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Little Havana

Years After , co-sponsored by the University of Havana and the US-based National Security Archive. NSA press release, 23 March 2001 Bay of Pigs: 40 Years After The '''Orange Bowl''', formerly '''Burdine Stadium''', was an outdoor athletic stadium in Miami, Florida, west of downtown (Downtown Miami) in Little Havana. Considered a landmark, it was the home stadium for the Miami Hurricanes football Miami


received by Otpor. Paul B. McCarthy from the Washington (Washington, D.C.)-based NED (National Endowment for Democracy) stated that Otpor received the majority of US$3 million spent by NED in Serbia from September 1998 until October 2000. At the same time, McCarthy himself held a series of meetings with Otpor's leaders in Podgorica, as well as Szeged and Budapest. Rail The length of railways was of 641 kilometres in 2001 (32% electrified) and the most important lines in the county are between Budapest and Szeged and the route of the international express trains crossing Hungary in northwestern-southeastern direction leading to Belgrade. In addition to the main and secondary lines, there are a number of narrow gauge tracks for 'nostalgia trains' which operate as tourist attractions. (6) Arad West Interchange - Nădlac, Szeged (Hungary) 30px (Image:Tabliczka RO A1.svg) 30px (Image:m43 autopalya.png) Kecskemét lies halfway between the capital Budapest and the country's third-largest city, Szeged, 86 kilometres from both of them and almost equal distance from the two big rivers of the country, the Danube and the Tisza. It is the northern of two centres of the Hungarian Southern Great Plain (Hungarian: Del-Alföld) region (comprising the three counties Bács-Kiskun, Békés (Békés county) and Csongrád (Csongrád county)); the southern centre is Szeged, the seat of Csongrád county. group2 Urban counties list2 Békéscsaba WikiPedia:Szeged Commons:Szeged


; ref :** 20 - (Not in use) :** 21 - Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Kolašin :** 22 - Bar, Ulcinj In a November 2000 article from the ''New York Times Magazine'', Times journalist Roger Cohen talked to various officials from US based organizations about the extent of American assistance received by Otpor. Paul B. McCarthy from the Washington (Washington, D.C.)-based NED (National Endowment for Democracy) stated that Otpor received the majority of US$3 million spent by NED in Serbia from September 1998 until October 2000. At the same time, McCarthy himself held a series of meetings with Otpor's leaders in Podgorica, as well as Szeged and Budapest. Zeta–South Sandžak Also known as ''đekavian-ijekavian'', it is a base for the Montenegrin language. It is spoken in eastern Montenegro, in Podgorica and Cetinje, around the city of Novi Pazar in eastern Sandžak in Serbia, and in the one village of Peroj in Istra. The majority of its speakers are Montenegrins, Serbs and Sandžak Bosniaks. Together with the dominant jekavian pronunciation, mixed pronunciations like ''djete–deteta'' (jekavian–ekavian) around Novi Pazar and Bijelo Polje, ''dite–đeteta'' (ikavian–jekavian) around Podgorica and ''dete–đeteta'' (ekavian–jekavian) in the village of Mrkojevići in southern Montenegro. Mrkovići are also characterised by remainings of ''čr'' instead of ''cr'' as in the previously mentioned villages in Podravina. - Montenegro Podgorica '''Crna Gora''' Црна Гора '''Podgorica''' Подгорица Serbian (Serbian language) - stadium Stadion Pod Goricom location Podgorica, Montenegro attendance 6,500 Communist participation in these social and political disturbances the party's gains in many towns and villages during the local elections of March 1920 in Croatia and Montenegro, where Communists won majority in several cities (including big cities like Zagreb, Osijek, Slavonski Brod, Križevci (Križevci, Croatia) and Podgorica) resulted in the anxious government using pressure against the party: it refused to confirm Communist administrations of these districts and imprisoned the party leadership, which however was subsequently released after a hunger strike. These early successes convinced other groups, including Social Democrats in Slovenia, to join the party. The Zeta River Valley, or Bjelopavlići plain, merges in the southeast with the second significant flat lowland in Montenegro, the Zeta plain. Zeta plain stretches north of the Lake Scutari at elevation of WikiPedia:Podgorica Commons:Category:Podgorica Dmoz:Regional Europe Montenegro Localities Podgorica

