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Lakeside Apartments District, Oakland, California

in the center.

Flin Flon

performances, including those produced by the local theatre troupe "Ham Sandwich". In 2010, the Northern Visual Arts Centre (or NorVA) was established as a studio and gallery space for local visual artists. NorVA frequently hosts workshops, concerts and other community arts-based events. Every two years, the Flin Flon Community Choir, directed by Crystal Kolt, performs a musical production for the community. In 2013, the Flin Flon


building was opened in 1908 and the 600-seat theatre underwent a refurbishment in 2004. It houses its own rehearsal room, wardrobe, cafe, and bar. The Palace also shows films and 'live' and 'as live' streams of opera and ballet during its theatre season. The Pump House The Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre is based in an old pumping station situated just off the Lower High Street. The building was converted for use as a theatre, with rehearsal rooms, and meeting place for local arts

based groups. Current facilities include a 124 seat theatre, rehearsal rooms, and live music venue. Community groups currently meeting at the Pump House include Dance House (children's ballet), Pump House Clog Morris (women's Morris dancing (Morris dance)), Pump House Jazz (jazz club), Open House (live open mic music), Woodside Morris Men (men's Morris dancing), child, youth and adult theatre groups and also the Giggle Inn comedy club. The Pump House


). Gyeongju is strongly associated with the educational tradition of Hwarangdo ("Way of the Flower of Young Men") which was established and flourished during the Silla period. It is a military and philosophical code that offered the basis of training to Hwarang, a military cadet of youths from the aristocratic class. The training equally emphasized on practicing academic and martial arts based on Buddhism and patriotism. A number

Olympia, Washington

;, as written and arranged by founding lead singer Gretchen Christopher and the group was originally named '''Two Girls and a Guy''', but both were changed en route to the song's becoming a chart-topper. The '''Procession of the Species Celebration''' is an annual, community arts-based Earth Day celebration in Olympia, Washington. It is the largest annual Earth Day celebration in the Puget Sound area and Cascadia (Cascadia (bioregion)) bioregion. !-- FOR THE TIME BEING, I AM


Political Science, Journalism and Law at the Free University of Berlin (1970-1979). In 1965, while a student in Munich, he jointly founded the National Union of the Kurdish Students in Europe (NUKSE) with his partisan friends Brusk Ibrahim and Latif Ali. In 1985, he and other emigrants from Kurdistan, academics, scientists, literates and artists founded the Kurdish Academy of Science and Arts, based in Stockholm. Germany In Germany, the depression had reached its


and Latif Ali. In 1985, he and other emigrants from Kurdistan, academics, scientists, literates and artists founded the Kurdish Academy of Science and Arts, based in Stockholm. International Congresses of Vexillology Since 1969, FIAV has sponsored the biennial International Congresses of Vexillology (ICV). Previous Congresses have been held in Muiderberg (1965), Zürich and Rüschlikon (1967), Boston (1969), Turin (1971), London (1973), IJsselmeer (1975


in the Arts based in Miami. He brought professional basketball to South Florida with the forming of the Miami Heat in 1988, and established the philanthropic Arison Foundation in Israel and the United States. Rescue boats and helicopters searched the area, including four Egyptian frigates. Italian Coastal Patrol Unit Ships patrolled for more than 90 hours in severe weather conditions and eight survivors were rescued by MFO vessels "Vedetta" and "


-based submissions, resulting in a more well-rounded skill-set. The shoot wrestlers were especially successful in Japan. As competitions became more and more common, those with a base in striking arts became more competitive as they cross trained in arts based around takedowns (takedown (grappling)) and submission holds, leading to notable upsets against the then dominant grapplers. Likewise, those from the varying grappling styles added

United States

that their immediate future was decided in the light of Western interests, as they now lost an independence that had been nominal at best. '''''FIFA 06''''', also known as '''''FIFA Soccer 06''''', is a video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts based around the game of football (association football). It was released in the United States on 4 October 2005 for the PlayStation 2 http: ps2 sports fifa2006 index.html

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