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for a taxi is ₩2,200. Most taxi drivers do not speak English. By bike Most bicycle shops sell second hand bicycles starting at about ₩50,000. You can buy one and sell it back to the shop for about 50% of purchase price. See thumbnail The "village guardians" at Ojukheon (File:Ojukheon 오죽헌 烏竹軒 village guardians.jpg) *

This is a massive 26.9 ac. natural art park established by a husband-and-wife team of sculptors. The couple’s desire to preserve the smallest pieces of grass, flowers, trees, and rocks harmonized nature and artistic creations to bring into being a massive art world. Named after Haslla, an old name of Gangneung, it is also known as one of the most beautiful scenic points for the sunrise and moonrise along the east coast. *

St. Andrews, New Brunswick

operated the historic Canadian properties as well as the Fairmont's U.S. properties until sold in 2006. Biography Bannister was born in St. Andrews, New Brunswick and moved to New England in the late 1840s, where he remained for the rest of his life. While Bannister was well known in the artistic community of his adopted home of Providence, Rhode Island and admired within the wider East Coast art world (he won a bronze medal for his large oil "Under the Oaks" at the 1876

Winter Haven, Florida

Florida , which opened on October 15, 2011. Legoland Florida is a state-of-the-art, world-class theme park that successfully retained some of the tradition and history of the original site, including part of the original botanical garden and a water ski show.

Binghamton, New York

: firstfridays firstfridays.html First Fridays These events have been drawing large crowds downtown since 2004. Artists of local prominence that display or have galleries include photorealist painter Anthony Brunelli, Orazio Salati, and Marla Olmstead, a local child who achieved fame in the art world for her abstract art. Anthony Brunelli: Biography http

North Korea

of Socialist realism. North Korean painting combines the influence of Soviet and Japanese visual expression to instill a sentimental loyalty to the system. Commons:Category:North Korea WikiPedia:North Korea Dmoz:Regional Asia North Korea


Honours Order of Precedence New Zealand Commemorative Medal in 1990 for services to the country. In 2004 he was awarded DCNZM (New Zealand Order of Merit). He was declared an Icon of New Zealand Art in 2003. Biography, The Arts Council art-world "Potter shapes art world ", "Len

Providence, Rhode Island

in the artistic community of his adopted home of Providence, Rhode Island and admired within the wider East Coast art world (he won a bronze medal for his large oil "Under the Oaks" at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial (Centennial Exposition)), he was largely forgotten for almost a century for a complexity of reasons, principally connected with racial prejudice. Early life Lovecraft was born on August 20, 1890, at 9:00 a.m. in his family home at 194 (later 454) Angell Street

