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, such as an honor guard, a military orchestra (Military band) and a honorary rifle salute (3-volley salute). The funeral, which was broadcast by the national Macedonian TV (Macedonian Radio-Television) was attended by many domestic and foreign delegations, including the President (President of the Republic of Macedonia) Branko Crvenkovski, the Prime Minister (Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia) Nikola Gruevski, members of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia


''Sillanpään marssilaulu'' (sound clip, 30 seconds, 369 kB, MP3) presented by Karjalan Sotilassoittokunta (Karelia Military Band (Military band)) and Joensuun Mieslaulajat (Joensuu Male Choir) in the military music homepage of Finnish Defence Forces *Lyrics of Sillanpään marssilaulu (Finnish and English) The constituency is largely rural, centred around the city of Joensuu

Burlington, Vermont

he organized, with much coaxing from the citizens of Burlington (Burlington, Vermont), Sherman's Military Band (Burlington Concert Band), made up of musicians from the dormant Queen City Band. This band came to be well known all over the East as one of the finest touring Military Bands (Marching Band). '''The Cancer Conspiracy''' was a progressive rock group from Burlington, Vermont featuring guitarist Daryl Rabidoux, drummer keyboardist saxophonist Greg Beadle, and bassist Brent Frattini. Rabidoux and Beadle were veterans of the local hardcore (Hardcore punk) scene, and had broken away from their respective bands out of a need to try something new musically. Their initial plans were to find a vocalist and bassist, but after recruiting Frattini, decided to remain an instrumental trio. birth_date


% of commercial shipping operating in Ottoman waters. Not all regions benefited from steam ships as rerouting meant trade from Iran, Iraq and Arabia now did not need to go through Istanbul, Aleppo, and even Beirut, leading to losses in these territories. Quataert (2004) (#Quataert04), p. 302; Quataert (2000) (#Quataert00), pp. 116–118. thumb 220px right Military band Military band parade (Image:Proclamation of King Faisal I as King of Syria.jpg) in Aleppo


during 1997 -1998. '''Ole Olsen''' (4 July 1850 - 4 November 1927) was a Norwegian (Norway) organist, composer, conductor (conducting) and military musician (Military band). thumb left Hut and polar bear on Barents island (Image:Barents island franken hut 2.jpg) '''Barentsøya''', sometime anglicized as '''Barents Island''', is an islands in the Svalbard


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