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of residential school life told by local residents. Most recently the museum in 2012 the museum was awarded the 2012 Ontario Museum Association Award of Excellence in Special Projects for its work on the IPad based "mobile tour".<

;ref Government 200px thumbnail right Kenora City Hall (File:Kenora ON 2.JPG) Kenora is represented in the House of Commons (House of Commons of Canada) by Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada) Member of Parliament Greg

Parry Sound, Ontario

of the island sculptures which conveyed her true and unique artistic character. He reluctantly joined the rebellion of 1837 (Upper Canada Rebellion) and protected the loyalist prisoners at Montgomery's Tavern (Confrontation at Montgomery's Tavern) from abuse. However, despite this, the governor Sir Francis

Quezon City

-06-21 Chowking in 2000

Fort Wayne, Indiana

for residents. In 2009, the city's first bicycle lanes were instituted Ichthus Festival is also no longer just one festival. Ichthus Ministries now has other satellite festivals. One is a one day, 4 staged festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana which was held on September 25, 2010. See the Ichthus Fort Wayne website http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 119&Itemid 167 Ichthus Fort Wayne featured top names such as Switchfoot, Relient K, Red (Red (band)), Thousand Foot Krutch, BarlowGirl, The Almost, KJ-52, Disciple (Disciple (band)), Family Force 5, Sanctus Real, and more for the 2010 festival. See the Ichthus Fort Wayne website http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 106&Itemid 163 Another festival owned by Ichthus Ministries was held in Pikeville, Kentucky on October 23, 2010. However, the artists for this have not been announced yet. See the Ichthus Fort Wayne Website http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 120&Itemid 168


Local charity wins Newman’s Own award work The Union author Trina Kleist date 6 April 2006 accessdate 2008-10-01 Stars for Stripes, the Sun Youth Organisation (Montreal), ref>


of the Celtic supporters received widespread praise from the people of Seville (there were no Celtic fans arrested) and the fans were awarded prestigious Fair Play Awards from both FIFA and UEFA "for their extraordinarily loyal and sporting behaviour". ref>


; Five local radio stations


playwriting competition in 2004 with his play ''A Time for Cleansing'', a play about incest and refugees in Rwanda. '''Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary (MES)''' is a community-owned elephant park


500 Roll of Honour of the United Nations Environment Programme for its environmental activities. *Cyprus (EDON) * Finland


Times date January 31, 2008 first Amanda M. last Fairbanks A student from Schreiber was selected to be one of the top ten winners of the Intel Science Talent Search 2008, winning a scholarship of $20,000. The student was the ninth place winner for a zoology project based on Odonate populations.

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