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Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

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Hazelton, British Columbia

sternwheeler ''Caledonia'' successfully negotiated through the Kitselas Canyon and reached Hazelton. A number of other steamers were built around the turn of the century, in part due to the growing fish industry and the Klondike Gold Rush. The '''Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine''' is a type of local government administration in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. As of the Canada 2001 Census it had a population of 40,876 living on a land area of 91,910.63 km² (35,486.89 sq mi). Its administrative offices are in the city of Terrace (Terrace, British Columbia). The next-largest municipality in the regional district is the District Municipality of Kitimat (Kitimat, British Columbia). The other incorporated municipalities in the regional district are the Village of Hazelton (Hazelton, British Columbia), the District of New Hazelton (New Hazelton, British Columbia) and the District of Stewart (Stewart, British Columbia). Unincorporated communities are many, most of them Indian Reserves which are not part of the governmental system of the regional district, which has limited powers relating mostly to municipal-type services. The remote settlement of Dease Lake (Dease Lake, British Columbia), formerly in the Stikine Region, was added to the regional district on December 1, 2007. Geography The 257 km long Bulkley River runs through the valley which is bounded on the west by the Hudson Bay Mountain range and on the east by the Babine Mountains. The northern boundary of the valley is usually considered the Bulkey's confluence with the Skeena River at Hazelton (Hazelton, British Columbia), although it is sometimes placed further south near Moricetown. The valley's southern edge is at Bulkley Lake, part way between Houston (Houston, British Columbia) and Burns Lake (Burns Lake, British Columbia). The Bulkley, a smaller stream running through Houston and the Morice join just west of Houston. At the point of their joining they become the Bulkley, not the Morice despite the fact the Morice is larger. This was done by Poudrier, a government cartographer whom, it is rumoured, never saw the region.

Terrace, British Columbia

of the Skeena River, near Prince Rupert) to Hazelton (Hazelton, British Columbia). It was not until 1891 that the Hudson's Bay Company sternwheeler ''Caledonia'' successfully negotiated the Kitselas Canyon and reached Hazelton. A number of other steamers were built around the turn of the century, in part due to the growing fishing industry and the Klondike Gold Rush. '''Kitsumkaylum''' is a First Nations reserve (Indian reserve) of the Kitsumkalum group of the Tsimshian people, located near the city of Terrace (Terrace, British Columbia) in the Skeena Country of northwestern British Columbia, Canada. There are approximately 5,000 British Columbia wide with many living in traditional Gitxsan territory. Many also live elsewhere in British Columbia, in places such as Terrace (Terrace, British Columbia), Smithers (Smithers, British Columbia), and in Vancouver (Vancouver, British Columbia), as well as around the world. call_letters CFTK-TV city Terrace (Terrace, British Columbia), British Columbia station_logo 220px (Image:CFTK.svg) '''CFTK-TV''' is a television station in Terrace (Terrace, British Columbia), British Columbia, broadcasting on channel 7 (Citywest cable), channel 3 (off air), channel 324 (Shaw Direct), channel 256 (Bell TV). It is owned by Astral Media and is the CBC Television affiliate in that city. The station also has a repeater in Prince Rupert (Prince Rupert, British Columbia), broadcasting on Channel 6. Directions Fraser Lake is east of Burns Lake (69), Topley (Topley%2C British Columbia) (120), Houston (Houston, British Columbia) (150), Smithers (Smithers, British Columbia) (216), Terrace (Terrace, British Columbia) (419), and Prince Rupert (Prince Rupert, British Columbia) (563). It is west from Fort Fraser (20), Vanderhoof (59), Fort St. James (106), and Prince George (Prince George, British Columbia) (154).

Northern Qi

, and columnar in shape. A jar has been found in a Northern Qi tomb, which was closed in 576 CE, and is considered as a precussor of the Tang Sancai style of ceramics.


