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Barry Town United F.C.

pattern_la2 whitestripes pattern_b2 pattern_ra2 pattern_sh2 pattern_so2 leftarm2 339933 body2 339933 rightarm2 339933 shorts2 FFFFFF socks2 339933 '''Barry Town United F.C.''' ( ) is an association football team based in Barry (Barry, Wales). They are best known for representing Wales in Europe as winners of the Welsh Premier League and Welsh Cup during the 1990s

Mark Ovendale Goalkeeper (Goalkeeper (association football)) Record-setting keeper, 1000+ league minutes without conceding. 1995–1998, 2003 - style

"text-align:center;" 2011 12 Fred Whitlow Forward (Forward (association football)) Three stints, with two-season spell of 13 hat-tricks and 100+ goals. 1922–23, 1924–25, 1935–37 ,

La Ceiba

vida-y-victoria-se-repartieron-los-puntos-en-el-clasico-ceibeno Article about the ''Clásico Ceibeño'' on ''La Prensa (La Prensa (Honduras))'' Personalities * José Azcona del Hoyo - former President of Honduras from 1986-1990 * Marvin Chavez - professional footballer (Association football) for the San Jose Earthquakes in Major League Soccer * Víctor Bernárdez - professional footballer (Association football) for the San Jose Earthquakes in Major League Soccer * Dunia Elvir - television journalist and producer * David Meza (David Meza (journalist)) - former radio journalist * Jerry Palacios - professional footballer (Association football) for Marathón (C.D. Marathón) in the Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras * Johnny Palacios - professional footballer (Association football) for Olimpia (C.D. Olimpia) in the Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras * Milton Palacios (Milton Palacios Suazo) - professional footballer (Association football) for Victoria (C.D. Victoria) in the Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras * Wilson Palacios - professional footballer (Association football) for Stoke City in the Premier League * Williams Reyes - professional footballer (Association football) for FAS (C.D. FAS) in the Salvadoran Primera División * Hendry Thomas - professional footballer (Association football) for Wigan Athletic in the Premier League * Steve Van Buren - former National Football League player and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Twin towns WikiPedia:La Ceiba Commons:Category:La Ceiba


with: * Bielsk Podlaski, Poland Notable people *Grigory Spiridonovich Petrov (1868–1925), politician *Gustav Heinrich Johann Apollon Tammann (1861–1938), scientist *Aleksandr Kerzhakov (1982), association football player *Mikhail Kerzhakov (1987

), association football player *Aleksei Ionov (1989), association football player *Ivan Shpakov (1986), association football player References Notes

Анатольевич Кержаков, ''Alexandr Anatoljevič Keržakov'' ; born 27 November 1982 in Kingisepp) is a Russian international (Russia national football team) association football striker currently playing for Russian Premier League club Zenit St. Petersburg (FC Zenit Saint Petersburg). Kerzhakov zurück zu Zenit DATE OF BIRTH 27 November 1982 PLACE OF BIRTH Kingisepp, Russian


- alpine skier, double Olympic gold medalist * Johannes Årsjö - heavy weight champion * 23 Till - music group * Den Svenska Björnstammen - music group Sports * IFK Norrköping (Association football) * Assyriska Föreningen i Norrköping (Association football) * Azech SF (Association football) * Chile Unido IF (Association football) * Eneby BK (Association football) * Hagahöjdens BK (Association football) * Lindö FF ( Association

