Oak Bay, British Columbia

Columbia , Canada, and is a seaside community. A member municipality of the Capital Regional District, a community east of and adjacent to the city of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia). It is one of the 13 municipalities of Greater Victoria. Notable features Oak Bay has several notable features which include: * The Oak Bay Village is the heart of Oak Bay, which runs along Oak Bay Avenue. * Home to one of the largest collections of Art & Crafts Galleries on Vancouver

Island. A leisurely stroll through the Village finds 7 superb Art Galleries and Craft Studios representing some of the finest Canadian art & crafts available. * Its beautiful and rugged shorelines and beaches, popular with boaters. * Its two marinas the Oak Bay Marina & Royal Victoria Yacht Club. * Well-maintained houses and gardens throughout the municipality. * Oak Bay has a large number of old style and heritage homes. * The Oak Bay community is known for being stringent against

Galiano Island

, and a Top Ten Films of the Year designation from the Toronto International Film Festival. Her previous work includes the experimental short (short film) ''Skinned'', and as editor for ''Two Brides and a Scalpel: Diary of a Lesbian Marriage'' (1999). She is also the editor of the book ''Making Video 'In': The Contested Ground of Alternative Video on the West Coast''. She has taught at the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver. She lives on Galiano Island in British Columbia, Canada. type provincial park location Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada coords '''Collinson Point Provincial Park''' is a provincial park (Provincial Parks of British Columbia) on Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada. It is located between Mount Galiano and the western approaches to Active Pass. The area is 24 hectares, with c. 500 metres of waterfront. thumb (Image:Collinson Point Provincial Park.JPG) '''Dionisio Point Provincial Park''' is a provincial park in the southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. It is located at the northwestern tip of Galiano Island, across Porlier Pass from Valdes Island. '''Wallace Island Marine Provincial Park''' is a provincial park in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. The park includes almost all Commons:Category:Galiano Island


(born 1982) - song writer * Husayn ibn Talib al-Damghani, architect-engineer, built the tomb over the grave of Muhammad ibn Ja'far (Muhammad ibn Ja'far al-Sadiq (Al-Dibaj)) in Bastam <

Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

Vishnu valign "top" Pahari painting, 1800, of Shiva’s family on the march - Chamba miniature paintings Chamba is noted for its miniature Pahari paintings, Dogra legends of art &amp; culture By Aśoka Jeratha pp. 112-4 where Basohli style of Pahari paintings took roots with Nikku, the artist of Basohli migrating from Guler to Chamba in the eighteenth century. Raja Udai Singh and Raja Jai Singh patronized this school of painting. Most of the other castes of Gaddis are thought to be descended from people who fled to the hills to escape the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb's persecutions in the 17th century CE. right 300px thumb Dhauladhar from Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh Dharamsala (File:Montaro Dhauladhar (foto de Dharamsala).jpg) The '''Dhauladhar''' range (lit. The White Range) Singh (2000), p. 2. is a southern branch of the main Outer Himalayan chain of mountains. It rises spectacularly from the Indian plains to the north of Kangra (Kangra, Himachal Pradesh) and Mandi (Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India). Dharamsala (Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh), the headquarters of Kangra district, lies on its southern spur (Spur (mountain)) in above the Kangra Valley, which divides it from Chamba (Chamba, Himachal Pradesh). Dhaula Dhar ''The Imperial Gazetteer of India'', v. 11, ''p. 287.'' Synopsis Manav (Akshaye Khanna) comes to visit India with his wealthy father Jagmohan Mehta (Amrish Puri), his aunt and uncle, and his father's employees. In Chamba (Chamba, Himachal Pradesh) he meets Mansi (Aishwarya Rai), the beautiful daughter of a spiritual singer named Tara Babu (Alok Nath); their families meet, and Jagmohan and Tara Babu become acquainted and friendly toward each other. Manav and Mansi fall in love, but when Jagmohan learns of this he packs the family up and moves them to their house in Mumbai, with the excuse that Mansi and her father are of low social status. However, he is nice to Tara Babu's face and invites him to come and stay with him and Mumbai if he, Tara Babu, ever happens to be travelling there. Mansi is distressed by Manav's departure but he assures her that he will not abandon her and that everything will be fine. She gives Manav his scarf which she modified, making it say "Manavsi", a mixture of their names. Dalhousie is a gateway to the ancient Chamba Hill State, now Chamba District of the state of Himachal Pradesh of India. This hill region is a repository of ancient Hindu culture, art, temples, and handicrafts preserved under the longest-running single dynasty since the mid-6th century. Chamba (Chamba, Himachal Pradesh) is the hub of this culture. Bharmour, the ancient capital of this kingdom, is home to the Gaddi and Gujjar tribes and has 84 ancient temples dating from the 7th–10th century AD. 200px thumb Nala (Image:Nala Damayanti.jpg)- Damayanti theme, from the Mahabharat in Pahari style '''Pahari painting''' (literal meaning a painting from the mountainous regions, ''pahar'' means a mountain in Hindi) is an umbrella term used for a form of Indian painting, originating from Himalayan Hill kingdoms of North India, during 17th-19th century. Notably Basohli, Mankot, Nurpur, Chamba (Chamba, Himachal Pradesh), Kangra (Kangra, Himachal Pradesh), Guler (Haripur Guler), Mandi (Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India), and Garhwal (Garhwal Kingdom), and was done mostly in miniature forms. Hindu Hill Kingdoms ''V&A Museum''. Pahari ''Kamat''. During the Second Anglo-Maratha War of 1803-1805, some of the states in the region gave their allegiance to General Gerard Lake. At the conclusion of the war, the frontier of British India was extended to the Yamuna, and an 1809 agreement with Ranjit Singh, ruler of the Sikh Empire west of the Sutlej, brought the states under formal British protection. The Cis-Sutlej states included Kaithal, Patiala, Jind, Thanesar, Maler Kotla, and Faridkot (Faridkot State). Before 1846 the greater part of this territory was independent, the chiefs being subject to supervision from a political officer stationed at Umballa, and styled the agent of the Governor-General of India for the Cis-Sutlej states. A number of states were confiscated, or acquired by Britain under the Doctrine of Lapse. After the First Anglo-Sikh War the full administration of the territory became vested in this officer. In 1849 the Punjab was annexed to British India, when the Cis-Sutlej states commissionership, comprising the districts of Umballa, Ferozepore (Ferozepore District), Ludhiana (Ludhiana District), Thanesar (Thanesar District) and Simla (Simla District), was incorporated with the new Punjab Province (Punjab (British India)). The name continued to be applied to this division until 1862, when, owing to Ferozepore having been transferred to Lahore Division, and a part of Thanesar to Delhi Division, it ceased to be appropriate. The remaining tract became known as the Umballa Division. The princely states of Patiala, Jind, and Nabha were appointed a separate political agency in 1901. Excluding Bahawalpur, for which there was no political agent, and Chamba (Chamba, Himachal Pradesh), the other states were grouped under the commissioners of Jullunder and Delhi, and the superintendent of the Simla Hill States. '''Pathankot''' (Punjabi (Punjabi language): ਪਠਾਨਕੋਟ) became 22nd district on 27 July 2011 and a municipal corporation in the Indian state (States and territories of India) of Punjab (Punjab (India)). It was a part of the Nurpur princely state ruled by the Rajputs prior to 1849 AD. It is a meeting point of the three northern states (North India) of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Due to its ideal location, Pathankot serves as a travel hub for the three northerly states. Pathankot is the fifth largest city in the state of Punjab in terms of population. It is the last city in Punjab on the national highway that connects Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India. Situated in the foothills of Kangra and Dalhousie, with the river Chakki flowing close by, the city is often used as a rest-stop before heading into the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir, Dalhousie, Chamba (Chamba, Himachal Pradesh), and Kangra (Kangra Valley), deep into the Himalayas.

Highland Park, Los Angeles

is in the area. Transportation Highland Park is served by the Highland Park (LACMTA station), along Metro's (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority) Gold Line (Gold Line (Los Angeles Metro)) light rail line. The station is an island platform located near the intersection of North Avenue 57 at Marmion Way, (one block west of North Figueroa Street). It is also served by Metro Local bus lines 81, 83, 176, and 256, as well as LADOT's DASH Highland Park Eagle Rock bus line. Highland Park is served

