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Whitby, Ontario

; Originally named Happy Go Lucky, the band line-up has remained the same since their formation in 1999.

Bakersfield, California

trip from Merced to Bakersfield would take 45 minutes. '''Korn''' (often stylized as '''KoЯn''') is an American nu metal band from Bakersfield, California, formed in 1993. The current band line up includes four members: Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer (James Shaffer), Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (Reginald Arvizu), and Ray Luzier


in the design, spearheaded by Greek (Greece) designer Antonis Volanis. Classic band line-up * '''Rod Allen''' (born Rodney Bainbridge, 31 March 1944, Leicester; died 10 January 2008, Eastern Green, Coventry The Guardian obituary on Rod Allen - 17 January 2008, by Dave Laing ) — lead vocalist (singer) and bassist * '''Glen Dale''' (born Richard Garforth


in Leicester in the United Kingdom. Before the transfer of registration and associated functions to the HPC, there were over 100 staff members at the Leicester office. There are also smaller regional offices in Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow and London. Classic band line-up * '''Rod Allen''' (born Rodney Bainbridge, 31 March 1944, Leicester; died 10 January 2008, Eastern Green, Coventry

Providence, Rhode Island

(the former Times-Mirror Broadcasting) after that company sold all of its stations to New World Communications, in January 1995. Julian Colbeck, who had replaced Martin Smith after the first album, departed four albums later in 1980 amid some turmoil. He writes, "Finally, the touring band line-up of Terry Thomas, John Anderson, Eugene Organ, Steve Gadd, and myself ceased operations once Arista (Arista Records) refused to release ''Here Comes Trouble'', and our caring, sharing management company immediately cut off all our money in 1980. That's a whole other story but, for the record, our final gig was in 1979 at the Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island on Monday 29 October, alongside Foreigner (Foreigner (band))." Thomas commented "Arista our new label (record label) in the U.S. (United States) wanted more songs - our company in the UK (United Kingdom) - Trident Audio Productions - refused to put us in the studio (recording studio) or spend any more money. The UK record company - Polydor - wouldn't release it until it had a U.S. release. Effectively Charlie had no record label and no money to live on. Eugene and Julian (Julian Colbeck) decided to leave." *'''Shawmut, Montana''' is a small community near Harlowton (Harlowton, Montana). It takes its name from a train station, which, in turn, may have taken its name from the surname of a local rancher or may be connected to the railroad interests mentioned above. Travel Montana *'''Shawmut Design and Construction''' is a large national construction management firm with headquarters in Boston and offices in New York City; Providence, Rhode Island; Las Vegas (Las Vegas metropolitan area); Atlantic City, New Jersey; and New Haven, Connecticut. Shawmut provides client-oriented services for the following markets: academic, commercial, corporate interiors, cultural and historic preservation, healthcare and science, gaming, restaurant, retail, spas and health clubs Founded in 1982, the name Shawmut comes from the company's first office which was near the Shawmut MBTA station (Shawmut (MBTA station)) mentioned above. Shawmut Design and Construction *'''MV Shawmut''' was a steel commercial trawler, built in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1938, which later served the U.S Navy as the USS Goldcrest (AM-80) during World War II. The station broadcasts at 830 AM at a transmitter power output of 50,000 watts and can be heard from Maine to Providence, Rhode Island, and from Boston to Springfield, Massachusetts (during the day). The signal is directional, pointed away from such other stations at 830 kHz as WCCO (WCCO (AM)) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After sunset, WCRN's signal is made further directional towards the east; as a result, it is not clearly audible in Western Massachusetts after sunset in Minneapolis St. Paul. Released 8 September 1978 Recorded The Spectrum (Wachovia Spectrum), Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 28–29 April 1978 Providence Civic Center, Providence (Providence, Rhode Island), 5 May 1978 Boston Garden, Boston, 6 May 1978 Genre Art rock The recording was culled from concerts in Philadelphia, Providence (Providence, Rhode Island) and Boston, USA. It primarily included material from Bowie's most recent studio albums to that date, ''Station to Station'', ''Low (Low (David Bowie album))'' and ''"Heroes"'' but, in a surprise show of nostalgia, also featured five songs from ''The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars''. Aside from Bowie's core team of Carlos Alomar, Dennis Davis and George Murray (George Murray (musician)), band members included ex-Frank Zappa sideman Adrian Belew on guitar, Simon House from Hawkwind on electric violin, Roger Powell (Roger Powell (musician)), best known for his work with Todd Rundgren in the group Utopia (Utopia (rock band)), on keyboards and Sean Mayes on piano, string ensemble and backup vocals. All would reunite the following year on Bowie's next studio LP, ''Lodger (Lodger (album))''. Distribution While the film was originally intended for theatrical release, New Line Cinema decided that it was in their best interests to release the film direct-to-video. This decision came as a result of failed test screenings in Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada), Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee), Portland (Portland, Maine) and Providence (Providence, Rhode Island). Updike was born at Providence, Rhode Island. In 1880 he joined the publishers Houghton, Mifflin & Company (Houghton Mifflin), of Boston as an errand boy. He worked for the firm's Riverside Press and trained as a printer but soon moved to typographic design. He set up on his own in 1893, and renamed his enterprise the Merrymount Press in 1896. That same year, one of his first works with the "Merrymount Press" was "In the Old Days, A Fragment" written by his mother, Elisabeth Bigelow Updike, as reminiscences of her youth. Production * This episode wrongly reports the location of the University of Rhode Island (URI), claiming that it is in Providence (Providence, Rhode Island) when, in fact, it is in Kingston (Kingston, Rhode Island) on the other side of the state. While URI has a satellite campus (the Feinstein Campus) in Providence, URI's sports teams play in Kingston. * Actor Steven Van Zandt wore his own golfing hat for a scene in which Silvio plays a round of golf. right 225px thumb No word floats without an anchoring connection within an overall structure. (File:Typography case be.svg) '''Stanley Eugene Fish (w:Stanley Fish)''' (born 19 April 1938) is an American (w:United States) literary theorist (w:literary theory) and legal scholar. He was born and raised in Providence (w:Providence, Rhode Island). He is the Davidson-Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Humanities and a professor of law at Florida International University (w:Florida International University), in Miami (w:Miami), as well as Dean Emeritus of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago (w:University of Illinois at Chicago), and the author of 12 books. US District Court (w:US District Court) Judge Ernest Torres convicted Taricani, a reporter for WJAR-TV News in Providence (w:Providence, Rhode Island), Rhode Island (w:Rhode Island). The video in question showed the city's mayor, Vincent Cianci, taking a $ (w:United States dollar)1000 bribe. The official was subsequently convicted for corruption. During Cianci's trial, the court had ordered the video to be sealed. It was subsequently released to reporter Jim Taricani. Torres opined that the leak had been designed to prevent a fair trial and, as the video was sealed, the person who leaked it had broken the law. Physicist Horatiu Nastase of Brown University (w:Brown University) in Providence, Rhode Island (w:Providence, Rhode Island) says that the calculations show that the fireball has properties similar to that of a black hole. Nastase says this could help explain why so few jets are seen coming out of the fireball. He thinks the particles are being absorbed into the core and reappearing as thermal (Hawking) radiation (w:Hawking radiation), just like theory predicts happens in a black hole. The poor weather conditions prompted the shutdown of LaGuardia (w:LaGuardia International Airport), John F. Kennedy (w:John F. Kennedy International Airport), and Newark International (w:Newark International Airport) Airports. Delta Airlines (w:Delta Airlines) also canceled flights in and out of Washington (w:Washington, D.C.), Philadelphia (w:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Baltimore (w:Baltimore, Maryland), Providence (w:Providence, Rhode Island), and Hartford (w:Hartford, Connecticut). In Massachusetts, heavy snow and blizzard warnings were in effect as visibility had been greatly hindered by the falling snow. There were other reports of near-blizzard conditions in parts of Connecticut, and Rhode Island.


