Put-in-Bay, Ohio

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''' is a village (village (United States)#Ohio) located on South Bass Island in Put-in-Bay Township (Put-in-Bay Township, Ohio), Ottawa County (Ottawa County, Ohio), Ohio, United States. The population was 138 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census). The bay played a significant role in the War of 1812 as the location of the squadron of U.S. naval commander Oliver Hazard Perry, who sailed from the port on September 10, 1813 to engage a British (United Kingdom) squadron just


in May draws many visitors locally, from Mexico and even beyond. There are events for shad, sea bass (Black sea bass) and tarpon and take place both on the sea and on the Tecolutla River. This is one of the few times of the year the resort is packed. Another annual event is the Coconut Festival in February, when local

of navigable waters and filled with mangroves. The name comes from the relative lack of sound, except for the buzzing of insects, and water dripping from trees. The second is called De la Cruz, with very clear waters, 25&nbsp;km of navigable waters in which sea bass can be fished in season. The third is called Del Narajo and is the largest with 40&nbsp;km of navigable waters and is bordered by ranches and orange groves. There is also an abundance of wild birds such as ibis

crops grown here include corn, green chiles, beans, “platano roatan” (a species of banana), vanilla, sugar cane, tobacco, pineapple, oranges, limes, grapefruit, mandarin oranges and coconuts. Livestock raising includes dairy and beef cattle, pigs, sheep, fowl and bees. Second is fishing with only a fraction of the municipality’s land developed. Fishing here is developed by way of cooperations, harvesting common bass (mojarra), crabs, shrimp, oyster, shad

Springhill, Nova Scotia

County, Nova Scotia Brooklyn *Glooscap Trail -- Truro (Truro, Nova Scotia) - Onslow (Onslow, Nova Scotia) - Glenholme (Glenholme, Nova Scotia) - Bass River (Bass River, Nova Scotia) - Lower Economy (Lower Economy, Nova Scotia) - Five Islands (Five Islands, Nova Scotia) - Parrsboro (Parrsboro, Nova Scotia) - Springhill (Springhill, Nova Scotia) - Amherst (Amherst, Nova Scotia) - Green Oaks (Green Oaks, Nova Scotia) - Beaver Brook, Nova Scotia Beaver Brook

Scotia Great Village , Bass River (Bass River, Nova Scotia), Economy (Economy, Nova Scotia), and Five Islands (Five Islands, Nova Scotia) forming parts of the Glooscap Trail and Fundy Shore Ecotour. At the town of Parrsboro (Parrsboro, Nova Scotia), Trunk 2 turns north through the Cobequid Hills to Newville Lake (Newville Lake (Cumberland County)) before turning northeast to reach the Southampton River (Southampton River (Nova Scotia)), which Trunk 2 follows

Chanhassen, Minnesota

Allen , Previous Minnesota Viking, resided in Chanhassen during the season. * Stu Bickel, NHL Defenseman for the New York Rangers was born in Chanhassen. * Tony Denman, actor, grew up in Chanhassen. Olson, Mark (December 20, 2006), "Homegrown movies,” Chaska Herald * Larry Graham, Bass guitarist and inventor of the slap bass technique on bass guitar. * Dave Huffman, Former NFL player for the Minnesota


with any of his bands (it has been said that one of the main reasons for this is that he is unable to sustain the heavy growling (Death grunt) death metal vocals used in many of his bands for any prolonged period of time). He has a German girlfriend and he maintains close ties to his family. He had played bass in his elder brother Dag Swanö's band Pan.Thy.Monium with Dan using '''Day DiSyraah''', and Dag using '''Äag''' as pseudonyms. Dag also plays guitar in Nightingale (band

in Sweden. image Nikola-sarcevic-2008.jpg caption Nikola Šarčević at Conventum, Örebro, Sweden April 12, 2008. image_size 220px birth_date birth_place Örebro, Sweden instrument Vocals, Bass (Bass guitar), Guitar, Piano, Keyboards (Keyboard instrument), Harmonica, Percussion '''Nikola Šarčević''' (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Шарчевић

) (born July 9, 1974, in Örebro, Sweden) is the bass (bass guitar)ist, vocalist (singer), and primary songwriter in the punk rock band Millencolin. He lives in Gothenburg, Sweden with his wife Lisa, and three daughters. DATE OF BIRTH July 9, 1974 PLACE OF BIRTH Örebro, Sweden DATE OF DEATH In 1857 a railroad between Örebro and Arboga was built and a station in Fellingsbro was opened some kilometres east of the parish church

Paradise Valley, Arizona

, are a pair of Regional Mexican outlets serving the Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona) area. The simulcasts, both owned by Univision, operate under the moniker '''"La Nueva 105.9"'''. Biography Raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Cris took up the banjo after seeing ''Deliverance'', moved on to guitar, and ultimately picked up the bass (bass guitar) when he started playing together in bands with his older brother Curt (Curt Kirkwood). In 1980 the brothers and their friend

Derrick Bostrom, a drummer, decided to form a band, which they eventually named the Meat Puppets. Besides playing bass Kirkwood's role in the band grew over the years to include singing and songwriting. Their certified gold album of 1994, ''Too High to Die'', featured two songs written and sung by Cris.

