mound, 14 metres high and 60 metres across, making it the largest in Sweden. Next to the mound there is two big

stone-ships. Take bus 40 towards Tortuna or go by car. Do If you like music you should try the jazz club '''Village''' or the new '''concert hall''' (tickets at Västerås tourist office housed in the same building, just a short walk from the railway station). Sadly the Village jazz club has recently closed due to financial problems, hopefully it will resurrect itself, but almost certainly not in its old building


downtown. It isn't very high, but gives a great view of Hermosillo and the surrounding countryside. It has parking space and police surveillance. * '''Museum of Sonora''' (''Museo de Sonora''), Jesús García, 62 17 25 80. Housed in a very creepy old stone penitentiary built in 1897. It is a castle-like building with big stone walls and watchtowers. You can visit the old underground cells which are especially creepy, making you wonder how many people died there in those horrible conditions. Also features a permanent show of old coins, and historical elements, showed on a timeline order. Tues-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm. Closed Mondays. * '''Regional Museum of Sonora's University''' . Features a small collection of historical elements, portraits, local crafts and an interesting collection of appliances, guns, photographs, money and documents from the revolution era. Also shows temporal art exhibits. The main pieces of the Museum are a group of mummies found at the sonoran sierra. * '''Hector Espino Stadium''', Blvd. Solidaridad and Blvd. Luís Encinas - Choyal area. Home of the '''Hermosillo Naranjeros''', the best baseball league of Mexico and because they play between October and January, you can see some MLB players in addition to the best Mexican baseball players. Some notable former and current Naranjeros include Hector Espino, Fernando Valenzuela, Erubial Durazo, Curt Schilling, Vinny Castilla, Luis A. Garcia, Geronimo Gil, and many others. All of this surrounded by a great atmosphere of party as only Mexicans know how. There is a souvenir store located at the stadium as well. * '''Hermosillo at night''' - In the northeastern part of the city there is a small parking area where Blvd. Jose Maria Morelos meets Blvd. Juan Bautista de Escalante. Park here and bring your camera as you will see a stunning view of Hermosillo, including Cerro de la Campana. The view is especially impressive at night, as you can see lights that seem to stretch out forever. Hermosillo police officers are often posted there at night, they will not bother you, and will often chat with tourists and suggest other places to visit. Do thumb 250px A view of Hermosillo from the "La Jolla" residential community. (File:A view of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.jpg) * '''Hit the trails''' Mountain biking and hiking are very popular activities, and the area has many amazing trails to follow in the mountains around the city. The mix of desert and mountain give these trails a very nice touch. Wild life is very interesting. You get to see from little lizards and roadrunners all around to big deer and coyotes, and if you're lucky you might be able to watch a bighorn sheep or even a rattlesnake (not considered to be extremely lucky). Visit downtown Hermosillo (El Centro.) In El Centro you will find many shops, selling anything you can think of. There are also food stands if you get hungry or thirsty. Be careful though, the streets in El Centro are always crowded, and traffic is heavy. Also the sidewalks are higher off the street level than you may be used to, this will be a difficult area to traverse if you are in a wheelchair, or have a baby carriage. A heavy police presence is maintained in the area due to its popularity, and constant crowds, help is never far away. Learn There are many good universities here. Some of the best known are: University of Sonora, University of Valle de Mexico and "Tecnologico de Monterrey". The University of Sonora has a very good school of foreign languages, where you can enroll for a moderate price to receive Spanish lessons. Work Vangtel Mexico provides opportunities for English speakers. Buy Hermosillo is slightly more expensive than other parts of Mexico, as life quality is slightly higher than other Mexican cities. However, prices are still good compared to the United States. There