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. A record of daily air quality has been kept and published by local government. To read the data, just visit http: or directly type http: cz ribao index.asp for details of daily or real-time air quality. Changzhi is still on her way to a beautiful modern city with satisfied air quality and lots of efforts should be made in the future. Data from the 6th National Population Census (Sixth National Population Census of the People's Republic of China) in 2010 Population Data of Changzhi in Shanxi Province (the 6th National Population Census) in Chinese reported the city was home for 3,334,564 residents. History In ancient times the area around Changzhi was known as Shangdang. Lew, Christopher R. ''The Third Chinese Revolutionary War, 1945-1949: An Analysis of Communist Strategy and Leadership''. The USA and Canada: Routelage. 2009. ISBN 0-415-77730-5. p.22 Changzhi was the site of the Shangdang Campaign, the first battle between the Kuomintang and the People's Liberation Army after the end of World War II. The campaign began in August 1945 and lasted until October. It began when the local Shanxi warlord, Yan Xishan, attempted to retake the region from Communist forces. Yan's forces were eventually defeated by an army led by Liu Bocheng, who was later named one of China's "Ten Great Marshals (Yuan Shuai#People's Republic of China). Liu's political commissar was Deng Xiaoping, who later became China's "paramount leader". The campaign ended with the complete destruction of Yan's army, most of which joined the Communists after surrendering. Following the Shangdang Campaign, the Communists remained in control of the region until they won the civil war (Chinese Civil War) in 1949. Lew, Christopher R. ''The Third Chinese Revolutionary War, 1945-1949: An Analysis of Communist Strategy and Leadership''. The USA and Canada: Routelage. 2009. ISBN 0-415-77730-5. pp.22-23. Administrative divisions The area under the control of People's Government of Changzhi City is divided into 13 local government districts. They are Urban District (or Chengqu (Chengqu, Changzhi)), Suburban District, Lucheng City (a county-level city), Changzhi County, Xiangyuan County, Tunliu County, Pingshun County, Licheng County, Huguan County, Zhangzi County, Wuxiang County, Qin County, and Qinyuan County. class "wikitable" style "font-size:90%;" align "center" !colspan "8" align "center" Map - colspan "8" align "center" 370px (File:Changzhi mcp.png) - ! # ! Name ! Hanzi ! Hanyu Pinyin ! Population (2003 est.) ! Area (km²) ! Density ( km²) ! Official Website ---------- 1 Urban District (Chengqu District, Changzhi) 城区 Chéng Qū 416,000 55.6 7,482 http: ---------- 2 Suburban District (Jiaoqu District, Changzhi) 郊区 Jiāo Qū 290,000 285 1,017.5 http: ---------- 3 Lucheng City (Lucheng, Shanxi) 潞城市 Lùchéng Shì 210,000 615 341 http: ---------- 4 Changzhi County 长治县 Chángzhì Xiàn 320,000 483 663 http: ---------- 5 Xiangyuan County 襄垣县 Xiāngyuán Xiàn 250,000 1,158 216 http: ---------- 6 Tunliu County 屯留县 Túnliú Xiàn 240,000 1,042 230 http: ---------- 7 Pingshun County 平顺县 Píngshùn Xiàn 160,000 1,550 103 http: ---------- 8 Licheng County 黎城县 Líchéng Xiàn 160,000 1,166 137 http: ---------- 9 Huguan County 壶关县 Húguān Xiàn 280,000 1,013 276 http: ---------- 10 Zhangzi County 长子县 Zhǎngzǐ Xiàn 340,000 1,029 330 http: ---------- 11 Wuxiang County 武乡县 Wǔxiāng Xiàn 210,000 1,610 130 http: ---------- 12 Qin County 沁县 Qìn Xiàn 170,000 1,297 131 http: ---------- 13 Qinyuan County 沁源县 Qìnyuán Xiàn 150,000 2,556 59 http: ---------- Education Higher Education Changzhi Medical College Changzhi College High Schools Changzhi No.1 Middle School Changzhi No.2 Middle School Changzhi No.3 Middle School Changzhi No.4 Middle School Changzhi No.5 Middle School Changzhi No.6 Middle School Changzhi No.7 Middle School Changzhi No.8 Middle School Changzhi No.9 Middle School Changzhi No.10 Middle School Changzhi Experimental Middle School Changzhi No.12 Middle School Changzhi No.13 Middle School Changzhi No.14 Middle School Changzhi No.15 Middle School Changzhi No.16 Middle School Changzhi No.17 Middle School Changzhi No.18 Middle School Changzhi No.19 Middle School Tai-Hang Middle School (Subsidiary Middle School of Changzhi College) Transportation National Highway *China National Highway 207 *China National Highway 208 Railway *Taiyuan–Jiaozuo Railway *Handan–Changzhi Railway Controlled-access Highway *Controlled-access Highway (Controlled-access highway) Taiyuan-Changzhi *Controlled-access Highway Changzhi-Jincheng *Controlled-access Highway Changzhi-Linfen *Controlled-access Highway Changzhi-Handan Airport *Changzhi Wangcun Airport External links *Official website of Changzhi Government


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the Angkor Wat temples. Private cars also available to and from Phnom Penh. See Most people come to visit '''Angkor Archaeological Park''', which is thoroughly covered in its own article. The town itself has some worthwhile attractions and a number of beautiful modern Buddhist temples. thumb 300px The reclining Buddha at Wat Preah Prom Rath (Image:Preah Prom Rath Buddha.jpg) *


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