), racing driver *Johan Röjler (born 1981), ice speed skater *Emra Tahirović (born 1987), Bosnian-Swedish football player *Caroline Bergius (born 1989), Handball player ;Writers *Hjalmar Bergman (1883–1931), writer and playwright *August Gailit (1891–1960), Estonian writer *Edita Morris (1902–1988), Swedish-American writer and political activist *Cajsa Warg (1703–1769), cookbook author Twin towns - Sister cities

, becoming one of Örebro's most successful sports clubs of the 20th and 21st century. ! 1 rowspan 2 31 May 1989 rowspan 2 Eyrahallen (Behrn Arena), Örebro rowspan 2 align center '''1'''–0 rowspan 2 align center 2–0 rowspan 2 Friendly (Exhibition game) - The son of a banker in Örebro, Bergman briefly studied philosophy at Uppsala University but soon broke off his studies and took up the life of a free writer. He married Stina Lindberg

, the daughter of actor and stage producer August Lindberg. Up to his father's death in 1915 Bergman was heavily sponsored by the family patriarch; after the old man died from a stroke it turned out that the family business had become highly indebted and Bergman was forced to start making money out of his writing and court readers in a more outgoing and more entertaining manner. He rose to the challenge and in the following ten years reached the peak of his work. In 1791 the regiment


of the earliest turbocharged automobile engines to be produced in large numbers. Saab Managing Director Jan-Åke Jonsson said the model would likely not be on the global GM Gamma platform, but did not confirm whether Saab would use a custom platform or a modified GM Delta II platform.


.chapter4.html "U.S. and Russian Policymaking With Respect to the Use of Force", chapter 4, Trans-Dniestria , by Irina F. Selivanova "Вождь в чужой стае" by Mikhail Bergman A quote attributed to Lebed demonstrates his support of the Transnistrian cause: "I am proud that we helped and armed Transnistrian guards against Moldovan fascists".


Teaterns Elevskola'') and produced a large number of later famous actors and directors, including Greta Garbo, Gustaf Molander, Alf Sjöberg, Ingrid Bergman, Signe Hasso, Gunnar Björnstrand, Max von Sydow and Bibi Andersson. In 1964 the school separated from the Royal Dramatic Theatre (initiated by Ingmar Bergman who claimed the theatre no longer had room for it in the building). The acting schools affiliated with the city theatres in Malmö, Gothenburg


*Ingmar Bergman (1918–2007), film director *Jöns Jakob Berzelius *Hans Blix *Arvid Carlsson *Anders Celsius (1701–1744), astronomer *Adiam Dymott *Lars Edlund (1922–2013), composer *Ulf Ekman, pastor *Stefan Eriksson *Martin Eriksson (E-Type (musician)) musician of E-Type *Malena Ernman *Torsten Hallman, former motocross world champion *Lars Hollmer *Dag Hammarskjöld *Mattias Klum *Carl-Bertil Laurell *Dave Lepard (1980–2006

1955, Miss Universe 1955 Of these, Arrhenius, Bergman, Blix, Carlsson, Celsius, Dymott, both Erikssons, Hallman, Klum, Laurell, both Liljeforses, Parkman, Rosling, Stolt, Dave Lepard, Thörnqvist and Törnqvist were born in Uppsala. References in popular culture Christine Daaé in Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera was born in Uppsala. The Gösta Knutsson children's book series Pelle Svanslös are set in Uppsala. In Stieg Larsson's novel The Girl

survived, notably the ''Codex Argenteus'' held since 1648 in the University Library of Uppsala in Sweden. A parchment page of this Bible was found in 1971 in the Speyer Cathedral. http: www.goruma.de Wissen KunstundKultur WelterbestaettenUNESCO Unesco_Welterbestaetten_Deutschland kaiser_mariendom_speyer.html Bergman came up with the idea for the film while driving from Stockholm to Dalarna, stopping in Uppsala where he had been born and raised


at Muruvik. Six stations remain in use, while seven have been closed. '''Hans Eskilsson''' (born 23 January 1966, in Östersund, Jämtland County) is a former Swedish (Sweden) football (football (soccer)) player, most notable for his time with Hammarby (Hammarby IF) and for his three appearances for the Swedish national team (Sweden national football team). He is now a professional poker player. '''Ulrika Bergman''' (born 11 June 1975

in Östersund) is a Swedish (Sweden) curler from Solna (Solna Municipality). She is currently the alternate for the World and Olympic Champion Anette Norberg team. She was the fourth player (threw last rocks) for Margaretha Lindahl in four straight World Junior Curling

Championships world junior championships from 1993 to 1996. Their best finish was in 1995 when they won the silver medal. In 1997, she switched throwing positions with Lindhal for their debut at the European Championships (European Curling Championships) where they won a silver. Bergman has been Norberg's alternate since 2004, winning an Olympic gold medal in 2006 (2006 Winter Olympics). From 22 September 2002, NSB and the Public Transportation Authority in Jämtlands County started


CTV (CKY-DT) are piped in via cable. Notable people *Gary Bergman - former NHL and Team Canada 1972 player *Glory Annen Clibbery - actress *Ralph Connor - writer *Tim Coulis - former NHL player *Phil Eyler - politician *Silas Griffis (Si Griffis) - Hockey Hall of Famer *Peter Heenan - municipal provincial federal politician *Robert Hilles - poet *Tom Hooper (Tom Hooper (ice hockey)) - Hockey Hall of Famer

, offers 10 km of groomed classic technique cross-country ski trails along scenic terrain. '''Golf''' Kenora Golf & Country Club Golf Course Road, Kenora, ON Phone 807-468-7995 Web: www.kenoragolf.com Beauty Bay Golf Course Essex Road, Kenora, ON Phone 807-548-4777 Bergman Driving Range Phone 807-543-3562 '''Hunting''' Hunting on the Lake of the Woods provides a serene environment with a variety of species to hunt. Traditional bow hunting and other unique hunting experiences


hockey player *Östen Warnerbring, musician *The Wasted Penguinz, Pontus Bergman & Jon Brandt-Cederhäll *Johan Wissman, athlete *Velvet (Velvet (singer)), singer *Robin Lindgren, athlete Subdivisions The City of Helsingborg is subdivided into 31 districts. class "wikitable" style "width:80%; margin:auto;" !colspan "7" The districts of Helsingborg (Classification and census from 9 January 2006) - style

of Helsingborg (top)and Helsingør (bottom) at the narrowest part of Oresund (depicted in the 1500s). A native of the coastal city of Helsingborg, the seat of Helsingborg Municipality in Skåne County, at the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Öberg moved to Stockholm in 1987, at the age of 20. As singer and lyricist for the Swedish indie (Indie (music)) bands bob hund, Bergman Rock and Sci-Fi SKANE, he has been involved in many other musical

Coconut Grove

;nbsp;lbs. http: www.flickr.com photos 10814403@N06 5141152690 in photostream align 'left' Sunshine State Tournament (Dick Lee, promoter) Coconut Grove, Florida Full-Contact

Visby city wall

towers. The name of the round-arched passageway (literally, the "Love Gate") actually stems from the ropes that were coated with tar on the town-side of the wall during the Middle Ages. The similarly sounding ''Tjärporten'' (the Tar Gate) became ''Kärleksporten''.

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