sensor, relaying analog video in real time via a C-band (C band) line-of-sight (LOS) data link. Since 1991, Pioneer has flown reconnaissance missions during the Persian Gulf (Gulf War), Somalia (UNOSOM II (United Nations Operation in Somalia II)), Bosnia (NATO intervention in Bosnia), Kosovo (1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia) and Iraq (Iraq War) conflicts. In 2005, the Navy (United States Navy) operated two Pioneer systems (one for training) and the United States Marine Corps


, a controlled access highway which links Fort Erie with Toronto via Hamilton, and the Mountain access for Highway 20 (Highway 20 (Hamilton, Ontario)) in Stoney Creek. He also supported the construction of the Rock Gardens at the Royal Botanical Gardens (Royal Botanical Gardens, Ontario). Whitehern, his downtown family home, now serves as a civic museum. The original band line-up featured 12 performers: Alan Cooper (Alan Cooper (biblical scholar)) (bass vocals), Rob Leonard (vocals


in theory be twice as high (''Final Report'', p.236; Achim, p.179; Deletant, pp.4, 6, 195). Launched by rocket assist (Assisted take off#JATO and RATO) (shipboard), by catapult (Aircraft catapult), or from a runway, the Pioneer recovers into a net (shipboard) or with arresting gear after flying up to 5 hours with a payload. It flies with a gimbaled EO IR sensor, relaying analog video in real time via a C-band (C band) line-of-sight (LOS) data


rock (rock music) band formed in Stavanger in 1987, by vocalist Morten Abel, guitarist Tor Øyvind Syvertsen and keyboardist Helge Hummervoll, all former members of the band Mods (Mods (band)). They signed a recording contract with Warner Music in Norway, and released their self-titled debut album in 1989. The band line-up was broadened by the addition of bassist Gulleiv Wee and drummer Stene Osmundsen before the following tour. Syvertsen left the band the following year, and Morten Mølster took his place. Disrupting the performances of many shows, technical problems also arose throughout the tour. As the band was to walk out of the giant mechanical lemon during the encore at the concert in Oslo, Norway, the lemon malfunctioned, temporarily trapping the band inside, and forcing them to escape through the back. This incident was later listed as one of "Rock 'n' Roll's 15 Most Embarrassing Stage Antics" by AOL's Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway

Washington, D.C.

from MD 5 (Maryland Route 5) in Leonardtown (Leonardtown, Maryland) north to Southern Avenue (Southern Avenue (Washington, D.C.)) at the Washington, D.C. border, past which the highway continues as Pennsylvania Avenue. MD 4 is a major commuter route in Southern Maryland, connecting Washington and suburbs in Prince

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