are lots of American stores, including Office Depot, Blockbuster, Office Max, COSTCO, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and others. Also, Hermosillo is FULL of shoe and clothes stores (boutique). * ATM & BANKS. Hermosillo has branches of all the major banks operating in Mexico, some of them are related to foreign banks: * HSBC. Has ATM's almost in every retail (Walmart, Ley, Soriana) and those one in their branches. * Banamex. Relates to Citybank Citygroup, is the most important bank in the country, several branches and ATM's in most of the retail stores. * BBVA Bancomer. Related to Chase, number of branches similar to those of HSBC. ATM's in most of retails. * Santander. Associated with Bank of America. BofA users can withdrawal money from Santander ATM's with no additional fees. But, Santander has fewer branches and ATM's than other banks. Toys can cost almost 1.5 times more in many parts of Mexico than in the USA, don't expect deals there. Restaurants, food, bars, liquor, hotels are excellent in price and with the average exchange difference, can cost 2 3rds of the same in US. The following are some interesting stores you may find in town: * '''Deportes Arietta''', in El Centro (downtown Hermosillo). The official uniform dealer for the Naranjeros. You can get a real jersey, the same as the players wear, for about $60. The store also has merchandise from the other teams in the Mexican Pacific League, as well as other sports teams from throughout Mexico, and MLB and NBA merchandise. Several store employees speak fluent English and will be happy to talk sports with you. * '''Casa de Vaquero''', a store that sells cowboy hats, and boots, also the cowboy type of clothing that is popular throughout Hermosillo and northern Mexico. There are several stores throughout Hermosillo, prices range from low to high. * '''Soriana''', located throughout Hermosillo (6 stores). It's a retail store, competes directly with Walmart. * '''Coppel''' Department store, cheap furniture and clothes, also offers gold and other jewelry, fragrances, shoes and house appliances. * '''Ley''', More than 15 locations. Ley is a retail store. Ley is connected to the US chain Safeway. * '''Supermercados SantaFé''', a grocery store. Several locations in Hermosillo. Rebranded from a previous retail chain who went to bankruptcy. * '''Wal-Mart''', several locations throughout Hermosillo. Unlike Wal-Marts in the US, Wal-Mart is considered an upscale, expensive store in Mexico. The Wal-Marts in Hermosillo are much nicer and cleaner than a Wal-Mart in the United States. One of the newest Wal-Marts is located at the "City Center" shopping area, in the northern part of Hermosillo on Blvd. Jose Maria Morelos. * '''Oxxo''', a convenience store. Literally hundreds of locations across Hermosillo. Some of them into gas stations. ** SHOPPING. Hermosillo has several places to buy, being the following the most noticeable: * Galerias Mall. Designed under American-style this place offers a movie theatre with normal, 3d and VIP service. Food court with dozens of options including McDonald's. Lots of boutiques and shoe stores, a Sears store and a casino with electronic games and bingo. * Plaza Sendero. South of the city, this Mall provides dozens of cloth and shoe stores, a Soriana retail store, food court including Burger King, a movie theatre, Coppel and Woolworth departamental stores, and a casino with electronic games. * Plaza Girasol. This plaza has focused stores and services as Office Depot, Cable company, banks, optical service, regional airline tickets, and food court. * Plaza Ley Sahuaro. This Plaza Mall is one of the oldest in town and has lots of clothing and shoe stores, jewerly, hair dressers, gift shops ATM machines, even pawn shop, food court and arcade games are aviable in the rear side, the main store is a Ley retail. * City Center Pitic. Located north at Morelos Bldv. this plaza offers high level stores and services. It's main store is Walmart and others include: HP store, GNC, Starbucks, Gamers, City Salads, Quetzal kitchen design, Play City casino and SportWorld Gym. * Metrocentro and Megamall area. This unincorporated area includes the Metrocentro Plaza, the Franchise Plaza and the Megamall which all of them are placed together in the intersection of Colosio and Solidaridad Blvds. This area offer high level stores as: Tous, Abercrombie&fitch, Aeropostale; restaurants: Marcos, Applebee's, California; fast food: 24 hour Burger King, McDonald's, BaskinRobins; a cinema, a bowling alley with many lanes and a bar, music and musical instruments store, crafts and local items, Olympus cafe, Costco retail store, Comercial Mexicana retail store, Office max, among others. This is a very complete area if you want to buy or have fun. * Liverpool. Fancy department store, sells clothes, shoes, fragrances, jewelry, makeup, gifts, chocolates, furniture and house deco. Has a restaurant with bar and toy&pet store. * Sanborn's. High level amenities stores. Sells Cuban tobaccos along with a variety of cigarette brands, liquors, movies, books, apparel accessories, gifts and electronics. Has a cafe restaurant. Marked as a gay encounter site. * Sears. Known departament stores. Two locations in Hermosillo, one in Galerias Mall, the other one in Downtown. Clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics, gifts, lingerie, among other items. The store located in Downtown is expected to close as the one in Galerias Mall is now totally working. * MundoComic. Comic, manga and magazine store. Also trading cards, collectibles and videogames. In the same block of Liverpool store. * Municipal Market. The perfect place to eat the local food. Here you can also buy fruits and vegs. along with local and traditional foods, toppings, and gifts, such as ironwood ornaments. * Bona building. Located in front of San Alberto Hotel and Vip's restaurant, Bona building has among its occupants a traditional food place, where you can eat different typical menu, and an exclusive souvenir shop, which sells shirts, cups, postcards, ironwood items, iron items and lots of surprising gifts to take back to home. Eat thumb 250px La Fabula Pizza on Blvd. Jose Maria Morelos. (File:Sonora 273.jpg) * '''''Carne asada''''' - Grilled beef (boneless chuck, rib eye, sirloin) which is the most typical food in the city. Tacos are typically around one dollar and are pretty good. Some of the best carne asada and tacos (also try caramelos which are tacos with melted cheese) can be found on the thousands of taco stands you will find on almost any street in Hermosillo. * '''''Coyotas''''' - A flat sweet bread filled with various choices as buttermilk candy (not the chocolate bar), apple, pecan nut, strawberry jam, among others. This bake is a tradition among the city and it started in the former town called Villa de Seris, which now is part of Hermosillo. * '''''Empanadas''''' - Another local bread which consists of a turnover style pastry filled with a sweet filling. * '''''Melcochas''''' - Candy based on raw sugar. * '''''Tacos de cabeza''''' - Beef tacos made from the head of the cow, typical for breakfast. * '''''Burro percheron''''' - A variation on the traditional burrito. The difference is in the ingredients and the size, as in the south of Mexico burritos are usually thin and about six inches long and has lots of potato filling. Percheron burro in the big size are usually one feet long and 2 o 3 inches wide, they are filled with avocado, tomato, cheese and premium beef. Cost is around 6 to 8 dollars and even more if toppings are asked (pork meat, pepperoni, ham, shrimp, anaheim pepper, bacon). * '''Hot dogs''' - For a late dinner you have to go to the University Plaza for the best hot dogs in Sonora, voted among the top 50 hot dogs in the world and one of the best 100 foods in the world, you will be able to find hot dogs stands here 24 7. Also check out the hot dog stand which is out at night right next to the Oxxo, located at Blvd. Lopez Portillo and Ave. Tres. Turkey hot dogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.) Restaurants Hermosillo is full of great restaurants, including American ones such as Applebee's. There are lots of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other ethnic restaurants as well. The best, though, are the Mexican-run taco stands. * '''Antojeria del Centro''', Periferico Poniente and Blvd. Luis Donaldo Colosio (''Metrocentro Area''), 662 260 5070. Popular with foreign tourists, this restaurant offers a wide selection including delicious Mexican food, Italian food and American favorites. English menu available. * '''Irasema''' - The best and cleanest place for ''tacos de cabeza''. * Wikipedia:Hermosillo Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Sonora Localities Hermosillo Commons:Category:Hermosillo

