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OF BIRTH Burnaby, BC (British Columbia), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH ''JPod'' is an avant-garde novel of six young adults, whose last names all begin with the letter 'J' and who are assigned to the same cubicle pod by someone in human resources through a computer glitch, working at Neotronic Arts, a fictional Burnaby-based video game company. Ethan Jarlewski is the novel's main character and narrator, who spends more time involved with his work than with his


unheralded games in the NES library. The retrospective highly praised the its visuals and landscapes, as well as having a "quirky humour" and a "unique charm". It concluded by saying that ''Snake Rattle 'n' Roll'' stands apart from other NES titles, as also did other Rare titles such as ''Cobra Triangle'' and ''R.C. Pro-Am''. ''Wizards & Warriors'' was developed by UK-based video game company Rare Ltd. Rare


Festival. BeyondTV is annual event organised by Undercurrents to showcase the best of activism filmmakers. Swansea has also hosted the annual Swansea Bay Film Festival, where past-winning directors have included Gareth Evans, Anthony James, Alun D Pughe and Andrew Jones (Andrew Jones (filmmaker)). In 2010 Swansea Telly, an internet based video channel for Swansea, launched to showcase videos made by local people. Representation in the media Swansea has been used as a location for films such as ''Only Two Can Play'', Only Two Can Play (1962) ''Submarine (Submarine (2010 film))'' and ''Twin Town'', the TV series ''Mine All Mine'' and in episodes of ''Doctor Who''.

Salt Lake City

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the Super Bowl Village and he made special appearances in the Village during the week of the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Village DATE OF BIRTH 1970-11-18 PLACE OF BIRTH Indianapolis, Indiana, US DATE OF DEATH '''Sunstorm Interactive''' is an Indianapolis-based video game developer founded in 1995 (1995 in videogaming) by Anthony Campiti, which specialized in hunting


-governmental presidents President and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, the North American division of the Japan-based video game company Nintendo.

'''''Snatcher''''' スナッチャー is a cyberpunk-themed graphic adventure game produced by Konami, originally released in Japan for the NEC PC-8801 and MSX 2 computer platforms in 1988. It was followed by a CD-ROM-based remake (video game remake) released for the PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) video game console in 1992, which was subsequently ported and localized into English (English language) for the Mega-CD Sega CD (Mega-CD) in 1994. ''Snatcher'' was the second video

Games Bally Midway to market the game as such in 1992. The game was rereleased in Japan for the two-in-one Sony Playstation game, ''Memorial Series SunSoft Vol.6'', which also included ''Gimmick!'', another SunSoft game which is also known in Europe as ''Mr. Gimmick''. is an Osaka, Japan-based video game development studio with an additional office in Tokyo, Japan. Employing a staff of 218 people, it is known for developing


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:39, 24 Nov 2004 (UTC) is an Osaka, Japan-based video game development studio with an additional office in Tokyo, Japan. Employing a staff of 218 people, it is known for developing such games as the ''Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (series))'' trilogy for the PlayStation 2, and the ''Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog (series))'' games specific to the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS under the guise


game known to be released by Caltron, a Taiwan-based video game company. In Australia, it was published under the title ''Real Players Pack'' by Home Entertainment Suppliers (NES). http


, 2006 location Vienna, Austria key_people '''Rockstar Vienna''' (formerly '''neo Software Produktions GmbH''') was a Vienna, Austria-based developer (Video game developer) of video games, and a sub-division of Rockstar Games. Rockstar Vienna was founded on January 4, 1993, joined Take-Two Interactive in February 2001, and was announced to join Rockstar Games during the tenth anniversary of the company in 2003. ref name "RockstarGamesMerge"

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