Ambato, Ecuador

of Art &amp; Design in Manhattan. While a student there she was introduced to graffiti and began writing at age fifteen. http: woodwardgallery.net pink pink-resume.pdf Within a few years LADY PINK began running with TC5 (The Cool 5) and TPA (The Public Animals) crews and was soon well known as the only female capable of competing with the boys in the graffiti subculture. '''Lady Pink''' painted subway trains from the years 1979-1985. Boston Globe, '''Lady Pink''' and the Graffiti Capers by Christine Temin, ca. 1983 http: woodwardgallery.net pink bostonglobe_pink.pdf In 1980, she was included in the landmark New York show “GAS: Graffiti Art Success” at Fashion Moda, which traveled in a modified form downtown to The New Museum of Contemporary Art. Young, approachable, quick-witted, and one of the only female graffiti writers, '''Lady Pink''' became among the most photographed and interviewed graffiti artist of her time. fullname location Ambato (Ambato, Ecuador), Ecuador coordinates '''Estadio Bellavista''' is a multi-use stadium in Ambato (Ambato, Ecuador), Ecuador. It is currently used mostly for football (football (soccer)) matches and is the home stadium of Macará (Club Social y Deportivo Macará) and Técnico Universitario (Club Deportivo Técnico Universitario). The stadium holds 20,000 spectators and is located on Bolivariana Avenue, a main thoroughfare through the city of Ambato. History The stadium was built in 1945 and inaugurated in July of the same year. Four years later however, the stadium was significantly damaged by the earthquake that hit Ambato on August 5, 1949 (1949 Ambato earthquake). The stadium underwent a renovation and was reopened the next year. In 1993, Estadio Bellavista was one of the locations for Copa America (Copa America 1993) games. Ambato (Ambato, Ecuador) played host to Venezuela (Venezuela national football team), United States (United States men's national soccer team), and Uruguay (Uruguay national football team). Though set inland, Quevedo's geographic location makes it an important logistics link between the Pacific coastal area's main population centers like Guayaquil, Santo Domingo and Manta and cities in the Andes highlands such as Ambato (Ambato, Ecuador) and Quito ''http: www.quevedo.gov.ec Site Fijos ciudad.aspx'', "La Cuidad" Gobierno Municipal de Quevedo 10 August 2010 . Because of its location west of the Andes mountains and right next to the Vinces River (a major waterway and tributary to the Pacific Ocean), the city is vulnerable to flooding ''http: www.columbiagazetteer.org main ViewPlace 0 115386'' Columbia Gazetteer of the World, Quevedo 10 August 2010 . Quevedo has a tropical wet climate, which, coupled with rich volcanic soils, produces excellent conditions for agriculture.


of districts of India District is on the Indian side, where a rail line ends. There are direct trains from there to Katihar, Kolkata and New Delhi. A rail extension to Biratnagar has been proposed and surveyed. *'''Intracity:''' Cycle rickshaws and taxis serve the city center. Auto rickshaws (Tempos) are available for longer distances outside the center. Art &amp; Literature Biratnagar has been the ground for several literary works. Some of the prominent books in Nepali


for night life is outside of Jeonbuk National University, the large national university in Jeonju. There are hundreds of bars and restaurants; you're sure to find something that you like there. Foreign bars in Jeonju include J.R.'s Saloon, Deepin, Art &amp; Travel, Tombstone and Mexico. Sleep *

Statesboro, Georgia

'''Zaxby's''' is a franchised (Franchising) chain of fast casual restaurants that operates primarily in the Southeastern United States with 500 locations. Zaxby's 500th location opened in Tifton, Georgia the summer of 2010. Zaxby's Locations Acquired 26-5-06 The first Zaxby's was opened in Statesboro, Georgia, near the Georgia Southern University campus, by Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley. Their menu is built around buffalo chicken wings, "chicken fingers", sandwiches with fries, and salads (i.e., "zalads"). Zaxby's Menu Acquired 26-5-06 It follows in the footsteps of another chicken fingers-based restaurant: Guthrie's, in 1978, in Alabama. Zaxby's offers a wide variety of dipping sauces, such as the "original Zax Sauce". Coca-Cola's brands of soft drinks are served, as well. The dining rooms at Zaxby's restaurants are decorated with assorted whimsical objects and posters, which often vary in theme by location and which occasionally are regionally aware. For instance, at one location in Gainesville, Florida, objects related to the University of Florida Gators (Florida Gators) are used as decorations, while at the Tallahassee, Florida location, objects related to the Florida State University Seminoles (Florida State Seminoles) are used. Similarly, at the Orlando, Florida location, citrus-industry themed decorations line the walls. Zaxby's are located in all of the southern states except for Louisiana (although new locations will be established there soon), Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Georgia Midland operates three branch lines, all within Georgia, connecting Fort Valley (Fort Valley, Georgia) to Allon (Allon, Georgia) Google Maps; Satellite View; Allon, GA; Retrieved February 28, 2010 and Perry, Georgia Perry , connecting Dover (Dover, Georgia) through Statesboro (Statesboro, Georgia) to Metter (Metter, Georgia) and connecting Ardmore (Ardmore, Georgia) to Sylvania (Sylvania, Georgia). The Universalist Herald is published quarterly, is owned by the Universalist Herald Publishing Company, and is governed by a nine-person Board of Directors: Linda Foshee, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Joyce Gilbert, Rochester, New York; Charles Howe, Raleigh, North Carolina; Rich Koster, Fort Thomas, Kentucky; Ann Malpass, Mount Olive, North Carolina; Peggy Rawheiser, Wilmington, North Carolina; Steven Rowe, Statesboro, Georgia; Doug Shaheen, Dorchester, Massachusetts; Ken Vincent, Houston, Texas.


the possible future and is to be on display in city hall. thumb 250px left Stephen Leacock House museum in Orillia (Image:Stephen Leacock House Orillia.jpg) Orillia's "Arts District” is located on Peter St. S., between Mississauga St. E and Colborne St. E. and is home to a variety of art galleries, fine dining and shops. At its centre is The Orillia Museum of Art &amp; History (OMAH), considered the hub of art and culture for the city, playing

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