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Craftsman (American Craftsman) added May 10, 2005 area '''Virginia-Highland''' (often nicknamed "VaHi") "About VaHi", Virginia-Highland Civic Association is a neighborhood of (neighborhoods of Atlanta) Atlanta, Georgia, founded in the early 20th century

and Highland Avenue. Later in the 1920s, southeast of this intersection the "Virginia Highlands" (with an "s") subdivision was built. However, neither term appeared again in the press until the 1970s. During the revolt against the construction of the I-485 freeway (Freeway revolts in Atlanta) through Morningside and what is now Virginia-Highland, a pro-highway group called themselves the "Highland-Virginia Civic Association", claiming to speak for the neighborhood. When

Latin Union

with other public or private institutions. Map of Latin Union thumb 750x533px center Member states of the Latin Union. (File:Union_Latine.svg) See also * Association of Spanish Language Academies * Community of Portuguese Language Countries * Francophonie * Hispanic * Latin America * Latin Europe (Romance-speaking Europe) * Latin Monetary Union * Latin peoples * Organization of Ibero-American States * Panhispanism * Pan-Latinism * Romance

wildlife , natural environments, and extensive natural resources in a variety of protected habitats (protected areas of Brazil). Participation in international organizations ACS (Association of Caribbean States) • ACTO (Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization) • AfDB (African Development Bank) • BIS (Bank for International Settlements) • Cairns Group • CAN (Andean Community of Nations)<

• IBRD (World Bank) • IBSA (IBSA Dialogue Forum) •ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) • ICC (International Criminal Court) • ICRM (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement) • IDA (International Development Association) • IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) • IFC (International Finance Corporation) • IFRCS (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement) • IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) • International Labour Organization

Barry Town United F.C.

pattern_la2 whitestripes pattern_b2 pattern_ra2 pattern_sh2 pattern_so2 leftarm2 339933 body2 339933 rightarm2 339933 shorts2 FFFFFF socks2 339933 '''Barry Town United F.C.''' ( ) is an association football team based in Barry (Barry, Wales). They are best known for representing Wales in Europe as winners of the Welsh Premier League and Welsh Cup during the 1990s

On 7 May 2013, Stuart Lovering inexplicably withdrew the team from the Welsh Football League, against the will of the BTSC, players and supporters, who were ready and willing to fulfil the remaining two fixtures. After the BTSC outlined their intentions to play again next season, adopting the name of '''Barry Town United''' to emphasise their continuing unity and endeavour, a meeting of the FAW (Football Association of Wales) Council in Betws-y-Coed in June 2013 announced that they would

Golfers Association PGA professional Simon Cox (Simon_Cox_(golfer)). Colours For many decades, Barry Town wore green as their primary colour – thought to be due to early club officials securing the club's first kit from Plymouth Argyle. However, after a brief transitional season in red on returning to the Welsh pyramid, they adopted their yellow change kit (deemed lucky for the success it brought in Welsh Cup competition) as the club's home strip. It is this colour that has

Agros, Cyprus

, natural trails, the traditional local food (Cuisine of Cyprus) and wine (Cyprus wine) served at traditional taverns and the produce of the village promoted by the in-house shops of the local enterprises. Rose bushes Cultivation Agros roses bush - of the species Rosa damascena – owe its proliferation to the late Nearchos Klirides who in 1917 as a school teacher in his native village of Agros founded the "Pupils Association for the Dissemination of the Rose bush"

couple asked him to become the best man at their wedding and then christen their child. And he did so. He also decided to name the baby after his own name, Solon. Solonas in corporation with the “Association of Farmers and Friends of Agros”, the members of the Executive Council and the help of the entire village organized the museum. The building was donated by the church. Traditional Arts Occupation The rosewater In the village Agros, you can find a special kind of beautiful

with great success. International relations Twin towns – Sister cities Agros is a member of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 27 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.