1990s, after moving to Providence, Rhode Island, he started producing formally complex, often dark depictions of the urban, suburban, and industrial (Industry) landscape. This work, which grew into the project titled "''Wilderness''" continued to evolve when Raphaelson moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1995. The work went unnoticed by the larger photography art world until it was discovered by Sandra Phillips of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It later caught the attention of former Museum of Modern Art curator John Szarkowski. Commercial galleries, on the other hand, struggled to find a place for the work, which blurs many lines between classic formal modernism, the politically aware "New Topographics (New Topography)" photography from the 1970s, highly crafted "fine art" photography, and more contemporary explorations of the banal and ironic. History Maclean was guitarist for the post-hardcore band Six Finger Satellite, based in Providence (Providence, Rhode Island), Rhode Island. The band was struck by several tragedies, and Maclean eventually moved into production duties, utilizing his home studio in Providence (nicknamed "The Parlor"). Eventually James Murphy (James Murphy (electronic musician)) joined the band as sound engineer (where he became known for a punishing tour PA (Amplifier) setup, which he nicknamed "Death From Above"). Updike was born at Providence, Rhode Island. In 1880 he joined the publishers Houghton, Mifflin & Company (Houghton Mifflin), of Boston as an errand boy. He worked for the firm's Riverside Press and trained as a printer but soon moved to typographic design. He set up on his own in 1893, and renamed his enterprise the Merrymount Press in 1896. That same year, one of his first works with the "Merrymount Press" was "In the Old Days, A Fragment" written by his mother, Elisabeth Bigelow Updike, as reminiscences of her youth. Production * This episode wrongly reports the location of the University of Rhode Island (URI), claiming that it is in Providence (Providence, Rhode Island) when, in fact, it is in Kingston (Kingston, Rhode Island) on the other side of the state. While URI has a satellite campus (the Feinstein Campus) in Providence, URI's sports teams play in Kingston. * Actor Steven Van Zandt wore his own golfing hat for a scene in which Silvio plays a round of golf. right 225px thumb No word floats without an anchoring connection within an overall structure. (File:Typography case be.svg) '''Stanley Eugene Fish (w:Stanley Fish)''' (born 19 April 1938) is an American (w:United States) literary theorist (w:literary theory) and legal scholar. He was born and raised in Providence (w:Providence, Rhode Island). He is the Davidson-Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Humanities and a professor of law at Florida International University (w:Florida International University), in Miami (w:Miami), as well as Dean Emeritus of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago (w:University of Illinois at Chicago), and the author of 12 books. US District Court (w:US District Court) Judge Ernest Torres convicted Taricani, a reporter for WJAR-TV News in Providence (w:Providence, Rhode Island), Rhode Island (w:Rhode Island). The video in question showed the city's mayor, Vincent Cianci, taking a $ (w:United States dollar)1000 bribe. The official was subsequently convicted for corruption. During Cianci's trial, the court had ordered the video to be sealed. It was subsequently released to reporter Jim Taricani. Torres opined that the leak had been designed to prevent a fair trial and, as the video was sealed, the person who leaked it had broken the law. Physicist Horatiu Nastase of Brown University (w:Brown University) in Providence, Rhode Island (w:Providence, Rhode Island) says that the calculations show that the fireball has properties similar to that of a black hole. Nastase says this could help explain why so few jets are seen coming out of the fireball. He thinks the particles are being absorbed into the core and reappearing as thermal (Hawking) radiation (w:Hawking radiation), just like theory predicts happens in a black hole. The poor weather conditions prompted the shutdown of LaGuardia (w:LaGuardia International Airport), John F. Kennedy (w:John F. Kennedy International Airport), and Newark International (w:Newark International Airport) Airports. Delta Airlines (w:Delta Airlines) also canceled flights in and out of Washington (w:Washington, D.C.), Philadelphia (w:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Baltimore (w:Baltimore, Maryland), Providence (w:Providence, Rhode Island), and Hartford (w:Hartford, Connecticut). In Massachusetts, heavy snow and blizzard warnings were in effect as visibility had been greatly hindered by the falling snow. There were other reports of near-blizzard conditions in parts of Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Addis Ababa

specialist Patrick Trevor-Roper, who diagnosed a latent squint (Strabismus) and recommended that Chatwin take a six-month break from his work at Sotheby's. Trevor-Roper had been involved in the design of an eye hospital in Addis Ababa, and suggested Chatwin visit east Africa. In February 1965, Chatwin left for the Sudan. . On his return, Chatwin quickly became disenchanted with the art world, and turned his interest


and subsequently started arresting large numbers of Polish citizens. * 1942 – Mutesa II (Mutesa II of Buganda) is crowned the 35th and last Kabaka (Kabaka of Buganda) (king) of Buganda. *1943 – Holocaust: Nazis liquidate Janowska Janowska concentration

Madison, Wisconsin

of the University of Wisconsin–Madison . Althea Bardeen, before marrying, had taught at the Dewey Laboratory School and run an interior decorating business; after marriage she was an active figure in the art world. For nearly 15 years she was an influential (if intermittent) review columnist for ''The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction''. Mendlesohn 2009, p. 19. Though by then she was no longer an active member of science fiction fandom, she was interviewed by phone

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