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and Architecture year 1995 volume XII publisher Brill Academic Publishers isbn 90-04-10314-7 * *

Kenzō Tange

1990 origyear 1980 publisher Thames and Hudson location London, United Kingdom isbn 0-500-20201-X * *


Cruickshank title Sir Banister Fletcher's a History of Architecture year 1996 chapter Africa publisher Architectural Press isbn 0-7506-2267-9 page 1466 It retained this status until 1967. Persons hailing from Kaduna include Efe Ambrose, Emmanuel Babayaro, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab ("the underwear bomber"), Celestine Babayaro(Nigerian footballers) and Fiona Fullerton (British actress and former Bond girl). The Nigerian Islamic umbrella

Liao dynasty

2006 volume 66 issue 2 pages 363–422 url http: stable 25066819 accessdate 18 September 2012 * *

Siwa Oasis

author-link first2 last2 author2-link editor-last Arnold editor-first Dieter editor2-last Strudwick editor2-first Helen editor3-last Strudwick editor3-first Nigel contribution contribution-url title The Encyclopaedia of Ancient Egyptian Architecture year 2003 pages place publisher I B Tauris url http: ?id XIns9M_9DcgC&pg RA1-PA223&lpg RA1-PA223&dq %22Siwa+Oasis%22


a favourite theme in the Bagan period. The original Indic design was gradually modified first by the Pyu (Pyu people), and then by Burmans at Bagan where the ''stupa'' gradually developed a longer, cylindrical form. The earliest Bagan ''stupas'' such as the Bupaya (c


11th chapterurl http: stream encyclopaediabri15chisrich#page 130 mode 2up chapter Jalalabad ;Published in the 21st century * *


editor C. Edmund Bosworth year 2007 publisher Koninklijke Brill location Leiden chapter Fez * External links


of ceramics invented by Arabic chemists (Alchemy and chemistry in Islam) and potters (Islamic pottery) in Basra, Iraq *9th century – Stoneware

Stonepaste ceramics invented in Iraq Upon the death of al-Radi in 940, al-Suli fell into disfavour with the new ruler due to his sympathies towards

. The earliest tin-glazed pottery thus appears to have been made in Iraq in the 9th century. Caiger-Smith, 1973, p.23 From

Dearborn, Michigan

year 2003 publisher Grass Lake, MI: Eyry of the Eagle Publishing isbn 1-891143-24-7 * * Rignall, Karen (graduate

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