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based television

Winkler, Manitoba

: KAOC 105.1 FM (Maverick 105), a country music station in Cavalier (Cavalier, North Dakota) and KYTZ 106.7 FM (Z-106.7, Today's Best Hits), an adult contemporary music station in Walhalla (Walhalla, North Dakota). The former station sells advertisements targeting the Pembina Valley region and maintains an advertising sales office in Morden. Cable television service is provided by Valley Cable Vision. Most Winnipeg-based television (television station) and radio stations can be picked

Serbia and Montenegro

, 2009 WikiPedia:Serbia and Montenegro Dmoz:Regional Europe Serbia and Montenegro

Belleville, Ontario

. The station is also carried in the Thousand Islands region of the North Country (North Country, New York) in the town of Hammond (Hammond (town), New York) (via Citizens Cable TV) as well as in the provinces of Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador. WUHF has been carried on satellite systems since 2001 and it is currently the only Rochester-based television station seen in Canada on the Shaw Direct satellite provider. demo-cd Hastings County, Ontario Hastings


. Television The 1986 television adaptation of Mr Pye by Mervyn Peake and starring Derek Jacobi was filmed on the island. The original short story is also set on Sark. Sark featured in the 6th episode of the fourth series of ''The New Statesman'', ''The Irresistible Rise of Alan B'Stard'' and also in the Jersey-based television detective series ''Bergerac (Bergerac (TV series))''. Part of the seventh episode of the second series of World War II television drama '' Enemy

Burlington, Ontario

based Television station CHCH-TV serves Hamilton, Halton and Niagara (Regional Municipality of Niagara), thus including Burlington. Radio One radio station, FM (FM radio) 107.9 CJXY (CJXY-FM), is licensed to (community of license) Burlington and another, FM 94.7 CHKX (CHKX-FM), to "Hamilton Burlington." Both presently broadcast from studios in Hamilton; CJXY, indeed, brands itself "Hamilton's ONLY Rock Station." Burlington listeners are also served

Oakville, Ontario

His home club is the Burloak Canoe Club in Oakville (Oakville, Ontario), Ontario, Canada. DATE OF BIRTH January 29

Nashua, New Hampshire

serve as the stations for New Hampshire Public Radio. One television station is licensed to Nashua. WYCN-CD, a low power, community-based television station branded as ''tv13 Nashua'', is owned and operated as an independent channel by WBIN-TV located in Derry, New Hampshire. The bulk of programming on WYCN-CD is a rebroadcast of the Family Network. The City of Nashua also provides three channels of PEG Access television. Nashua Government TV can be found on Comcast cable channel 16

Fort Smith, Arkansas

accessdate November 16, 2006 Media As part of the primary Fort Smith metropolitan area, many Fort Smith (Fort Smith, Arkansas) based television stations including KHBS and KFSM (KFSM-TV), whose radio mast is built in Van Buren, provide local news and weather. The city's major newspaper is the ''Van Buren Press Argus-Courier'', however many people also read Fort Smith's ''Southwest Times Record'', as well as the Northwest Edition of the '' Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


including the Battle of Istabulat. After spending a few months in Egypt, it was dispatched to Palestine in March 1918 and took over trenches north of Jaffa. In May 1918, it returned to India. The following year, Nesbitt co-starred with Liam Neeson in the fact-based television film ''Five Minutes of Heaven'' (Oliver Hirschbiegel, 2009). The first part of the film dramatises the real-life murder of Jim Griffin by Alistair Little in 1970s


; expenses when he worked for Abbott years earlier. As Summers' investigation of Oldfield intensified, Oldfield disendorsed Summers a week before the election via telephone and facsimile with no party vote or endorsement of the decision. Oldfield's wrath came during an interview with Summers by a Brisbane-based television network. Summers had been investigating allegations of "missing" One Nation funds allegedly being funneled to Vanuatu, a known tax haven in the South Pacific. Summers

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