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Longview, Washington

Strauss designed the 1937 Golden Gate Bridge, and Bernard Maybeck, son of a German immigrant, designed the Palace of Fine Arts," according to headquarters 770 11th Ave. Longview (Longview, Washington), WA (Washington (U.S. state)) 98632 United States ISSN '''The Daily News''' is the primary newspaper of Longview (Longview, Washington), Kelso, Washington, and Cowlitz County, Washington. It is owned by Lee Enterprises, which acquired the newspaper with its 2002 purchase of Howard Publications. Howard, in turn, had purchased the paper in 1999 from Ted and John Natt, grandsons of John M. McClelland Sr., ending 76 years of McClelland-Natt family ownership. According to "R.A. Long's Planned City" by John McClelland Jr., McClelland Sr. purchased the paper, which began as a Long-Bell Lumber Company daily, from Robert A. Long, the lumber magnate and founder of Longview. Long founded both Longview and The Daily News in 1923. R. A. Long Robert A. Long (1850–1934) was born in Shelby County, Kentucky. In 1873 Long moved to Columbus, Kansas and with a friend and a cousin, Victor Bell and Robert White, started a hay business. This was unsuccessful but there seemed to be a need for lumber so the three formed the R. A. Long & Company. After the death of Robert White the remaining two formed the Long-Bell Lumber Company in 1887 and the headquarters was moved to Kansas City. This was a very lucrative business and Long became a millionaire. His other milestones achieved were lumber baron, developer, investor, newspaper owner, town and city builder, being Longville, Louisiana and Longview, Washington, and philanthropist. In 1907 he built the R.A. Long Building, the first steel framed skyscraper, in Kansas City. The building was bought by City National Bank & Trust Company (UMB Financial Corporation) in 1940. Long was a founding member and president of the Liberty Memorial Association that secured funding for the memorial. James M. Kemper was treasurer as well as president of a bank. In 1911 he built Corinthian Hall, a 72 room mansion and in 1914 he built the Longview Farm.

Midtown Atlanta



as the "city of trades and arts", famous for its schools, theaters, and gusans. In 1912, Gyumri was home to the first opera show ever staged in Armenia. It is also home to the first Armenian opera theatre opened in 1923. Vocalno-enciklopedicheskiy slovar, by M. Again (in Russian) Wikipedia:Gyumri Dmoz:Regional Asia Armenia Shirak Localities Gyumri Commons:Category:Gyumri


and Telecommunication High School ** George Călinescu High School ** Ovidius High School ** Decebal High School (Decebal High School (Constanţa)) ** Traian High School ** Computer Science International High School ** "Nicolae Rotaru" Sports High School ** Orthodox Theological Seminary ** National College of Arts "Queen Marie" * International Schools


and the Malla Purana, and Korean martial arts with Joseon era texts such as Muyejebo (1598). "Historical martial arts" in both Asia and Europe are mostly based on such records of the late medieval to early modern period (15th to 17th centuries; see also Koryū). Korean art has been highly influenced by Buddhism (Buddhism in Korea) and Confucianism (Korean Confucianism), which can be seen in the many traditional paintings, sculptures, ceramics and the performing

Vernon, British Columbia

there season runs from November until May each year. Vernon also boasts one of the most successful film societies in Canada. Films are presented every second Monday at Vernon's Towne Cinema. The Vernon Film Society also produces two film festivals per year. One is a festival dedicated to the presentation of documentary films from around the world. The Second film festiva is also an international film festival dedicated to the presentation of mainstream movies that fall into the "Arts

" genre. Vernon's Towne Cinema is the home of The Vernon Film Society and is a classic example of a 1930's Art Deco style theatre. Built in 1929-30, the Towne Cinema began its life as The National Ball Room, presenting live entertainment on stage, hosting banquets and stage plays. It was the main venue in Vernon for entertaining the troops during the Second World War and was heavily involved in selling war bonds and the collection of aluminum from its customers for the war effort

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

-by-the-Sea", and in 1910 it reported that 60 percent of Carmel's houses were built by citizens who were "devoting their lives to work connected to the aesthetic arts." Early City Councils were dominated by artists, and the city has had several mayors who were poets or actors, including Herbert Heron, founder of the Forest Theater, bohemian writer and actor Perry Newberry, and actor-director Clint Eastwood, who was mayor for one term, from 1986 to 1988. The city is known for being

Prince Rupert, British Columbia

(maritime) shipping terminals followed. The 1960s, 1970s and 1980s saw the construction of many amenities including a civic centre, swimming pool, public library, golf course and performing arts centre (recently renamed "The Lester Centre of the Arts"). Prince Rupert had much to offer as it transitioned from a fishing and mill town to a small city. In the 1990s, both the fishing and forest industries experienced a significant downturn in economic

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

: SciWorks, The Science Center and Environmental Park of Forsyth County * Children's Museum of Winston-Salem offers engaging exhibits and programs designed to develop creative thinking, strengthen language skills, and encourage curiosity for children ages birth to eight. Not a museum, but an indoor playground for children with activities (admission fee or membership required). Art Winston-Salem is often referred to as the "City of the Arts", ref>

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