Northern Cyprus

Cyprus publisher Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation date 14 January 2009 accessdate 25 April 2011 In April 1998, the United Kingdom-based National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns asserted that the Turkish army had carried out a forced migration policy where Kurds were forced to move to Northern Cyprus from the Republic of Turkey, and The Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the United Kingdom in 1999 said that Kurds were not being discriminated against and enjoyed equal political and religious rights to others. International status and foreign relations


was created in his honor soon after his death. The name change also helped to avoid confusion in Ohio with Cleveland-based National City Bank (National City Corp.), though the two would never have any significant overlapping areas except for Citi credit cards being issued in the latter National City territory. (In addition, at the time of the name change to Citicorp, National City of Ohio was mostly a Cleveland-area bank and had not gone on its acquisition spree that it would later go

Browns within the AFC North. (PNC became a sponsor of the Browns after PNC's 2008 acquisition (National City acquisition by PNC) of Cleveland-based National City (National City Corp.), which had a sponsorship deal with the Browns before the deal.) The stadium's name would remain unchanged if M&T Bank merged with Sovereign Bank, as the M&T name would survive. Bartlett died following heart surgery on December 11, 1968 at Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio

article Finance08 idUSTRE4AB9BE20081112 Scotiabank talking to E*Trade on Caribbean , Reuters, November 12, 2008 5:40 pm EST *In October 2008 Scotiabank was considered one of the front-runners to buy Cleveland-based National City Corp. and re-enter the United States market, alongside Pittsburgh-based PNC Financial Services and Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp.


Chairman Academy of Letters and later chairperson of the Islamabad-based National Book Foundation for several years. He has been awarded with numerous national and international awards. DATE OF DEATH 2008-08-25 PLACE OF DEATH Islamabad, Pakistan thumb 250px right View of evening at the Desert's Palace Road, Rahim Yar Khan (Image:MultanEvening.jpg) Rahim Yar Khan is a commercial


