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by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Valenzuela received 70 points overall based on 5 for first place, 3 for second and 1 for third, finishing ahead of Tom Seaver by the margin of a single second-place vote. "Fernando Is First Rookie to Win Cy Young Award", ''Los Angeles Times'', November 12, 1981, p1 *'''Born:''' Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, heir apparent to the throne since 2000; Natalie Glebova, Russian-born Canadian

Bayview-Hunters Point, San Francisco

(which won the 2011 Neighborhood Empowerment Network's "Best Green Community Project Award," Krispy Korners, the Latona Community Garden, and the new Palou Community Garden. Major public art pieces honor unique hyper-local history

Verdun, Quebec

Simpson's when he learned that his pay would remain fixed at $65 a week. John Schofield, "Gordon Reid: Lifetime Achievement Award", in ''Canadian Retailer'', July August 2010, p. 47. Cities over 40,000 or mergers of more than five cities * City of '''Montreal''': former city of Montreal; cities of Anjou (Anjou, Quebec), Beaconsfield (Beaconsfield, Quebec), Côte Saint-Luc (Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec), Dorval, Lachine


to the Warsaw Ghetto'', Paikin won the "Silver Screen Award" at the U.S. International Film and Video Festival, as well as receiving awards at the Yorkton Film Festival in Saskatchewan and at China’s Shanghai Film Festival. birth_date WikiPedia:Yorkton,_Saskatchewan Dmoz:Regional North_America Canada Saskatchewan Localities Y Yorkton

Federal Railroad Administration

January 11, 2006 Several rail labor union (trade union)s objected to the criteria, going so far as to picket the award ceremonies. Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes (BMWE) General Chairman Paul Beard created the "Harassment Award" as a satire of the Harriman Awards to raise awareness of management practices that bred intimidation and disciplinary actions against reporting accidents. In 1999 the FRA invited discussions with representatives of rail labor unions to discuss the problem. Trains on WES were designed to travel at an average speed of Desert Xpress Enterprises Desert Xpress Enterprises has proposed Desert Xpress, a privately owned high-speed rail line running nonstop from Victorville, California, to Las Vegas, a 200-mile run along the I-15 corridor. The Federal Railroad Administration public scoping meetings on July 25 and July 26, 2006, could lead to an environmental impact statement for the project. Notably, federal planners identified New York State's Empire Corridor (Buffalo-Albany-New York City) as one of the best-suited for high-speed rail service. http: us content 201, Federal Railroad Administration report; October 21, 2003 In 2005, New York State Senate Majority Leader (Majority Leader of the New York State Senate) Joseph Bruno expressed renewed interest in high-speed rail proposed research into high-speed rail development in New York State as part of a plan to boost Upstate New York's economy. "Fast Trains in NY: Slashing Travel Time is Key to Accelerating Upstate Economy" by Joseph Bruno In addition, the Empire Limited Amtrak service between New York and Albany already has one of the highest levels of ridership outside the Northeast Corridor and Acela lines. regulations require railroads to notify the w:Federal Railroad Administration Federal Railroad Administration any time that a false signal to proceed is known to have occurred. A number of different conditions can cause false proceed signals, including communication circuit failures, wiring errors or, more rarely, software bugs. In one instance, such a design flaw on an Amtrak (w:Amtrak) line went undetected for nearly 35 years.

Taunton Deane

south of Taunton in the Taunton Deane district. The village has a population of 384. ref name "popn">


;award" This honor was the first public appearance of Margot Honecker since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Honecker was reported to have said she was grateful for the honor; but publicly no words were spoken. The left-wing heads of state of Paraguay and Venezuela, Fernando Lugo and Hugo Chávez, also took part in the celebrations in Managua. WikiPedia:Managua Dmoz:Regional Central America Nicaragua Localities Managua Commons:Category:Managua

Sovereign Military Order of Malta

''), remain chivalric but are not sovereign *Order of the Garter, founded by Edward III of England ca. 1348 Awards and memberships In 1967, he was awarded the Laetare Medal by the University of Notre Dame. In 1984, Mr. Grace received The Hundred Year Association of New York's Gold Medal Award "in recognition of outstanding contributions to the City of New York." Grace was a member of the international organization the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Order

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Promise Alliance – Waukesha, Wisconsin publisher date *In 2011, the National Recreation and Park Association granted Waukesha their "Gold Medal Award". *In 2011, the Wisconsin Library Association designated Waukesha’s Public Library as the "Wisconsin

Tupelo, Mississippi

In September 1959, it moved from channel 9 to channel 7 in order for WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to move from UHF channel 28 to VHF channel 9 and to protect Tupelo (Tupelo, Mississippi)'s WTWV (now WTVA) that also broadcasted on channel 9. Several years later in 1962, WDAM dropped its secondary ABC affiliation to become a sole NBC affiliate which it remains today. airdate July 13, 1956 location Columbus (Columbus, Mississippi) Tupelo (Tupelo, Mississippi) West Point, Mississippi callsign_meaning '''C'''olumbus '''B'''irney '''I'''mes (station founder) 133. Columbus (Columbus, Mississippi) - Tupelo (Tupelo, Mississippi) - West Point (West Point, Mississippi) '''WCBI-TV 4 (35)'''

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