Knoxville, Tennessee

and Ph.D. from Columbia University. After serving in the army in 1918, he travelled in Europe for a year with friend Mark Van Doren. Afterwards, he worked as teacher at Brooklyn Polytechnic. After leaving the Coolidge administration, Slemp returned to his law practice in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. In 1931, Slemp was awarded the prestigious French Legion of Honor Medal (Légion d'honneur)

Jacksonville, Florida

H. Perry . The Journal's new owner was known for his focus on the community and boosterism. He once proposed that the city change its name to 'Jackson' because the suffix '-ville' was belitting to a growing metropolis. '''Eva Leanza Cornett''' (born June 10, 1971 in Big Stone Gap, Virginia; raised in Jacksonville, Florida) was crowned ''Miss Winter Park'' and Miss Florida in 1992 and Miss America 1993. Regardless of the lack of success in Disston's canals, the money he


, such as a big stone or tree trunk, they will probably not be able to disentangle echo scenes, but rather derive information on habitat type from the overall call reverberations. This might be comparable to human hearing whether one calls into a beech forest or into a reverberant wine cellar. The Company failed to found a successful colony on Madagascar, but was able to establish ports on the nearby islands of Bourbon and Île-de-France

United States

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head and his body to Iria from Jerusalem in a stone boat. They moored the boat to a ''pedrón'' (Spanish (Spanish language) for big stone), hence the new toponym given to the place. The two disciples remained in Iria Flavia (now Padrón) to preach after burying the Apostle in Compostela, and the legendary ''pedrón'' can be seen today at the parish church of Santiago de Padrón. By 2000 it was estimated that there were 500 families of Palestine Arabs and Palestinian descendants in Nicaragua. The Palestinians that arrived in Nicaragua were mostly Christians and a small number of Muslims, the majority of which came from rural villages near Ramallah, Jerusalem, Beit Jala and Bethlehem. The total population of Palestinians in Nicaragua ranks as the largest Arab community in Central America. * 2006 Borujerd earthquake: An early-morning earthquake south of Borujerd, Iran causes 66 deaths and significant damage in the Luristan (Luristan Province) province in the west of the country. * An intruder enters a church (Church (building)) in Malta during mass (mass (liturgy)) and smashes a 200 year old Jerusalem mother-of-pearl crucifix creating commotion. (Times of Malta) The '''Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem''' is a prayer meeting organized by Pentecostal (pentecostalism) evangelists Jack W. Hayford and Robert Stearns through their organization "Eagles Wings". They annually invite people around the world to pray (prayer) for Jerusalem on the first Sunday of every October, close to the time of Yom Kippur. The first prayer meeting organized by this group occurred in 2004. He was Bishop of Poitiers. In 1375 he was appointed to the Church of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, also being made a cardinal by Gregory XI. He was then bishop of Palestrina from 1384 to 1412. Given the schism of the time, his appointment from Avignon was contested, by Francesco Moricotti Prignani, Archbishop of Pisa. The ''Itinerarium Burdigalense'', which is a road-book drawn up in 333, mentions in order the ''mansiones'' from Bordeaux to Jerusalem with the intervening ''mutationes'', and other, more considerable places, which are called either civitates, vici (vicus), or castella. The number of leagues (leugae) or of miles between one place and another is also set down. Adrian von Bubenberg was born as the son of Heinrich IV. von Bubenberg, Schultheiss of Bern and lord of Spiez, whom he succeeded in 1465. He was knighted (Knighthood) in 1466 during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem at the Holy Sepulchre (Church of the Holy Sepulchre). Rabbi Simeon (Shimon bar Yochai) taught that, generally speaking, the Torah required a burnt offering only as expiation for sinful meditation of the heart. (Leviticus Rabbah 7:3.) A Midrash taught that if people repent, it is accounted as if they had gone up to Jerusalem, built the Temple (Temple in Jerusalem) and the altars, and offered all the sacrifices ordained in the Torah. (Leviticus Rabbah 7:2.) And Rabbi Aha said in the name of Rabbi Hanina ben Pappa that God accounts studying the sacrifices as equal to offering them. (Leviticus Rabbah 7:3.) left thumb 190px Jeremiah (Image:Jeremiah lamenting.jpg) Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem (1630 painting by Rembrandt) Haftarah Jerusalem is the most-visited city with 3.5 million tourist arrivals annually. One of the oldest cities in the world (List of cities by time of continuous habitation), it is the capital (capital (political)) Commons:Category:Jerusalem Wikipedia:Jerusalem Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Jerusalem

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