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Haukio decided to focus on his guitar work. Bassist Teemu Heinola was not appointed until after the band's first demo (demo (music)), ''Before Birth'', which attracted attention from French (France) record label Listenable Records in 2001.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Four Reserve Grounds #77, includes ca. 350 km², in SE Saskatchewan, 80 km east of Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) and 18 km south of Sintaluta (Sintaluta, Saskatchewan), of 2,387 registered Assiniboine only about 850 live on the reserve)band-history&catid 13:band-history&Itemid 4 Carry the Cattle First Nation * ''' Mosquito-Grizzly Bear's Head-Lean Man Mosquito, Grizzly Bear's

Binghamton, New York

, but returned two months later and "beg ged for re-admittance and more abuse." In the Spring of 1994, the band recorded ''Headseed'', officially quitting their day jobs, and all moved to Albany, New York. Loughlin left the band in June 1995 to pursue another band named Yolk, from Binghamton, New York. After Loughlin left


of his father's brother Belaur in Niš and later to Dubrovnik. He was later expelled from there by Stephen Dušan (Stephen Uroš IV Dušan of Serbia) under the pressure of Ivan Alexander (Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria). Ivan Stefan probably died in Naples. Kodeksi The band history begins in 1969 in Sarajevo, SFR Yugoslavia. At the time, the future leader of Bijelo dugme, Goran Bregović was the bass guitarist for the band Beštije. He was spotted by the Kodeksi (trans. ''Codexes'') vocalist Željko Bebek. As Kodeksi needed a bass guitarist, on Bebek's suggestion Bregović became the member of the band. The band's lineup consisted of Ismeta Dervoz (vocals), Edo Bogeljić (guitar (electric guitar)), Željko Bebek (rhythm guitar (electric guitar)) and vocals), Goran Bregović (bass guitar), and Luciano Paganotto (drums (drum kit)). After performing in Dubrovnik (before these performances the only female member, Ismeta Dervoz left the band) Kodeksi were hired to perform in a club in Naples. After two months the band's guitarist Edo Bogeljić returned to Sarajevo, and Bregović switched to guitar. Local Italian musician was brought in to play the bass, but after he quit too, Bebek called up old friend Zoran Redžić. Redžić in turn brought along Milić Vukašinović as replacement on drums for Paganotto who also quit in the meantime. Vukašinović brought new musical influences along the lines of what Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were doing at the time. Additionally, he convinced the rest of the band on incorporating the new sound into their set. Within two weeks of his arrival, Kodeksi were fired from all the places they were playing. thumb 210px Qadan's siege of Olmuc. (File:Zelnahora.jpg) During the winter of 1241-1242, Kadan sacked Buda on the way to Győr. While besieging Italian mercenaries defending Székesfehérvár, Kadan was forced to withdraw his troops after an early thaw flooded the land around the town. The Mongol prince was then sent south with one tumen to search for Béla in Croatia. Kadan first sought the Hungarian king at Zagreb, which he sacked, and then pursued him into Dalmatia. While Béla hid at Trogir, Mongols under the leadership of Kadan, in March 1242 at Klis Fortress in Croatia, experienced their first European military failure, while in pursuit for the head of Béla IV of Hungary. Prošlost Klisa Commons:Dubrovnik


in Sarajevo. Active between 1974 and 1989, it is widely considered to have been the most influential and popular band ever to exist in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and one of the most important acts of the Yugoslav rock scene. Kodeksi The band history begins in 1969 in Sarajevo, SFR Yugoslavia. At the time, the future leader of Bijelo dugme, Goran Bregović was the bass guitarist for the band Beštije. He was spotted by the Kodeksi (trans

Salt Lake City

March 2001 olympic_mark 74.75 olympic_place Salt Lake City, United States olympic_date 14 February 2002 The alpine Worlds, organized by racing great Dick Durrance, then general manager at the fledgling Aspen Ski Area, included slalom, downhill and GS for men, and only downhill for women. American Katy Rodolph (Salt Lake City) led the USA, finishing fifth. Aspen was established as an alpine destination as a result of the successful World Championships. Band

history Eliott, Scrivner and former "TRB" guitarist Brett Luddeman started gigging in Salt Lake City bars in 2001. Warren joined the band, adding his distinctive Rhodes piano stylings as they began recording their first album, ''Same as Cash''. Following the departure of Luddeman in 2004, the band recruited Midgley and began writing their second album, ''Flex''. world_mark 1:42.78 world_place Salt Lake City, United States world_date 18

East Germany

him from learning the full details of his plot and warning NATO. He does, however, discover Orlov's plot to smuggle priceless Russian jewellery for personal profit. He requested that Bond return the Romanov star stolen by Orlov. Band history The Puhdys developed out of the '''Udo-Wendel-Combo''', founded in 1965. When guitarist and singer Wendel left the band late in the year, it needed a new name. The four members took the letters from their first names — keyboardist Peter Meyer


, Finland years_active 1989–present Band history Formed in the bars of Helsinki, Finland in the summer of 1989 by Jyrki 69, Archzie (formerly of Syyskuu), Timo-Timo, Lotto and Bazie; The 69 Eyes originally had a glam metal sound and were compared to other Finnish Sleaze Metal acts such as Smack and Hanoi Rocks. The band's lineup has stayed the same since 1992 when drummer Jussi 69 replaced original drummer Lotto who had played on the band's first two 7 inch vinyl singles. '''Hybrid Graphics''' Ltd., often "Hybrid", was a graphics software technology company active from 1994 to 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. Acquired by NVIDIA in 2006, NVIDIA press release: ''NVIDIA Corporation to Acquire Hybrid Graphics'' Hybrid Graphics is now NVIDIA Corporation's Helsinki office. '''Thunderstone''' is a power metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The band was formed in 2000 by guitarist Nino Laurenne, and the line-up became full the following year. After the release of the band's self-titled debut album, ''Thunderstone (Thunderstone (album))'', the band toured Europe supporting Stratovarius and Symphony X. Commons:Category:Helsinki Wikipedia:Helsinki Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Southern Finland Localities Helsinki


from one Ghanaian ethnic group to the other. '''Lake Bosumtwi''' (also spelled Bosomtwe), situated within an ancient meteorite impact crater, is approximately 8 km across and the only natural lake in Ghana. It is situated about 30 km south-east of Kumasi and is a popular recreational area. There are about 30 villages near this crater lake, with a combined population of about 70,000 people. Band history Track 5

Phoenix, Arizona

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