of the best freshwater diving sites in the world, right in Nkhata Bay. Eight land-based national parks and wildlife reserves offer all type of safaris in a wide variety of natural wilderness environments. Liwonde National Park, along the Shire River, has hippos (including an albino one!), crocodiles, lions, elephants and even leopards (apparently). The mixed terrain and varied landscapes also provide for excellent outdoor activities, including trekking and mountain biking, particularly in the highland areas. Those seeking cultural experiences are also well served by sites of historical interest and simple village visits to meet the ever-smiling Malawians in their daily life. You can visit the Carlsberg factory in Blantyre, climb Mt. Mulanje (a series of high hills, mountains - making a good trek), drive up or climb Zomba Plateau, go horseback riding in Kande or Nyika, or just relax on the beaches of Cape Maclear. Specialist tours activities include yoga holidays, tea factory tours and art safaris. Pottery classes are available at two centres in Dedza and Nkhotakota. In the summer months of Malawi (September October) there is the Lake of Stars international music festival on the beaches of Sunbird Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi. 2011's festival included Foals, Freshlyground, The Black Missionnaries, Lucius Banda, Beverley Knight and Chris Baio from Vampire Weekend. 2010's festival included The Noisettes, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. and Oliver Mtukudzi. This is a good festival, where you can relax in the sun on the beach having a few drinks and listening to some good music. Camping is the prominent form of accommodation, however many people do chose to stay in Sunbird Nkopola rooms themselves, or in rooms or cottages of nearby lodges. Buy The local currency is the Malawi kwacha, sometimes abbreviated MK, for which the ISO 4217 international currency code is '''MWK'''. The currency is freely convertible (but impossible to get rid of outside the country) and, as of September 2013 (currency pairs marked with an * are updated to February 2015), trades at ''approximately'': :USD1 MWK465* :€1 MWK526* :GBP1 MWK708* :CHF1 MWK349 :CAD1 MWK315 :JPY100 MWK328 :CNY1 MWK53 :ZAR1 MWK33 "Hard" foreign currencies (Forex) will also be accepted by almost everybody, particularly for larger purchases. For the current exchange rate, visit In order to reduce cost of living, xpats living in Malwai could consider specialized FX transfer by companies focusing on global reach such as the ones found at If you bring foreign currency (forex) into the country and break the law by exchanging on the black market - in Lilongwe this is by using the people standing outside Metro (opposite Spar Shoprite), they can give you an extra 40-50 kwacha (use that as a general idea of how much you should get) to the dollar, pound or euro. Get the taxi to stop by here on the drive from the airport! You can swap Malawian kwacha to Zambian kwacha at the border, either at the banks or on the black market too. Larger foreign bills are favoured and can get much higher rates. At times, it can be easier to not even go to the black market and simply make purchases with the foreign currency. '''Credit card''' acceptance is spotty but improving. Visa and MasterCard are accepted by larger hotels, including some ATMs, but you can leave AmEx or anything else at home. ATMs are becoming much more common and can be used at many banks in major cities, though most notably, VISA is the card of choice and many times the only option. '''Travellers' cheques''' can be changed in banks, forex bureaus and in some high-end hotels. The number of hotels accepting payment by travellers' cheque seems to be shrinking. Don't rely on them unless you have spoken to the hotel. Also, banks often want to see your original paperwork from your bank when you purchased the traveller's cheques. Without it, you may not be able to exchange them. US dollars '''cash''' is your best bet, and it gives a better exchange rate. Eat thumb ''Nsima'' with three relishes: rape and peanut (top left), cabbage (bottom left) and ''kapenta'' (bottom right) (Image:Nsima Relishes 2.jpg) Traditional Malawian food revolves around one staple, '''maize''', served in one form, '''''nsima''''' (n'SEE-ma). Nsima is basically a type of thick porridge, rolled into balls with your right hand and dipped into a variety of stews known as '''relishes'''. Those who can afford