Rainy Lake

, Muskellunge, Crappie, Largemouth (Largemouth bass) and Smallmouth bass, which are all considered excellent freshwater sportfish. Rainy Lake is home to the annual Canadian Bass Championship, which has occurred every summer since 1996. The lake is dotted with many small islands on both the Canadian and American sides; they are the sites of numerous fishing cabins, small fishing resorts, and vacation homes. Fishing tourism is an important part

Merritt, British Columbia

Rally Championship series every October, also the annual winter Thunderbird Rally often begins and ends in Merritt. The Bass Coast Festival held annually on the BC Day weekend and supports electronic music and creative arts draws attendees from all over North America. The annual Labour day Rodeo and Fall Fair are long standing traditions in this ranching valley, drawing participants from all over Canada and the US. Merritt on film Merritt provided the backdrop for the Academy Award

in 2013 (Friday, August 2 to Monday, August 5, 2013), http: www.basscoast.ca schedule Bass Coast Music Festival will be making Merritt, BC its new home (after taking place in Squamish, BC its first four years). http: www.basscoast.ca july-newsletter why-did-bass-coast-festival-move-to-merritt Bass Coast features a wide variety of music "from daytime soul and reggae jams, to live experimental electronic music, house and techno". http

: beatroute.ca 2013 07 03 bass-coast-2013 Sports Merritt is home to the longest continuously run franchise in the British Columbia Hockey League, the Merritt Centennials. The Cents (Merritt Centennials) moved to the Nicola Valley from White Rock (White Rock, British Columbia) midway through the 1973-74 season. The Centennials (Merritt Centennials) play all home games at the city-run Nicola Valley Memorial Arena and their season runs from early September

Amherst, Nova Scotia

Walton - Pembroke (Pembroke, Nova Scotia) - Cambridge (Cambridge, Hants County, Nova Scotia) - Bramber (Bramber, Nova Scotia) - Cheverie (Cheverie, Nova Scotia) - Kempt Shore (Kempt Shore, Nova Scotia) - Summerville (Summerville, Nova Scotia) - Centre Burlington (Centre Burlington, Nova Scotia) - Brooklyn (Brooklyn, Hants County, Nova Scotia) *Glooscap Trail -- Truro (Truro, Nova Scotia) - Onslow (Onslow, Nova Scotia) - Glenholme (Glenholme, Nova Scotia) - Bass

River, Nova Scotia Bass River - Lower Economy (Lower Economy, Nova Scotia) - Five Islands (Five Islands, Nova Scotia) - Parrsboro (Parrsboro, Nova Scotia) - Springhill (Springhill, Nova Scotia) - Amherst (Amherst, Nova Scotia) - Green Oaks (Green Oaks, Nova Scotia) - Beaver Brook (Beaver Brook, Nova Scotia) - Clifton (Clifton, Nova Scotia)- Old Barns (Old Barns, Nova Scotia) - Maitland (Maitland, Nova Scotia)- Selma (Selma, Nova Scotia)- Noel Shore, Nova Scotia Noel Shore

Scotia East Hants towns Amherst (Amherst, Nova Scotia), Springhill (Springhill, Nova Scotia), Stewiacke (Stewiacke, Nova Scotia), Truro (Truro, Nova Scotia) cities From Glenholme, Trunk 2 continues west along the north shore of the Minas Basin through Great Village (Great Village, Nova Scotia), Bass River (Bass River, Nova Scotia), Economy (Economy, Nova Scotia), and Five Islands (Five Islands, Nova Scotia) forming parts of the Glooscap Trail and Fundy Shore

Forest Lake, Minnesota

Census Bureau , the city has a total area of Fishing Forest Lake has a high population of northern pike, largemouth bass

, walleye, and many pan fish (blugill, crappie, and perch). It also holds muskie, while the numbers are relatively low, the average size is becoming quite large, making for a trophy fishery. The city hosts an annual ice fishing tournament known as Fishapalooza. http: www.icefishingforestlake.com home3.shtml Forest Lake was known as the bass capital of Minnesota during the 1960s and 1970s, with the official Minnesota bass opener taking place at Forest Lake several times

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