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Espanola, Ontario

in repeats, both in Canada and internationally — in Canada, the show had been seen on DejaView, and is currently seen on Silver Screen Classics without commercial breaks, in Australia, the Canada-based series was the last program to be screened on GEM (GEM (Australian TV channel)) at its 5am timeslot before being cut into the Nine Network's primary channel signal (Nine Network) for the Today Show (Today (Australia)). The show was very popular in Canada and technically never cancelled or axed, but no further episodes were produced. On May 20, 2010, Haliburton applied to the CRTC to acquire CJJM-FM in Espanola, Ontario, which was owned by Joco Communications and received approval on August 12, 2010. Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2010-565 Formerly branded as Joco Radio, the station was rebranded as Moose FM in September 2010. The company also announced subsequent deals to acquire CJJM's former sister station CFSF-FM in Sturgeon Falls (Sturgeon Falls, Ontario), Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2010-935 as well as CJCS and CHGK-FM in Stratford (Stratford, Ontario); these transactions were approved by the CRTC on February 21, 2011. "Haliburton Broadcasting Group Inc. buys three Ontario radio stations". Canadian Press, September 17, 2010. Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-110 Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-111 * Elliot Lake - CKNR-FM * Espanola (Espanola, Ontario) - CJJM-FM * Fort Erie (Fort Erie, Ontario) - CKEY-FM The station first aired in 1967 at AM (AM radio) 1340, and was owned by Algonquin Broadcasting. CKNR had two sister stations, AM 930 '''CKNS (CKNS (AM))''' in Espanola (Espanola, Ontario) (established in 1976) and AM 730 '''CJNR (CJNR (AM))''' in Blind River (Blind River, Ontario) (actually the oldest of the three, first established in 1958.) Huron Broadcasting acquired the stations in 1976. cities Owen Sound (Owen Sound, Ontario), Guelph (Guelph, Ontario), Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), Haldimand (Haldimand County, Ontario) towns Espanola (Espanola, Ontario), Fergus (Fergus, Ontario), Hagersville (Hagersville, Ontario), Mount Forest (Mount Forest, Ontario), Port Dover (Port Dover, Ontario), Wiarton (Wiarton, Ontario) browse * the call sign of a defunct AM radio station in Espanola (Espanola, Ontario), Ontario, later superseded by CKNR-FM, * the original call sign of CKJN-FM in Caledonia (Caledonia, Ontario), Ontario. - Espanola (Espanola, Ontario) Bernie Gagnon (X) (acc.) - Coil steel manufactured by Algoma Steel (Essar Steel Algoma) in Sault Ste. Marie and freight from the Domtar paper mill at Espanola (Espanola, Ontario) account for 80% of freight traffic , although pulpwood, chemicals used by the steel industry, slab steel, paper, and miscellaneous goods are also carried. The railway handled 23,000 carloads a year. Pte. David Byers, 22, of Espanola, Ontario (w:Espanola, Ontario) was identified after a suicide bomber attacked the soldiers in Kandahar. On Tuesday, the Department of National Defence (w:Department of National Defence (Canada)) said the attack also killed Cpl. Glen Arnold, based in CFB Petawawa (w:CFB Petawawa), northwest of Ottawa; and Cpl. Shane Keating of Saskatoon and Cpl. Keith Morley, based at CFB Shilo (w:CFB Shilo) in Manitoba were also killed.