them eat relishes of beef, chicken or fish, but the many who can't make do with beans, tiny dried fish (''usipa''), pumpkin leaves (''chibwabwa'') and other vegetables. At breakfast, nsima can be served watered down into a soup, maybe with a little sugar. Local restaurants will serve nsima and relish for less than MK500 (US$3). Food options in the major cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre are good. Fast food — to include burgers, pizza, and fried chicken — is very popular in Malawi. For sit-down meals, ethnic eateries (thanks to a significant ex-pat population) are popular. Do note that, in many restaurants, '''pork''' products are not served to accommodate the Muslim population. Outside the larger cities, however, you might be a little underwhelmed with food options. Along the major roadways, you will find "tuck shops" featuring packaged cookies or Take Away Meals — meat pies or sausage rolls, for instance — which may or may not satisfy you. Finally, in terms of '''hygiene''' outside the major cities, you are unlikely to find a proper washroom with running water. You will probably be given a bowl of water, a piece of soap, and a (damp) towel. Therefore, some travellers bring small bottles of anti-bacterial hand soap with them. Drink Tap water in major cities like Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba and Mzuzu is generally safe. Ask at the lodge house you're at. Some travellers with weaker stomachs may be advised to avoid this drinking water. Bottled water is plentiful in all the major shops. Soft drinks A traditional local drink worth trying is '''''maheu''''', a somewhat gritty and vaguely yogurty but refreshing beverage made from maize meal. Factory-produced maheu is sweet, comes in plastic bottles and is available in a variety of flavours including banana, chocolate and orange, while home made versions are usually unflavored and less sweet. The variety of soft drinks in Malawi is very popular - there's Coke, Sprite, Tonic, Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Cherry Plum, Cocopina and the very tasty, sugary Fanta's (coming in Orange, Grape, Exotic, Passion and Pineapple flavours). These are manufactured by SOBO, the glass bottles are on a deposit system. Expect to pay MK25 extra per bottle unless you bring some 'empties' with you. Alcohol The only beers you will generally find are brewed in Blantyre by '''Carlsberg''', and its products are available in restaurants and stores throughout the country. A normal Carlsberg is known as a 'green', but the company also produces Special Brew, Stout, Classic, Elephant, Light and Kuche Kuche. You can also buy imported drinks such as Heineken, Kronenbourg, Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi Breezer and some ciders in certain bars. Malawi also produces its own spirits - notably Malawi Vodka, Malawi Gin, Malawi Rum, Gold Label Brandy and the cane spirit Powers. Malawi Gin & Tonic is a very nice, popular expat drink in the country. Sleep Western-standard hotels can be found in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Zomba and Mzuzu, as well as along the shores of Lake Malawi. The Lake Malawi resort hotels cater primarily to international tourists. There are high-level five-star resort hotels in some rural areas charging western prices. Learn Malawi's largest tertiary education structure at present is the University of Malawi which is made up of Chancellor College located in the heart of Zomba, Blantyre Polytechnic in Chichiri and College of Medicine. Bunda College of Agriculture and Kamuzu College of Nursing are located in Lilongwe. There is also Mzuzu University in the Northern part of Malawi. Stay safe Malawi has been known for years as "The Warm Heart of Africa", and Malawians are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Malawi is not known as a particularly dangerous travel destination for western foreigners and expatriates. Muggings and robberies have occurred in the larger cities, most especially Lilongwe, as well as in some notorious places along the main tourist routes. It is advisable to avoid walking alone at night. If you go out for the evening, make sure you know how you're going back home. Car-jackings happen occasionally so be sure to keep windows shut and doors locked during evening and night journeys (though night driving is not advised - most cars have broken headlights and Malawians tend to walk in the middle of the road at night) and exercise