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Van Nuys, Los Angeles

, such as "In Bloom" and "Breed", had been in Nirvana's repertoire for years, while others, including "On a Plain" and "Stay Away," lacked finished lyrics until mid-way through the recording process. Azerrad, 1994. p. 176–77 After the recording sessions were completed, Vig and the band set out to mix the album. However, the recording sessions had run behind schedule and the resulting mixes were deemed unsatisfactory. Slayer mixer Andy Wallace (Andy Wallace (producer)) was brought in to create the final mix. After the album's release, members of Nirvana expressed dissatisfaction with the polished sound the mixer had given ''Nevermind''. Azerrad, 1994. p. 179–80 Production In 1975, Lucas founded the visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) after discovering that 20th Century Fox's visual effects department had been disbanded. ILM began its work on ''Star Wars'' in a warehouse in Van Nuys, California (Van Nuys, Los Angeles). Most of the visual effects used motion control photography, which creates the illusion of size by employing small models and slowly moving cameras. Model spaceships were constructed on the basis of drawings by Joe Johnston, input from Lucas, and paintings by McQuarrie. Lucas opted to abandon the traditional sleekness of science fiction by creating a "used universe" in which all devices, ships, and buildings looked aged and dirty. It is named after adjacent Woodley Avenue, which travels north-south and crosses the east-west busway route. The station is in the Van Nuys (Van Nuys, Los Angeles) district of Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley.

Olympia, Washington

1340 (Tumwater (Tumwater, Washington) being its actual city of license), and on the Internet at http: On July 25, 2006, Olympia (Olympia, Washington)-based label Kill Rock Stars rereleased ''Little by Little...'' with a slightly altered track listing (songs on the bonus disc and main album swapped places). This release was much more widely available, and the band set out on its first national tour in five years in support of the album. On October 10, 2006, Barsuk Records released "Little Round Mirrors" as a maxi-single EP (Extended play) with four B-sides. The Washington State Legislature first established a state-maintained highway on a section of present-day SR 523 in 1937, with the establishment of headquarters 3000 Pacific Avenue S.E. Olympia (Olympia, Washington), Washington (Washington (U.S. state)), United States latd latm lats latNS - 195 align "left" Olympia (Olympia, Washington)-Lacey (Lacey, Washington), WA UA 143,826 238.1 91.9 603.9 1564.2 -

Republika Srpska

, and worked with the group on the release of ''Ja eventualno bih ako njega eliminišete'' in 1995. The band set off on a previously arranged tour of Slovenia and, having returned, started working a new album, entitled ''Druga liga zapad'' (''Second League West''), released by Hi-Fi Centar. The album, produced by Marinko Vukomanović, featured cover versions of Paraf song "Narodna pjesma" ("Folk Song") and The Clash single "Tommy Gun (Tommy Gun (song))", with lyrics in Serbian language entitled "Tomi Gan", and miniatures "Atheist Rap II" and "Atheist hor" ("Atheist Choir"), dedicated to the deceased basist Zarić. Bosanska Krupa is located on the border within the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina adjacent to the municipalities of Bužim, Cazin, Bihać, Bosanski Petrovac, Sanski Most, and Krupa na Uni. The last mentioned municipality is part of the Republika Srpska and was part of the Bosanska Krupa municipality before the Bosnian war, but after the Dayton agreements it became separate municipality. The EUFOR assumed all the missions of the SFOR, except for the hunt for individuals indicted by the war criminals tribunal, notably Radovan Karadžić, former leader of Republika Srpska, and Ratko Mladić, their former military leader, which remained a mission for NATO through NATO Headquarters Sarajevo. http: NHQSA index.htm The EUFOR does have police duties against organised crime, which is believed to be linked to suspected war criminals. * In '''Belgium''', the Flemish Region has an exclave, the municipality of Voeren (Fourons), whereas Wallonia also has an exclave, the municipality of Comines-Warneton (Komen-Waasten). The territory of the German-speaking Community of Belgium is also composed of two parts separated by a part of the French Community (French Community of Belgium). Apart from Baarle-Hertog, there are two municipalities consisting of non-contiguous parts: Ixelles Elsene (Ixelles) in the Brussels Capital Region and Mesen in West-Flanders. * In '''Bosnia and Herzegovina''', Posavina Canton is part of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina situated between Republika Srpska and Croatia. In this canton, Orašje is adjacent to Brčko District, which belongs to both entities, but Odžak is a true exclave. * In '''Brazil''': Residents of Gorazde try to maintain life in the town, now sieged by Serb-dominated areas of Republika Srpska. They suffer from destruction of basic infrastructures, shortage of utilities such as electricity, and hunger. Food supplies airlifted by U.S. C-130s flown from Germany help relieve food shortages, but Bosniaks have to risk their lives in the long winter trail to reach the airdropped packages.

