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, but there was a nice exhibit of silver jewelry. Ten kilometers to the south is Taxco el Viejo (Old Taxco). In pre-Hispanic times, the village was the most important area of the Mesoamerican indigenous community. Do Get a lot of exercise walking up the steep streets. There is a gondola (teleferico) than can take you up to a fancy hotel called Monte Taxco, with great views and a decent bar restaurant. There is not much else to see do up there. Buy Silver! There is very beautiful silver, mostly all

engraved with "MEXICO 925" or "TAXCO 925" The silver shops away from the centro are where you can bargain. You will be charmed and ecstatic at all the beautiful silver, but will get tired of looking at it in 4 hours or less. You will also be approached by men, women, and children selling you items in the centro (plaza centrál). If you are not interested in being bothered, do not give them any eye contact. Once one finds you are slightly interested, all the other vendors will come try to sell their goods. Eat Try the Pozolé. It is a soup-like dish of large corn pieces called hominy, pork rind fat, avocado, and some crispy tortilla crumbles. Try it at the top of the hill above the small covered market which sells silver. It's cheap, tasty, and filling. It's a great dish to try if you want to experience Mexican food. Thursdays are the traditional pozolé days during which the red and green varieties are typically served. The white style is served the other days of the week. * commons:Taxco de Alarcón


over the centuries. The tomb, the beautiful silver doors and the exquisite mirror work are the handicrafts of masters and contemporary artists of Shiraz. * '''Abesh Khatoon Tomb''' * '''Seyed Taj-e-din Gharib Tomb''' * '''Sheykh Roozbahan Tomb''' * '''Khan school''' * '''Ghal'eye Karim Khan''' * '''Christians Church''' * '''Qur'an Gate''' (Dar vazeh Quran) - the city's main entrance. The original gate was built as an ornamental decoration by the Buwwayhids (Buwayhid dynasty) about 1000 years ago, but this was replaced 60 years ago by new gate, which is considered one of the finest architectural designs in Iran and has won numerous awards. From the gate walk up the stone stairways to enjoy picturesque and panoramic views of Shiraz. The tomb of Khajooyeh Kermanee, a famous poet is also located here. Hidden in the alleys on the hill-side are numerous restaurants that serve the finest chelo kabob. It is an excellent place for picnics and taking photographs. Do Buy Retail stores usually open between 9AM and 1PM, reopening again from 5PM to 9PM. It is customary to haggle for a discount, which is referred to as a ''takhfeef''. *'''Bazaar Vakeel''' - a huge ancient bazaar specializing in fine carpets, textiles, antiques and handicrafts, and spices . There is also a wonderful courtyard with a pool located in the bazaar perfect for photographs. It is called 'SARAYE MOOSHIR'. Visit Sharzeh and Hamam Vakeel for a great dining experience located just outside the bazaar. * WikiPedia:Shiraz, Iran Commons:Category:Shiraz Dmoz:Regional Middle East Iran Localities Shiraz fa:شیراز


;heritage of blood"'', Helen agreed, and was transformed into the beautiful Silver Swan, with the powers of flight, great strength, and a "swan song" which could wreak destruction. Mars told the Swan that Helen would be able to change into her for an hour at a time, as long as she served him, and on the day that she destroyed Wonder Woman, she would become the Silver Swan forever. '''Michael Stasinopoulos''' (27 July 1903 - 31 October 2002) was a Greek (Greece) politician. He served as the interim (List of heads of state of Greece#Third Hellenic Republic (since 1974)) President of the Third Hellenic Republic (President of Greece) between 18 December 1974 and 19 June 1975. thumb Stefanos Stefanopoulos (File:Stefanstefanopoulos.jpg) '''Stefanos Stefanopoulos''' ( Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece


Authority of Ireland . "''This beautiful Silver Proof €15 coin celebrates the 80th anniversary of the original coin design ‘Girl with Harp’ which was gifted to the Irish State by Ivan Mestrovic in 1927. This design was submitted by the artist as an entry in the competition for the design of the 1928 Irish Free State coinage. Unfortunately, because of difficulty contacting him – he was in the United States - his design arrived too late for consideration. The Chairman of the Design


Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway


as the Spanish-Jewish community of Temesvar, with beautiful silver crowns for the scrolls of the Law (Torah), upon which his name was inscribed. On the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) a prayer is still said for the repose of his soul by the Turco-Jewish community of Vienna. The '''Diocese of Roermond''' is a diocese of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands. The diocese is one of the seven Roman-Catholic dioceses suffragan to the Archdiocese of Utrecht. Re-established in 1853, the diocesan territory comprises those of the borders of the province Limburg (Limburg(Netherlands)). '''Wurmbrand-Stuppach''' is an old noble family of Austria, and the name of the County they ruled. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Counts of Wurmbrand-Stuppach gained notability in wars against the Turks (Ottoman Empire) in the Balkans, and Prince Eugene gained fame fighting against the French (France) in the Netherlands. The Counts and Princes of Wurmbrand-Stuppach were highly decorated advisors to the Habsburg Emperors (Holy Roman Empire). Wurmbrand-Stuppach was temporarily raised to a Principality in 1607, and was made an Imperial County in 1701. It was mediatised (German Mediatisation) to Austria (Austrian Empire) in 1806. '''Henny Vrienten''' (Tilburg, July 27, 1948) is a Dutch (Netherlands) composer of TV- and film-scores. He used to be the singer, songwriter and bass guitar player of the popular eighties ska pop band Doe Maar. Commons:Category:Netherlands Dmoz:Regional Europe Netherlands Wikipedia:Netherlands


founded, as well as the Spanish-Jewish community of Temesvar, with beautiful silver crowns for the scrolls of the Law (Torah), upon which his name was inscribed. On the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) a prayer is still said for the repose of his soul by the Turco-Jewish community of Vienna. '''Altamura''' is a town and ''comune'' of Apulia, southern Italy. It is located on the Murge (Murgia) plateau in the province of Bari, 45 km South-West of Bari, close to the border with Basilicata. As of 2011 its population was of 69,728.

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Underground Records on April 18, 2000. - United States Gold Eagle (American Gold Eagle) .9167 1 10 ozt, 1 4 ozt, 1 2 ozt, 1 ozt 1986–present - - United States Platinum Eagle (American Platinum Eagle) .9995 1 10 ozt, 1 4 ozt, 1 2 ozt, 1 ozt 1997–present - United States America the Beautiful (America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins) .999 5 ozt 2010–present - One of the aft stairways also has a saxophone signed

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