football ) * Norrköpings IF Bosna (Association football) * Syrianska KF (Association football) * Borgia Norrköping BK (Bandy) * Norrköping Dolphins (Basketball) * HC Vita Hästen (Ice hockey) * Vargarna (Speedway (Motorcycle speedway)) * Norrköpings KK (Swimming (Swimming (sport))) * Norrköpings Rugby Klubb NRK Trojan (Rugby (Rugby football)) * Yxbacken cykelpark Government and infrastructure The Swedish Transport Agency has its headquarters in Norrköping. "Adresser till våra kontor." Swedish Transport Agency. Retrieved on 7 December 2010. "Huvudkontor Transportstyrelsen 601 73 Norrköping Besöksadress: Vikboplan 7, Norrköping Öppettider: Vardagar 08.00–16.30" When the Civil Aviation Administration (Civil Aviation Administration (Sweden)) existed, its head office was in Norrköping. "Contact." Civil Aviation Administration. 16 June 2010. Retrieved on 6 December 2010. "Swedish Civil Aviation Administration S-601 79 Norrköping." Norrköping is one of two Swedish cities (the other being Gothenburg) that retained its tram system after the 1967 conversion to right-hand drive, see Norrköping Tramway. Culture A theatre in Norrköping, Egges Theatre, hosted the first Scandinavian performance of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in 1776, and the city has a long theatre and revue tradition. Current main theatres are Östgötateatern (Östgötateatern (Norrköping)) (Sweden's biggest regional theatre) from 1947 and Arbisteatern from 1865. References


wrestling *Gasret Aliev, the Hero of Soviet Union *Sergei Agababov, composer *Ruslan Agalarov, former association football player *Kamalutdin Akhmedov, association football player *Ali Aliyev (Ali Aliyev (boxer)), amateur boxer *Malik Akhmedilov, editor *Abdulla Alishayev, TV host *Ali Gadzhibekov, association football player *Shamil Gitinov, Armenian wrestler *Ali Isayev, Azeri wrestler *Gadzhimurat Kamalov, editor *Rustam Khabilov, mixed martial

artist *Kuramagomed Kuramagomedov, wrestler *Shamil Lakhiyalov, association football player *Jamaladdin Magomedov, Azeri wrestler *Khadzhimurad Magomedov, Olympic Azeri wrestler *Rashid Magomedov, mixed martial artist *Aleksandr Maslov, former association football player *Sharif Mukhammad, association football player *Magomed Musaev, Olympic Kyrgyz wrestler *Marid Mutalimov, Olympic Kazakh wrestler *Vladimir Nazlymov, sabre fencer and coach * Gadzhimurad

Nurmagomedov , Olympic Armenian wrestler *Khabib Nurmagomedov, mixed martial artist *Eduard Puterbrot, artist *Muslim Salikhov, kickboxer *Serder Serderov, association football player *Sharif Sharifov, Olympic Azeri wrestler *Ruslan Sheikhau, Belarusian wrestler *Ilyas Shurpayev, television journalist *Nikita Timoshin, association football player *Zalimkhan Yusupov, Olympic Tajik wrestler Twin towns and sister cities

São Luís, Maranhão

– Dep. Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport (formerly 2 de Julho) (Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport) *São Luís (São Luís, Maranhão) – Mal. Cunha Machado International Airport (Tirirical) (Marechal Cunha Machado International Airport) *Teresina – Sen. Petrônio Portella Airport (Teresina Airport) '''Júlio César Santos Correa''' (born 18 November 1978 in São Luís, Maranhão), known as '''Júlio César''', is a Brazilian Association football footballer

who plays for Sporting Kansas City in Major League Soccer, as a central defender (Defender (association football)#Centre back). DATE OF BIRTH 18 November 1978 PLACE OF BIRTH São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil DATE OF DEATH Little is known about Pedro Teixeira apart from the Amazon expedition. After completing the expedition he went to São Luís do Maranhão (São Luís, Maranhão) to make his report to the governor. He was duly promoted to Captain General

in Haiti, the Grenadines and the Brazilian cities of Sáo Luis do Maranháo (São Luís, Maranhão), Salvador (Salvador, Bahia), Recife and Porto Alegre. birth_date '''Adaílson Pereira Coelho''', more commonly known as '''Abuda''' (born 28 March 1986 in São Luís (São Luís, Maranhão)), is a Brazilian Forward (association