Nassau, Bahamas

been Drew (engineer at Sarm West Studio) and embarked on a supporting tour (A Matter of Life and Death Tour). In 2008 and 2009, the band set out on the Somewhere Back in Time World Tour, The island is less than a mile (around one kilometer) wide from east to west and less than a 200 yards (meters) from north to south. The east end is the center of recreational activities with beaches fronting a coral basin where manatee, rays (Batoidea), and numerous fish can be seen. There is a rocky inlet on the north side of the island large enough for the tenders (Ship's tender) to operate from. Nature trails run the entire length and width of the island.


the World Championship in 1997.

, lifting 182.5 kg in total.


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article 65117 title Neo-Nazi Band Set To Play Amid Protests publisher New York Sun date October 24, 2007 first last accessdate 2007-10-17 These lobby groups called on the Archdiocese of New York to stop the show, but this failed as the diocese found no evidence that the group promotes Nazism. N.Y. Archdiocese sees no Nazi evidence in Croat rock

generation Canadian. An ancestor of his had emigrated to New France from Brittany in 1705. With the addition of Kevin McManus, 1996 became a banner year for Dahlia Seed. "Survived By" was released in the spring to much praise, and critical acclaim, and shortly after that the band set out on a very successful U.S. tour. Upon return from the tour, the members of Dahlia Seed decided that it was time to call it quits, and finished up their run in August 1996, with a sold out farewell show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey Some reports had fans as far away as Toronto, and Chicago making the trip for the show, only to be turned away at the door. In 1999, Dahlia Seed's parting shot to the world was the release of "Please Excuse All The Blood". This CD was a posthumous release that compiled all the singles, comp tracks, and unreleased material that Dahlia Seed had left scattered about during their four years, including the last three recordings Dahlia Seed did, (with Alap Momin of Dalek fame), before their break-up. The songs "Standing 8 Count", "Greg Leto's Tears", and a cover (cover version) of VoiVod's "Missing Sequences" are considered by fans to be some of the band's best work, and serve as a lament to what the future might have held for the band. '''Peter Appleyard''', Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto


became a member of AGT in 1999, when, during a weekend of gigs in New York, the band's van broke down and Mark offered them transportation on the condition that he be allowed to join the band. The group accepted and Mark took up dual vocal duties, with both he and founding member Bryan singing during live shows. In 2000, the band set out on an East Coast tour with the short-lived Boston-based hardcore band The Statistics. However, The Statistics left the tour after only two shows, leaving AGT to finish the remaining dates on their own. The band also recorded the ''In The Red'' EP this year, and ''Until We Die'' was released on GMM Records. The band also set out on its first national tour with Awkward Thought. This tour was also joined, at points, by The Krays, Truents, Toxic Narcotic, and The Flatliners. death_date commons:Boston


(Church Point) in Nova Scotia, Canada. It and the Université de Moncton in New Brunswick are the only French-language universities in the Maritime Provinces. '''''Sings Reign Rebuilder''''' was the debut album of the Canadian (Canada) band Set Fire to Flames. It was released by Alien8 Recordings, FatCat Records in 2001. An underlying concept in the work is the lyingdyingwonderbody, which consist of spoken word passages dealing with theoretical and political

brought the tour to a halt somewhere in the mid-west (Midwestern United States) of America. Dahlia Seed returned home to re-group, and added new guitarist Kevin McManus. With the addition of Kevin McManus, 1996 became a banner year for Dahlia Seed. "Survived By" was released in the spring to much praise, and critical acclaim, and shortly after that the band set out on a very successful U.S. tour. The '''history of the National Hockey League''' begins with the end

Mt. Zion'''. Since inception, the group has undergone almost yearly personnel changes. The band currently has five members following the resignation of three in late 2008. After a break due to Godspeed You! Black Emperor activities, the band set out on its second tour in 2004. Starting with a brief Canadian (Canada) tour at end of January, they then headed out for another long string of European dates from mid-February through the end of March. They headed across

South Africa

'''1''' – 0 1–0 2010 FIFA World Cup Final - Since 2001, he has directed over two dozen television commercials, and worked on a feature-length film as a producer, In the same year, he began long-term cooperation with the mobile operator Orange SA (Orange (telecommunications)). For Orange Slovakia, he created their entire re-branding campaign in South Africa. In 2002, he placed among the bestselling Czech authors at Paris Photo in the Louvre, where he represented the Leica Gallery Prague. He also won a tender to be the photographer for the commercial television station TV Nova (Nova (Czech TV)), after which he created the photographic

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