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0 Geographically, it starts in the Norrbotten County, also known as the Swedish Lappland province where it drains the lakes Hornavan, Uddjaur and Storavan near Arjeplog; then goes south-east into Västerbotten County, passing through the town Skellefteå (which has given it its name), and finally discharging in the Gulf of Bothnia, in the Västerbotten province. All albums, except ''89'' and ''Monty Python'', are released on Skellefteå-based

independent label A West Side Fabrication. '''Joakim "Jocke" Nyström''' (born 20 February 1963 in Skellefteå, Sweden) is a former top ten ranked tennis player from Sweden who won thirteen singles titles during his professional career. The right-hander reached his highest singles ranking on the ATP Tour on 31 March 1986, when he was ranked World No. 7 and was also ranked as high as World No. 4 in doubles that same year. Popularity Max was the first hamburger restaurant

Olympia, Washington

history subpopUSA Sub Pop USA - The original articles by Bruce Pavitt from the Sub Pop website On June 27, Olympia, Washington–based independent label K Records released Beck's third album of 1994, ''One Foot in the Grave (One Foot in the Grave (album))''. The recording featured a number of notable musicians from the independent music scene, including Beat Happening's Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson (musician)), The Presidents of the United States of America's Chris

archivedate 2008-12-18 Olympia, Washington based independent record label, formed as a spin-off from the Kill Rock Stars label in 1997 (1997 in music). Before its dormancy, it had become a premier label for experimental rock bands. Anna Goodling grew up in Cottage Grove, Oregon, but spent much of her time in Portland (Portland, Oregon) and the surrounding areas. In the mid-1990s, she changed her name to Rickey Lime (a pun on the cocktail called

Greater Sudbury

-FM CHYK in Timmins, both owned by Le5 Communications, are the others. thumb 300px Miriam Linna drums during a July 7, 2007 recording session. (Image:miriam with drums.jpg) '''Miriam Linna''' (b. Sudbury (Greater Sudbury), Ontario) has run the Brooklyn-based independent record label Norton Records since 1986 with her husband—the producer and singer-songwriter Billy Miller. Her skill as a drummer earned her a "May I recommend?" nod from Bob Dylan on his

Austin, Texas

June 17, 1952 PLACE OF BIRTH Austin (Austin, Texas), Texas, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH '''Post-Parlo''' is an Austin, Texas based independent record label known for their Home Series, which has featured a split EP (Extended play) with Andrew Kenny (Andrew Kenny (singer)) (of The American Analog Set) and Benjamin Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service) as well as a one

, Minneapolis (Host: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) He played at the 2006 and 2008 South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas and is currently signed to Seattle-based indie (independent record label) label Barsuk Records in the States (United States), and Manchester label My Dad Recordings in the UK. SXSW On Monday, March 13, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales were the joint keynote speakers

. Signed to New York-based independent label Razor & Tie, the group released debut album ''Age of Winters'' in 2006, which was largely written by Cronise prior to the band's formation. The band's second album, ''Gods of the Earth'', was released two years later and gave the group its first ''Billboard'' 200 (Billboard 200) chart entry. ''Warp Riders'', a concept album centered on an original science fiction narrative, was released in August 2010. * '' The Brackett

Montgomery, Alabama

needed date November 2011 '''DCide''' is a privately held, DC based independent record label. The label was started in summer of 1995 by founding partners Jeffrey B. Clyburn, Burton Gray and Mark Thorp. Their first act Nothingface sold over 500,000 records worldwide and is widely recognized as one of the standard-bearers for the new metal genre. In 2002, DCide


in December 2004. and director of the Institute of Race Relations, a London-based independent educational charity.


Discography Hint's debut release, ''The Beau Selectah'' EP was released on the Deep Water Recordings label, based in Leicester. Subsequent EPs and his debut album ''Portakabin Fever'' were released by Bristol-based independent record label Hombré Recordings, in association with Ninja Tune. After a break from releasing records, he returned with ''The Tremmuh'' and ''At The Dance'' EPs, on Tru Thoughts. The album ''Driven From

Oklahoma City

became an NBC affiliate in 1998 and launched an ABC affiliated digital subchannel (KTEN-DT3) on May 9, 2010. '''Devon Energy Corporation''' ( ), is among the largest U.S.-based independent natural gas and oil producers. Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the company's operations are focused on North American onshore exploration and production. Devon is one of North America’s larger processors of natural gas liquids and owns natural gas pipelines and treatment


-spseth0419,0,2564246.story?coll ny-main-breakingnewslinks "Va. Tech coach experiences sense of family" , ''Newsday'', April 18, 2007. Accessed May 7, 2007. "Greenberg, a graduate of Plain.view JFK High School and Fairleigh Dickinson University, was drawn into the situation almost as soon as he walked into his office Monday morning." The group released their debut album ''Take-Offs and Landings'' under Seattle-based independent label Barsuk Records in 2001.<

2008621043_viaduct13m.html work The Seattle Times date January 13, 2009 accessdate January 13, 2009 The tunnel would have a south portal in SoDo (SoDo, Seattle, Washington), near CenturyLink Field, and a north portal near Thomas Street, north of the Battery Street Tunnel. Chin Music is the name of Seattle and Tokyo based independent publishers, Chin Music Press. bus routes In addition to local service, Community Transit also

and Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia). The station currently broadcasts in standard definition. '''Up Records''' is a Seattle based independent record label founded in 1994 (1994 in music) by Chris Takino and Rich Jensen. The band recorded (sound recording and reproduction) a single for the Seattle based label (record label) Sub Pop, but S*M*A*S*H remained virtually unknown outside the UK, despite a whistle-stop tour of the United States and support slots

Portland, Oregon

with the Portland, Oregon-based independent record label Rise Records. Insinuating about the band's previous dispute with its former label Trustkill, Schieppati said, "We're very excited to align with a record label that has so much momentum and is growing when many seem to be faltering, dropping bands and firing employees."

UC alumni currently or recently on Broadway work UC Magazine publisher University of Cincinnati At CCM she was roommates with Kristy Cates, a fellow ''Wicked (Wicked (musical))'' alum. '''''Scott Pilgrim''''' is a series of graphic stories by Bryan Lee O'Malley. It consists of six digest size black-and-white volumes, released between August 2004 and July 2010, by Portland (Portland, Oregon)-based independent comic book publisher Oni Press

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