Monte Carlo

the heights of Monte Carlo; an interesting coincidence to her actual fate in 1982. Monte Carlo was even a location for the late 1960s British London based series ''Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'' where in the eleventh episode of the series, "The Ghost who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo", Mike Pratt (Mike Pratt (actor)), Kenneth Cope and Annette Andre went to Monte Carlo to accompany a highly talented elderly woman to gamble inside the casino and waylay a group of thugs (amongst them Brian Blessed). In 1970, Chevrolet introduced a car called the Chevrolet Monte Carlo which went through six generations of production until 2007. The motor race Monaco World Prix 1 in Monte Carlo also featured in the 2010 film ''Iron Man 2''. Other films such as ''I Spy (I Spy (film))'', Cars 2 and ''Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo (2011 film))'' use the city as a setting. The video game series ''Gran Turismo (Gran Turismo (series))'' often features Monte Carlo as a location, and the Indie (Independent video game development) game "Monaco: What's Yours is Mine" features Monte Carlo as a setting. There are two difficult heists in the endgame that take place in the Casino. The hotel in Monte Carlo, Monaco also made an appearance in the 2012 DreamWorks Animation SKG film ''Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted''. thumb 600px center Panorama Panorama of La Condamine (File:Monaco pano.jpg) and Monte Carlo from the lookout near the Prince's Palace of Monaco in Monaco-Ville. Notable residents *Victoria Azarenka (former World No. 1 tennis player) *Shirley Bassey (singer) *Bono (singer with U2) *Jenson Button (Formula One driver) *Marin Čilić (Croatian tennis player, ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Top 9) *David Coulthard (former Formula One driver) *Novak Djokovic (World No. 1 tennis player) *Grigor Dimitrov (World No. 10 Bulgarian tennis player) *Mohamed Al-Fayed (ex-Harrods owner) http: our-blog monaco-grand-prix famous-people-from-monaco-who-lives-in-monaco *Michele Ferrero (Ferrero SpA owner) *Matthew Goss (professional cyclist) *Philip Green (entrepreneur) *Stelios Haji-Ioannou (owner of easyJet) *Lewis Hamilton (Formula One driver) *Justin Hayward (singer with Moody Blues) *Mick Hucknall (singer with Simply Red) *Robert Kubica (former Formula One driver) http: kat,1775,title,Kubica-oszczedza-bo-mieszka-w-Monte-Carlo,wid,14386986,wiadomosc.html?ticaid 1103fd&_ticrsn 3 *Gina Lollobrigida (actress) Formula One looks set to enter an era of standardised engines. The FIA (w:FIA) is meeting with teams in Monte Carlo (w:Monte Carlo) and is expected to approve the use by some teams of a standardised power unit provided by Cosworth (w:Cosworth), an automotive engineering company, from 2010 onwards. The move to a standard engine, which is common in lower tiers of open wheeled racing such as GP2 (w:GP2 Series), was pushed for by FIA President Max Mosley (w:Max Mosley) earlier this year as he aims to reduce team costs. This would not see the exclusion of manufacturer made engines, as at this time participation in the system would be voluntary and teams would be free to build licensed Cosworth engines or their own powerplants but on a performance par with the Cosworth unit. Mosley has stated that stabilising Formula One means that the FIA "...must stabilize the system with a base engine which anyone can have and which is inexpensive, as well as a standard gearbox" and has warned of future budget problems, saying that "Honda pulled out because of falling car sales and there is no guarantee that these falling sales, which affect all manufacturers, will not drop further". thumb left Circuit de Monaco (File:Circuit_Monaco.svg) Brawn (w:Brawn GP) Mercedes (w:Mercedes-Benz in motorsport) driver Jenson Button (w:Jenson Button) won today's FIA (w:Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) Formula One (w:Formula One) 2009 (w:2009 Monaco Grand Prix) Grand Prix de Monaco (w:Monaco Grand Prix) on the Circuit de Monaco (w:Circuit de Monaco) at Monte Carlo (w:Monte Carlo), Monaco. This became his fifth win this season (w:2009 Formula One season).

Puerto Rico

was controversial because it confronted many Puerto Rican stereotypes head-on. It also provided Logroño with a vehicle to bring in many taboo topics in subtext, a technique that he personally credits Bill Cosby with teaching him when Cosby developed a pilot for a Latino-based series in American television that did not evolve into a series. The '''todies''' are a family (family (biology)), '''Todidae''', of Caribbean birds in the order Coraciiformes, which also includes


the flamboyant but vicious gang boss Malleson in the off-beat BBC Birmingham-based series ''Gangsters (Gangsters (TV series))'' from 1975 to 1978. He played Louis St John in 4 episodes of I Didn't Know You Cared, 1976-78. A later starring role was alongside Philip Whitchurch in the mid-1980s ITV comedy series 'The Brothers McGregor'. DATE OF BIRTH 18 March 1951 PLACE OF BIRTH Liverpool, Lancashire, England DATE OF DEATH '''St John's Gardens


