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Beloeil, Quebec

, Ville de Beloeil , retrieved 2008-12-14 Belœil was created as a village in 1903 and became a ville (city) in 1914, but can trace its history through the parish of Saint-Mathieu-de-Belœil, established in 1772, and the '''seigneurie (Seigneurial system of New France) de Belœil''', founded in 1694. Its name probably derives from the old French (French language) expression "Quel (wikt:Quel) bel (wikt:bel) œil (wikt:oeil)!", meaning "What a beautiful view!"

Jean-Baptiste climbed atop the Mont Saint-Hilaire, where, upon seeing the view, Jean-Baptiste Hertel exclaimed "Quel bel œil!", which, in seventeenth century French, meant "What a beautiful view!". According to this theory, when he was later granted his seigneurie, Joseph Hertel, remembering the exclamation, chose to name it Belœil (beautiful view). The alternate theory states that the name derives from the like-named town (Belœil) in Belgium, with a wide variety

-Baptiste Hertel. As a result, Lambert argues for "beautiful view" as the probable origin of the name. Geography 240px left thumb Part of southwestern Quebec, seen from the International Space Station (Image:Monteregian Hills from space.jpg). Beloeil and its neighboring towns are visible to the upper left, near the white mass of Mont Saint-Hilaire. Beloeil lies in the central Saint Lawrence Lowlands, a plains region on both sides of the Saint Lawrence river. The elevation above sea level near the city on the western shore of the Richelieu is lower than 30 metres (98 ft), with the Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil Aerodrome, at the western edge of town, lying 14 metres (47 ft) above mean sea level. Just across the Richelieu river, however, the isolated Mont Saint-Hilaire, which was known as Mount Belœil for most of the nineteenth century dominates the regional landscape with its 414 metres (1358 ft). Filion, Fortin et al.;''Histoire du Richelieu-Yamaska-Rive-Sud, La Montérégie''; Quebec City, Presses de l'Université Laval, 2001 COPA Places to Fly Retrieved 2008-12-13 Generally, the region surrounding Beloeil remains agricultural. The Census Consolidated Subdivision of Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil (Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, Quebec), which includes Beloeil as well as McMasterville, has Born in Quebec City, he received a Bachelor of Science degree from Université Laval in 1931 and a doctorate from McGill University in 1934. He started working in the laboratory of CIL (Canadian Industries Limited) in Beloeil, Quebec and then went to work at the California Institute of Technology with Linus Pauling. thumb left upright Immigrant train runs through an open swing bridge near Beloeil, Quebec (File:Beloeil bridge train accident, 1864.jpg) in 1864 * June 29, 1864 – Beloeil (Beloeil, Quebec), Canada East: 99 killed when an immigrant train failed to stop at an open swing bridge and fell into the Richelieu River. May also be called '''St-Hilaire train disaster'''. Still (2010) stands as the rail accident with the largest death toll in Canada. * July 15, 1864 – The '''Shohola train wreck''' kills over 60 people in a head-on collision between a coal train and a train carrying Confederate prisoners-of-war.


Shilha (also known locally as ''Soussia'') is spoken in southwest Morocco, in an area between Sidi Ifni in the south, Agadir in the north, and Marrakesh and the Draa Sous valleys in the east. Central Atlas Tamazight is spoken in the Middle Atlas, between Taza, Khemisset, Azilal, and Errachidia. Riff is spoken in the Rif area of northern Morocco

money - you can negotiate with the driver to get one by yourself. If you want to travel with children you should consider that the "grands taxis" often are without seat-belts. They arrive and depart near the train station in the Ville Nouvelle. See * '''Medina Walls''' - a very beautiful promenade is the way around the Medina walls. Along the route around the Medina there are some points with a beautiful view on the surrounding valleys. The largest part of the fortification walls has been built in medieval times under the Almohades. But the Merinides and Saadites have added and reinforced. Nowadays part of the ancient Medina walls has crumbled. The city tries to start reconstruction. The works however progress slowly because of a lack of financial means. * '''Tour Es-Sarragine''' - while strolling around the western part of the Medina walls you will come across the Tour Es-Sarragine, the so-called Saracen tower. From here you have a pleasant view on the Middle Atlas. The tower, unfortunately crumbling, has a curious construction: square at the base, and round at the top. The adjacent fortifications date from Almohade times. * '''The Gates of Taza-Haut''' - from the Bab Er Rih ("Gate of the winds"), above the Medina, you have a beautiful view over the whole valley and the olive groves below. On one side you see the Middle Atlas and on the other the Rif-Mountains. As the name indicates it might be a bit windy at times, but in the summer-time that's a welcome refreshment. Apart from the most famous gate at the Medina, the Bab Er Rih, you will find other gates from where you can have a splendid view around. One of them is the Bab Zitouna. * '''Ville Nouvelle''' - in the less touristic quarters in the Ville Nouvelle at Taza-Bas you will find mostly new buildings and little houses. Though the buildings are nothing extraordinary, you can sometimes find a house "in the making" and get an idea about construction works in Morocco. * WikiPedia:Taza

Bahir Dar

. Eat * '''Lakeshore Resort''', located along the lake near Summerland Hotel has good food and amazing views of the lake. * '''Desset Lodge''' is a new restaurant that has OK food but a beautiful view of the lake. Highly recommended to enjoy a beer here while watching the sun set. * '''Azewa Hotel''' has some of the best fish goulash in the country and is inexpensive. * '''Tana Restaurant''' serves fabulous fish dishes for little money. * '''Al-Hanan Muslim Restaurant''' near the Dalot Pension, serves huge and tasty mutton dishes, even during Lent. Also a good place for an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. The owners are exceedingly nice and don't charge tourists extra. Drink * Commons:Category:Bahar Dar


: email address Hafnargata 19 lat long directions Downtown Keflavik phone 421 4601 tollfree fax hours 11:00-01:00 price content By the seaside with beautiful view over the ocean. They profess to serve fine food and wine. Drink Sleep * Commons:Category:Keflavík


;Vargliften". Week 52-10 Thursdays and Sundays The night skiing is between 18:00 and 20:00. Summer 4 lifts are open in the summer as well. You can take the cabel car up to the peak and enjoy the beautiful view! Or why not eat at the highest located restaurant in Sweden: Stormköket. * Åre has the largest zipline park


495-8013 tollfree fax hours price content Good Chinese food for lunch or dinner. * *'''Sol Grill Room and Lounge''', +1 250 495-6884 - watch the sun set and take in the beautiful view of Osoyoos Lake while enjoying


Wi-Fi. Coffee is local and good. They have no qualms about your staying for a few hours; after a while may give you free tea. *


60.99702 long 24.46755 directions next to the church phone +358 3 648 040 tollfree fax hours price content "The gingerbread house" is easily recognisable of its white "scaled" wall. With a beautiful view to the church this is one of the finer places in Hämeenlinna. * Wikipedia:Hämeenlinna Commons:Category:Hämeenlinna

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