reasonable caution as in any foreign city or rural area. Roads are less safe because many drivers are unlicensed and inexperienced and many vehicles are not inspection-ready; there is also the factor of drunk driving, especially in the evenings, so be cautious. However even half the taxi drivers you will get at night will be drunk... More recently there have been a lot of pickpockets operating in nightclubs and bars. Just exercise caution, don't bring too much money and cameras, etc. 10 beers is no more than MK2500, so don't bring hordes of cash with you. Homosexuality is officially banned by the law, and gay couples should exercise discretion when travelling to Malawi. It took a presidential pardon to release a gay couple recently arrested for homosexuality and sentenced to 14 years of hard labour. Stay healthy As with its neighbouring countries malaria can be a problem. The lake is freshwater and is prone to bilharzia, especially in the Cape Maclear area. Symptoms of bilharzia can take months to surface. If you think you've been exposed to it you can get a very cheap pill from the local pharmacists that will kill it before it even shows its face. It's a good idea to take care of this before leaving Malawi, as it will be much more expensive back home. The adult '''HIV''' prevalence in the country is at '''14%''' or '''1 in 7''' adults. '''Do not have unprotected sex. Do not use injecting drugs.''' Respect Malawi has both patriarchal and matriarchal ethnicities and cultures. In the cities, men tend to be more respected than women, but the reverse might be true in the rural villages depending on ethnicity. Whites tend to be well-respected, a holdover from colonial times, but this is largely a Malawian's way of being courteous. Accept their hospitality. They are an exceptionally friendly people. Malawians, especially those from very rural areas where they don't see many whites, can be quite curious when they do come upon a white traveller. To a Western mindset, this might be interpreted as unnecessarily staring at you or talking about you in front of you. Be prepared to be greeted by kids yelling ''mzungu, mzungu!'' and to answer lots of questions about yourself. Even relatively mundane items like mechanical pencils can draw a crowd of onlookers. Malawians are in general extremely courteous, and a part of that courtesy is shaking hands, speaking softly, and referring to travellers and others with respect. Malawians avoid rudeness. It is common for Malawi men to hold hands when they've gathered together to chat, and this shouldn't be given a sexual interpretation when it is encountered. Culturally, women should not wear shorts or mini-skirts, especially when travelling outside the lodge camp. A woman in shorts or a short skirt is considered to be provocative, as well as rude. Many female visitors wear wraps that are available in the stores and markets of major cities. These are generally made of bright, colored patterns and can be extremely attractive. Low-cut tops on women, while discouraged, are not nearly as provocative. Men in the cities tend to wear slacks and not shorts, as shorts are generally worn only by school-age children, so when a man wears shorts it can be viewed by Malawians as rather silly. Finally, when meeting a Malawian — even to ask a question — you should always say hello and ask how they are. Properly greeting a Malawian is very important. They are uncomfortable with the Western notion of simply "getting to the point." Courtesy is a must, at all times, because not to be courteous is to show disrespect. Connect GSM The countries two man mobile gsm providers are Airtel and TNM. For 3G TNM has better coverage with Airtel only really covering the largest cities. Sim cards are available for 200 MWK. Internet Skyband provide public WiFi hotspots around Airports, Restaurants, Hotels, Conference Areas, Cafe's, Sports Clubs, Bars, Pubs and General Public Areas.s. Credit is purchased with vouchers in denominations of 25MB, 50MB, 100MB, 200MB and 500MB at hotspot locations. The price is high when compared to a data bundle with a mobile provider. Other *Embassy of the Republic of Malawi to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France next * Tanzania * South Luangwa National Park — Kiboko Camp and some other travel agencies run roundtrip safaris from Lilongwe to this fantastic national park in Zambia. * Mozambique Commons:Category:Malawi WikiPedia:Malawi Dmoz:Regional Africa Malawi

