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Aziz Bhatti''' (1928 - September 10, 1965) Major Raja Aziz Bhatti,Pakistan Army. Retrieved 09 June 2010 (Punjabi (Punjabi language), ) was a Hong Kong-born Pakistan Army's Staff officer who received Pakistan's highest award for valor. He was born in Hong Kong (British Hong Kong) in 1928. http: Special Nishan-e-Haider


Gogera, Satghara, Mouza Meerak etc.) belonging to the Joiya (Johiya) Kharal, Baloch (Baloch people), Kathia, Kamiana & Jakhar clans, as well as the Satluj belt around Dipalpur(encompassing major towns such as Shergarh (Shergarh, Pakistan), Hujra Shah Muqeem, Haveli Lakha etc.) belonging to the Wattu, Bodla, Baloch, Bhatti & Jurrera clans. Shergarh '''Shergarh (Shergarh, Pakistan)''' (literally 'Lion's Den'), is a town located 10

http: 2003 20030319 ncr1.htm title Colonies, posh and model in name only! publisher NCR Tribune accessdate 2007-12-16 The district of Rajanpur (Rajanpur District) was later carved out of the Dera Ghazi Khan district. Some of them also settled in various part of India, including Bhiwani, Delhi, Jhansi, Ranchi, Ambala and Haridwar. Early days Dulla Bhatti was born as Abdullah Khan Bhatti in a Muslim Rajput family to Ladhi and Rai Farid Khan

Bhatti, and grandson of Rai Sandal Khan Bhatti in the area of Sandal Bar in "SandalWal", in modern day Pindi Bhattian, now in Pakistan (Sandal Bar). The people of this area were known to provide stiff opposition to marauders. Mahmud of Ghazni had carried out one special campaign to subdue the warrior Bhatti Rajputs of Sandal Bar. His grandfather Rai Sandal Khan was a tribal chief and head of all the rajputs of the area, and held nearly all the tract of that bar


of Lahore accessdate 18 February 2009 publisher National Reconstruction Bureau, Government of Pakistan date Administrative towns Localities

before an inquiry led by Justice Malik Mohammed Qayyum. Knight, pp. 273–274. The term Khalistan was coined by the Sikh leader Dr. Vir Singh Bhatti in March 1940. He made the case for a Sikh state in the pamphlet ''Khalistan'', published as a response

the Bhattis cut them off from Kabror, and later they lost their semi-independence when their possessions formed part of the Bahawalpur state, they hold a tract in Bikaner on the bed of the old Ghaggar River (Ghaggar-Hakra river) just below Bhatner, their ancient seat. Shorkot was also their ancient abode, but now their numbers there are few. Johiyas are also found on the middle Sutlej River in Lahore and Ferozpur, and on the lower Indus River in Derajat and Muzaffargarh. Career

Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

'', later termed ''wazarats''. These sub-territories consisted of Chamba, Bharmour, Bhatti, Churah and Pangi (Pangi, Himachal Pradesh). Landmarks and cityscape The city layout can be distinctly demarcated into two zones; namely the 'Old Town' before the British introduced their urban architectural styles and the British period of contemporary monuments, bridges and buildings. In a study of the architecture of Chamba, instituted by the Indian National Trust

Dera Ghazi Khan

),gorgage (Balochi & Brohi speaker dwelling in Quetta & Jiwani and some saraiki speaker dwelling in dera ghazi khan ), Gurchani,Dasti, Jaskani, Marri, Mastoi,Jatoi, Mirani, Bugti, Malghani is part of Nutkani or Notkani and Bamozai Known as Akhund Akhwand tribes, whose ancestors came in from Afghanistan around 200 years ago and settled in the old Dera Ghazi Khan.Also the local Saraiki clans, Bhatti, Langah, Khundo, Koriya, Daha, Bhutta, Metla, Mochi, Khakhi, Khakh, Hinjra, Chajra, living


and Jhelum rivers meet founded in era of Sri Rama then remodeled by Sial chief. Famous Punjabi love stories of Heer Ranjha and Mirza Sahiba belong to the soil of this particular city. That is why city is also referred to as "Land of Love" and "City of Bhangra". Jhang is the birthplace of famous revolutionary of Punjab known as Dulla Bhatti. * Faisalabad, Punjab (Pakistan): Faisalabad is the birthplace of famous Indian revolutionary Bhagat Singh


of the Bhatti tribe in the ages preceding the Christian era. Graeco-Bactrian coins, together with ancient bricks, occur over an area of 500 ha (Hectare) (2 mi²). Known within historical times as Fatehpur Baori, Rawalpindi fell into decay during one of the Mongol invasions in the 14th century.

was an agricultural market, and became populated by the Muslim tribes of Kamboh, Mirza Dhudhi, Sahu, Malik, Bhutta, Sial, Bhatti Sukhera, Juta, Thaheem. Jats and Arain tribes. Some Hindu families, particularly Arun, also lived in the town. There are references of its being a sizable town during Ghazni dynasty as the armies traveling from Rawalpindi and Chakwal to Multan used to rest at this point. Kabirawala, as part of Multan, was taken back by Hindus after the death of Mahmood


, Mirbahar (Mohana (tribe)), Chandio, Brohi (Brahui people), Shahani, Gabol, Lund, Khero, Khaharo (Khaharo (tribe)), Magsi, Khushk, Bozdar, Leghari, Unar Bahota, Charan, Babar, Memon (Memon people), Abbasi, Bhatti, Joyo (Joyo (tribe)), Janwari, Qureshi, Hingoro, Rajpot and others. Rest of Europe * Lund University, Faculty of Medicine, Master (MMedSc) in Public Health Lund

Inter-Services Intelligence

and helped organise the bombings in Bombay, through one of his subordinates, Tiger Memon. The bombings are also believed to have been financially assisted by the expatriate Indian smugglers, Hajji Ahmed, Hajji Umar and Taufiq Jaliawala, as well as the Pakistani smugglers, Aslam Bhatti and Dawood Jatt. The Indian authorities have also alleged the involvement of the Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), in the blasts. ''Black Friday


Romania To Send More Troops To Afghanistan; Germany Mulls Raising Number publisher date 2010-01-22 accessdate 2010-07-05 Butt and Bhatti The movie became famous in Pakistan. It was translated and dubbed into Punjabi (Punjabi language) comedy by the name of "Butt and Bhatti" and the cast names were also changed. It can be easily viewed on Pakistani websites and YouTube. It is available on CD and DVD. In the year 2002-03, it was the most

voted for television piece in Pakistan. Up till now, several million copies of the Punjabi version have circulated worldwide. With the success of Shanghai Knights in Punjabi, the creative team dubbed Shanghai Noon as well. It surpassed many expectations and was critically acclaimed. *Jackie Chan-Butt Butt and Bhatti The movie became famous in Pakistan. It was translated and dubbed into Punjabi (Punjabi language) comedy by the name of "Butt and Bhatti" and the cast

cricketer who became a British subject in 2011 and is now a fully-qualified English (English_Cricket_Board) cricketer. Originally his father objected to his interest in cricket, but later started to appreciate it seeing his accomplishments. As a teenager, Azhar was mentored by Irfan Bhatti who played a One Day International for Pakistan (Pakistani cricket team) in the early 90’s. When not doing net practice, Azhar would fancy himself playing tape ball cricket on the cemented

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