) (1549–1598) was a Chinese general of Ming empire who is from the town of Tieling (Chinese:鐵嶺衛), LiaoDong (Chinese:遼東) province,he was the Commander-in-chief of the Ming Empire (Ming Dynasty)'s army in the first half of the "Sino-Japanese War"(1592–1598) took place in Korea peninsula. The war was ordered by Emperor titled ShenZong (Wanli Emperor) (Chinese:明神宗) http: lishi2005 mingshi 020.htm 冬十月壬寅,李如松提督蓟、辽、保定、山东军务,充防海御倭总兵官,救朝鲜。-《明史》 to protect Korea (Joseon) from the Japanese invasion (Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598)) masterminded by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, upon the request of the King of Korea- Li Yan (Seonjo of Joseon) (Chinese:李昖), http: lishi2005 mingshi 020.htm 五月,倭犯朝鲜,陷王京,朝鲜王李昖公奔义州求救。-《明史》 as well as following Ming empire's obligation to protect its vassal state(In Ming dynasty,Korea was considered part of China,unlike the present concept of "vassal state".) http: lishi2005 mingshi 320.htm 朝鲜在明虽称属国,而无异域内。-《明史》 His father was Li Chengliang (Chinese:李成梁),was also a famed army commander of Ming empire,was known for his accomplishment of defending LiaoDong province from Manchus. http: 194c6894-51d5-4df3-a4bc-fa1282139f82!39f5412a-ad19-49c8-bffc-bceba1682122.html 成梁英毅骁健,有大将才。家贫,不能袭职,年四十犹为诸生。巡按御史器之,资入京,乃得袭。积功为辽东险山参将。隆庆元年,士蛮大入永平。成梁赴援有功,进副总兵,仍守险山。寻协守辽阳。三年四月,张摆失等屯塞下,成梁迎击斩之,歼其卒百六十有奇。-《明史》 Based on historical document Li Rusong's 6th generation ancestor Li Ying(Chinese:李英) is originally from the Korean town of Chosan in present-day North Korea (Hangul: 초산군, Hanja: 楚山郡,Chinese:楚山郡). But there is also historical document states that the further ancestor of family Li was from central China,who moved to Korea during war time. http: view 70277.htm 有考证说李如松祖籍为陇西,唐朝末年为避乱迁入朝鲜,祖上旅居朝鲜的先祖可以追查四代,名为:李哲根穗、李哈山、李厦霸努、李把图理。李把图理的儿子“李膺尼,洪武渡江 李如松 李如松 归附”明朝,归附后“授总旗”,高祖李英,授世铁岭指挥佥事,从此李氏便在铁岭安家落户。到了李如松的父亲李成梁这一代,李氏一门世袭官爵,族亲旺盛,成了明清以来铁岭著名的大户。 Expulsion Jang's extraordinary accomplishments earned him much trust of the king. Some government officials were very jealous of Jang, especially when he had achieved so much regardless of his common origin. Furthermore, as Joseon's society was rooted in Korean Confucianism, scientists and engineers were held in low esteem in parallel with craftsmen. *Chosen Army of Japan, the occupation army under Japanese rule (Korea under Japanese rule). *Chosŏn, see under Joseon or Joseon Dynasty. *''Chosun Ilbo'', a South Korean newspaper. According to Annals of Joseon Dynasty, Nam Gon now set out to slander Jo and wrote a phrase "Ju cho will become the king" (주초위왕, 走肖爲王)" with honey or sugary water on mulberry leaves so that caterpillars left behind such phrase on leaves in the palace. Annals, September 21, 1568 When two Hanja (Chinese) characters "ju"(走) and "cho"(肖) are put together, they form a new Hanja character "jo"(趙), which happen to be Jo Gwang-jo's family name. Consort Hong or Consort Park showed the leaf to Jungjong and claimed that this was the heaven's warning that Jo would take the throne himself after eliminating Hungu faction. Jungjong, who himself rose to the throne through a coup d'état, began to distrust Jo Gwang-jo. It should be noted that when Goryeo dynasty fell and was replaced by Joseon dynasty, there was popular saying "Son of wood will gain the country" (목자득국 木子得國). When two Hanja characters meaning wood(木) and son(子) are combined, they form a new character "yi"(李), which happens to be the family name of Yi Seoung-gye (Taejo of Joseon), who deposed the last king of Goryeo and founded Joseon dynasty. These phrases helped Yi Seoung-gye win popular support for the new dynasty as heaven's will.


rule. Art works featuring depictions of Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion, became increasing popular. Great Building Era thumb The Ruwanwelisaya Ruwanwelidaham Saya (Image:Ruwanwelisaya.jpg) Stupa

Prince George, British Columbia

9575 locale% 56% riding% 53% - There are more labour events being planned. Across northern B.C. thousands of Canadian Union of Public Employees (w:Canadian Union of Public Employees) (CUPE) members are off the job in solidarity with the teachers. In Prince George (w:Prince George, British Columbia) a rally is planned to be held in front of the office of Education Minister Shirley Bond (w:Shirley Bond).

St. Augustine, Florida

, and as of the end of 2005 had 2,788 interments. It is currently closed to new interments.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

-us fact-sheet publisher Science Central title Fact Sheet 2012 accessdate 2013-06-18 Established in 1921, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMoA) is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, specializing in the collection and exhibition of American art (Visual art of the United States). Ichthus Festival is also no longer just one festival. Ichthus Ministries now has other satellite festivals. One is a one day, 4 staged festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana which was held on September 25, 2010. See the Ichthus Fort Wayne website http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 119&Itemid 167 Ichthus Fort Wayne featured top names such as Switchfoot, Relient K, Red (Red (band)), Thousand Foot Krutch, BarlowGirl, The Almost, KJ-52, Disciple (Disciple (band)), Family Force 5, Sanctus Real, and more for the 2010 festival. See the Ichthus Fort Wayne website http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 106&Itemid 163 Another festival owned by Ichthus Ministries was held in Pikeville, Kentucky on October 23, 2010. However, the artists for this have not been announced yet. See the Ichthus Fort Wayne Website http: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 120&Itemid 168


hollow clay tiles that function as a door to the tomb. Otherwise known as tomb tiles, these artifacts feature holes in the top and bottom of the title allowing it to pivot. Similar tiles have been found in the Chengdu area of Sichuan province in south-central China.

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