Škofja Loka

of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 27 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.

association of 24 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.

publisher accessdate 2009-10-21 Discussions regarding membership are also in hand with three further towns (Agros (Agros, Cyprus) in Cyprus, Škofja Loka in Slovenia, and Tryavna in Bulgaria).

Northeast, Minneapolis

Anthony is commonly known as Northeast. The business association changed its name from the Old Saint Anthony Association to the NorthEast Business Association in 2007, even though it does not include businesses

: Art-A-Whirl website The Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (or NEMAA), which runs Art-A-Whirl, was instrumental in establishing the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, bounded by Central Avenue, Broadway, the Mississippi River and 26th Avenue. This geographic area was officially recognized as the Arts District by declaration of the City of Minneapolis in 2003. In performing arts, the Ritz Theater, on 13th Avenue Northeast, is home to Ballet of the Dolls

: * http: Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce (Archive) *Northeast Minneapolis Business Association *Northeast Minneapolis Arts District *Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) * Art-A-Whirl Art Event *Northeast Citizen Patrol (NECP) * Northeast Neighbors &

Dresden, Ontario

to the trail are available at the town's Service Centre at the corner of Main and St. George St. Dresden was once home to not only Rev. Josiah Henson famous because of his association with the title character of Harriett Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, but a variety of prominent figures from the Underground Railroad period. A recent discovery through the Trillium Trail Project which has been verified by research done in partnership with the Promised Land Project, headed by Boulou de B'beri

, Richcote Metal Coating, Waste Wood Disposal, MPT Automation Technologies, as well as many other retail stores. In 2007, Dresden celebrated the 125th year since its founding. Human Rights History Hugh Burnett returned to his home town of Dresden, after serving his country in World War II. However, he was not served in some restaurants because he was black. So, in 1948, he and other African Canadians founded the National Unity Association. They collected 115 names on a petition

the issue was recorded in the National Film Board's documentary the Dresden Story in 1954. On July 31, 2010, a plaque was installed in Dresden that honoured Hugh Burnett and the National Unity Association. It reads: HUGH BURNETT AND THE NATIONAL UNITY ASSOCIATION Between 1948 and 1956, the National Unity Association (NUA) of Chatham, Dresden and North Buxton, under the leadership of Hugh R

Federated States of Micronesia

of Free Association Compact of Free&nbsp;Association established_date1 November 3, 1986 Gini_year 2000 Gini_change Gini 61.1 Gini_ref Gini_rank HDI_year

United States dollar currency_code USD country_code time_zone utc_offset +10 and +11 time_zone_DST not observed utc_offset_DST +10 and +11 drives_on right calling_code +691 iso3166code FM cctld .fm footnote_a Regional languages used at state and municipal levels. !--- ORPHANED: b. In free association (Compact of Free Association) with the United States. c. GDP is supplemented by grant aid, averaging around $100 million annually (2002 estimate

a sovereign state after independence was attained on November 3, 1986 under a Compact of Free Association with the United States. Other neighboring island entities, and also former members of the TTPI, formulated their own constitutional governments and became the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and the Republic of Palau (ROP). The FSM has a seat in the United Nations. History The ancestors of the Micronesians settled

Federal Aviation Administration

; and that the center of gravity was positioned beyond its rear limit. John Frank of the Cessna Pilots Association stated that the plane was "definitely overloaded".

Association , airline pilots with the type of systems that would be affected "may go off course and not even realize it." The problems could also affect the Federal Aviation Administration upgrade to the air traffic control system, United States Defense Department guidance, and local emergency services including 911 (9-1-1).

Aviation Authority (CAA) in the United Kingdom, the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) in Germany, and Transport Canada in Canada. The Gary Chicago International Airport (IATA code (International Air Transport Association airport code): GYY) secured nearly $ (United States dollar)100 million in grants and private donations. The Federal Aviation Administration approved GYY's master plan which includes the expansion of runways, land acquisition for a larger terminal

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