been his portrayal of Fred, the husband of Jackie Harris (Laurie Metcalf) on the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) series ''Roseanne (Roseanne (TV series))''. O'Keefe appeared on the show from 1993 to 1995. After leaving the series, O'Keefe played the husband in the series ''Life's Work'', which aired after ''Roseanne'' in its final season. Additional television credits include the lead role of Simon MacHeath in the short lived Boston-based series ''Against the Law (Against the Law (TV series))'' and guest appearances on ''Saving Grace (Saving Grace (TV series))'', ''The West Wing (The West Wing (TV series))'', ''Criminal Minds'', ''Law & Order'', ''Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'', ''Law & Order: Criminal Intent'', ''House MD'', ''M*A*S*H (M*A*S*H (TV series))'', ''Ghost Whisperer'', "Brothers and Sisters", ''Leverage (Leverage (TV series))'', and ''The Waltons''. Born in Montreal, Papineau-Couture is the grandson of conductor and composer Guillaume Couture (Guillaume Couture (musician)). As a child he studied piano with his mother. He first studied privately in Montreal with Gabriel Cusson before entering the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf where he received a Bachelor of Arts in 1937. He then attended the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston where he received a Bachelor of Music in 1941. He studied with Nadia Boulanger at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts. * Channel 149 on the Dish Network (List of Dish Network channels) is the Fox Soccer Channel * Channel 149 on Sirius Satellite Radio (List of Sirius Satellite Radio stations) is for Boston and Philadelphia weather The '''history of Boston''' plays a central role in the American history (history of the United States). In 1630, Puritan colonists from England founded the city, which quickly became the political, commercial, financial, religious, and educational center of the New England region. The American Revolution erupted in Boston, as the British retaliated harshly for the Boston Tea Party and the patriots fought back. They besieged the British in the city, with a famous battle at Bunker Hill (Battle of Bunker Hill) and won the Siege of Boston, forcing the British to retreat. However, the British blockade of the port seriously damaged the economy, and the population fell by two thirds in the 1770s. The city recovered after 1800, becoming the transportation hub for the New England region with its network of railroads, and even more important, the intellectual, educational and medical center of the nation. Along with New York, Boston was the financial center of the United States in the 19th century, and was especially important in funding railroads nationwide. In the Civil War era, it was the base for many anti-slavery activities. In the 19th century the city was dominated by an elite known as the Boston Brahmins. They faced the political challenge coming from waves of Catholic immigrants. The Irish Catholics, typified by the Kennedy Family, wrested the political control of the city by 1900. The industrial foundation of the region, financed by Boston, reached its peak around 1950; thereafter thousands of textile mills and other factories were closed down. By the 21st century the city's economy had recovered and was centered on world-famous education, medicine, and high technology—notably biotechnology, while the many surrounding towns became highly attractive residential suburbs. - 43. commons:Boston


in October 2011 was 155 people imprisoned per 100,000 residents; Internal Centre for Prison Studies http: info worldbrief wpb_country.php?country 169 the rate for Norway in May 2010 was 71 inmates per 100,000; Prison Brief for Norway. Netherlands in April 2010 was 94 per 100,000; Prison Brief for Netherlands. Australia in June 2010 was 133 per 100,000; Prison Brief for Australia. and New Zealand in October 2010 was 203 per 100,000. Prison Brief for New Zealand. In late 1520, Gustav Vasa stopped in Mora, in order to organize a rebellion against the Danish troops which occupied Sweden. The citizens of Mora first declined to help Gustav Vasa, but later changed their minds and sought Gustav Vasa when he was about to cross the Norwegian (Norway) border. According to the legend two men from Mora (Lars Jakobsson and Engelbrekt Jonsson) caught up with Gustav Vasa in Sälen and told him his people would now fight with him. The rebellion


which ran for over 20 years. The Unit also collaborated with Gerald Durrell on several films of his animal-collecting expeditions, beginning with the studio-based series 'To Bafut for Beef' (April 1958), using African footage shot by Durrell. In 1926, he moved to London, with his first major role being in a production of ''Romeo and Juliet'' at the Strand Theatre (Novello Theatre). He had particular success with the lead role of Stanhope

;. '''''Globe Trekker''''' (sometimes called '''''Pilot Guides''''' in Australia, Thailand, and Canada, and originally broadcast as '''''Lonely Planet''''') is an adventure tourism (Adventure travel) television series produced by Pilot Productions. The British-based (United Kingdom) series was inspired by the Lonely Planet travelbooks and began airing in 1994. ''Globe Trekker'' is broadcast in over 40 countries across six continents. The university has joint co-operative


tourism television series produced by Pilot Productions. The British-based (United Kingdom) series was inspired by the Lonely Planet travelbooks and began airing in 1994. ''Globe Trekker'' is broadcast in over 40 countries across six continents. '''The Source''' ( ), (legal name '''The Source (Bell) Electronics Inc.''') formerly known as RadioShack (RadioShack#Operations in Canada) and later '''The Source by Circuit City''', is a Canadian electronics

United States

) tackles for losses, 11.5 sacks (Quarterback sack) and four fumble recoveries on defense. The communication studies major was also one of the nation's top basketball prospects. The show was patterned after American (United States) reality-based series, such as Survivor (Survivor (TV series)), Amazing Race, and Fear Factor. ''Extra Challenge'', however, offers a distinctly Filipino (Filipino people) style to entice and entertain local viewers. Also, majority

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