birth_place Douala, Cameroon residence DATE OF BIRTH December 15, 1984 PLACE OF BIRTH Douala, Cameroon DATE OF DEATH # Lagos, Nigeria # Douala, Cameroon # Libreville, Gabon The '''1972 African Cup of Nations''' was the eighth edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the association football championship of Africa (CAF (Confederation of African Football)). It was hosted by Cameroon, in the cities of Yaoundé and Douala. Just like in 1970 (1970 African Cup of Nations), the field of eight teams was split into two groups of four. The Republic of Congo (Congo national football team) won its first championship, beating Mali (Mali national football team) in the final 3-2. - style "background-color: #DDDDDD" Douala wikipedia:Douala Commons:Category:Douala

and passes through Bélabo before heading north to Ngaoundéré in the Adamawa Province. There is a regional airport in Bertoua that is officially part of state-owned Camair's network, but it has been out of service since 2003. In addition, the Nyong River is navigable from Abong-Mbang to the Centre Province town of Mbalmayo during the rainy season. '''Jean-Alain Boumsong-Somkong''' (born December 14, 1979, in Douala) is a French (France) football defender (association

football) defender who currently plays for the Greek team Panathinaikos (Panathinaikos FC) and the French national team (France national football team). DATE OF BIRTH December 14, 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Douala, Cameroon DATE OF DEATH With ocean access and vast tracts of forest, the South is home to a good deal of industry. Timber is a substantial part of the region's economy, and various logging companies have operations in the area. However, because

Kurgan Oblast

% of the population deems itself to be "spiritual but not religious", 14% is atheist (atheism), and 12.2% follows other religions or did not give an answer to the question. Notable people *Yuri Balashov (born March 12, 1949), chess grandmaster *Oleg Bogomolov (born October 4, 1950), former Governor of Kurgan Oblast *Fyodor Bronnikov (1827—1902), painter *Dmitri Bushmanov (born September 30, 1978), association football player

*Sergey Gritsevets (July 19, 1909 — September 16, 1939), major, pilot and twice recipient of the honorary title of Hero of the Soviet Union. *Gavriil Ilizarov (June 15, 1921 — July 24, 1992), physician *Vyacheslav Kamoltsev (born December 14, 1971), association football player *Anatoly Karelin (July 16, 1922 — January 3, 1974), Major General of aviation *Leonid Khabarov (born May 8, 1947), Colonel *Larisa Korobeynikova (born March 26, 1987), fencer * Evgeni Krasilnikov

(born April 7, 1965), volleyball player *Leonid Krasin (July 3 (15), 1870 — November 24, 1926), politician and diplomat *Ivan Kurpishev (born March 2, 1969), powerlifter *Dmitri Loskov (born February 12, 1974), association football player *Aleksey Merzlyakov (March 22, 1778 - August 7, 1830), poet, critic, translator, and professor *Yana Romanova (born May 11, 1983), biathlete *Sergei Rublevsky (born October 15, 1974), chess grandmaster *Mikhail Ryumin (September 1

Portuguese Mozambique

that in the European Portuguese mainland only four public universities were in operation. Sports The Portuguese-ruled territory was introduced to several popular European and North American sports disciplines since the early urbanistic and economic booms of the 1920s and 1940s. This period was a time of city and town expansion and modernization that included the construction of several sports facilities for football (association football), rink hockey, basketball, volleyball, team handball

(magazine) Time date 7 July 1975 Portuguese population's rapid exodus left the Mozambican economy in disarray. In addition, after the independence day on 25 June 1975, the eruption of the Mozambican Civil War (1977–92) destroyed the remaining wealth and left the former Portuguese Overseas Province in a state of absolute disrepair. Famous people * Alberto da Costa Pereira (association football) * Alexandre Quintanilha (science

) * António de Almeida Santos (politics and law) * Armando Guebuza (politics and business) * Carlos Cardoso (Carlos Cardoso (journalist)) (journalism) * Carlos Queiroz (association football) * Carlos Xavier (association football) * Daúto Faquirá (association football) * Eduardo Mondlane (politics) * Francisco Barreto (exploration) * Eusébio da Silva Ferreira (association football) * Graça Machel (politics) * Guilherme de Melo (journalism and literature



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