Central African Republic

Bozizé's new government a positive image. Bozizé established a broad-based National Transition Council to draft a new constitution and announced that he would step down and run for office once the new constitution was approved. In 2004 the Central African Republic Bush War began as forces opposed to Bozizé took up arms against his government. In May 2005 Bozizé won a presidential election that excluded Patassé and in 2006 fighting continued between the government and the rebels. In November 2006


It continued a campaign of assassinations (Islamic insurgency in Algeria (2002-present)) of police and army personnel in its area, and also managed to expand into the Sahara, where its southern division, led by Amari Saifi (nicknamed "Abderrezak el-Para", the "paratrooper"), kidnapped a number of German tourists in 2003, before being forced to flee to sparsely populated areas of Mali, and later Niger and Chad, where he was captured. By late 2003, the group's founder had been supplanted by the even more radical Nabil Sahraoui, who announced his open support for al-Qaeda, thus strengthening government ties between the U.S. and Algeria. He was reportedly killed shortly afterwards, and was succeeded by Abou Mossaab Abdelouadoud in 2004. New chief for Algeria's Islamists, Arezki Himeur, BBC News, Tuesday, 7 September 2004. Same-sex intercourse officially carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan and Yemen. ILGA:7 countries still put people to death for same-sex acts Homosexuality and Islam – ReligionFacts It formerly carried the death penalty in Afghanistan under the Taliban. The legal situation in the United Arab Emirates is unclear. In other nations, such as Bahrain, Qatar, Algeria and the Maldives, homosexuality is punished with jail time, fines, or corporal punishment. In some Muslim-majority nations, such as Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia or Mali, same-sex intercourse is not specifically forbidden by law. In Egypt, openly gay men have been prosecuted under general public morality laws. ''See: Cairo 52.'' *Objects in the Dallas Museum of Art’s highly regarded '''African collection''' come from West Africa and Central Africa.The objects date primarily from the 16th to the 20th centuries, although the earliest object is a Nok terracotta bust from Nigeria that dates from somewhere between 200 BC to 200 AD. Some works in the collection were created as symbols of leadership and status, while others express concepts related to the cycle of life. Highlights of the collection include a Benin plaque of copper alloy over wood depicting a warrior chief, a carved wood Senufo rhythm pounder from southeastern Mali, and a Congo (Kingdom of Kongo) standing power figure studded with ritually embedded iron nails or blades. '''Jean Amadou Tigana''' (born 23 June 1955 in Bamako, Mali, previously named French Sudan) is a former French international footballer (List of France international footballers), having played in midfield and managed professional football extensively throughout France, including 52 appearances and 1 goal for the France national football team during the 1980s. He is currently coaching Chinese Super League outfit Shanghai Shenhua (Shanghai Shenhua F.C.). * 5 May - Bill Clinton, President of the United States, announces the doubling of $600 million United States assistance to South Africa over the next 3 years * 6 May - South Africa establishes diplomatic relations with Ghana, Mali and Senegal * 10 May Nelson Mandela is sworn in as the first post-apartheid President of South Africa and FW de Klerk (Frederik Willem de Klerk) and Thabo Mbeki become joint deputy presidents '''Mandé''' or '''Manden''' is a large group of related ethnic groups in West Africa who speak any of the many Mande languages spread throughout the region. Various Mandé groups are found in Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Chad, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. The Mandé languages belong to a divergent branch of the Niger–Congo family (Niger–Congo languages), and are divided into two primary groups: ''East Mandé'' and ''West Mandé''. The Mandé (Manding) peoples and the Akan people share a long history of trade and many similar cultural elements. *Manding (whose languages are in the Manding languages group) **Mandinka people (''Mali, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea'') **Malinke people (''Guinea, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone'') Economy Labé is an important commercial centre in the region, arising out of its strategic geographical position between several other countries. Traders from nearby regions such as Tougué, Koubia and Lélouma and other countries including Mali, Senegal, the Gambia and Sierra Leone gather in Labé. Its Kouroula market is the second largest in the country after the Madina in Conakry. '''Mali''', often known as '''Mali-ville''' to distinguish it from the country of Mali, is a town in northern Guinea on the edge of the Tamgué Massif. Population 4,798 (2008 est). World Gazetteer, Retrieved on June 16, 2008 date 1990-1995 place Northern Mali and Niger territory 180px right thumb Areas where significant numbers of Tuaregs live (Image:Tuareg area.png) The '''Tuareg rebellion (1990–1995)''' was an uprising (Rebellion) by various Tuareg (Taureg people) groups in Niger and Mali with the aim of achieving autonomy (Autonomous entity) or forming their own nation-state. The insurgency occurred in a period

Memphis, Tennessee

building in Tampa, Florida The company bought Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee)-based National Commerce Financial Corporation (NCF) for $7 billion in 2004. The bank operated as National Bank of Commerce in South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia and West Virginia and as Central Carolina Bank and Trust in North Carolina. This acquisition allowed SunTrust to enter North Carolina and West Virginia for the first time, and substantially increased its

Philadelphia publisher Jewish Publication Society of America year 1951 page 154 oclc 761780 Early years WSMV began broadcasting as '''WSM-TV''' on September 30, 1950 at 1:10 p.m. It was Nashville's first television station and the second in Tennessee, behind WMCT (now WMC-TV, also an NBC affiliate) in Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee). It was owned by the locally-based National Life and Accident Insurance Company along with WSM radio (650 AM (WSM (AM)) & 95.5 FM (WSM-FM)); the AM station is renowned for broadcasts of the country music show "The Grand Ole Opry," which has been heard since 1925. The stations took its callsign from their parent's slogan, "'''W'''e '''S'''hield '''M'''illions." In 2003, Tim Rutili, Ben Massarella and Jim Becker collaborated with Ottawa musician Miche Jetté (Flecton), to record five of his songs for an independent mini-disc. This recording would later be released properly in 2005 as the first side of Jette's debut solo album (under his stage name Flecton), for the Canadian label, Kelp Records. The latter half Flecton's ''Never Took a Wife'' was recorded with Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee) indie rockers, the Grifters (Grifters (band)). Six people, including two children, were found dead in a Memphis (w:Memphis, Tennessee), Tennessee home in the United States on Monday. Three wounded children were also found at the scene, a 7-year-old boy, a 10-month-old girl and a 4-year-old whose gender was not reported, were sent to Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center (w:Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center). Two were last reported in very critical condition, while the other was in serious condition.

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