code (of seat) postal_code 73310 area_code 975 blank_name blank_info blank1_name Demonym blank1_info Zacatecos website '''Zacatlán''' is a city and municipalities of Mexico municipality located in the Sierra Norte de Puebla region of Puebla in central Mexico. The area is known for its production of apples, other fruit, cider and fruit wines, which

newspaper Mural location Guadalajara, Mexico date August 6, 2010 page 4 language Spanish trans_title Celebrating fertility There is a local version of danzón called Zacatlán de la Manzanas performed here, a work by local musician Pedro Escandon. The festival generally exhibits and sells over 100,000 crates of apples as well as hundreds of crates of plums and pears. The festival is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. Another major

apple-related event is the Cider Festival in November, which draws about 10,000 visitors each year. The town produces about a million bottles of cider each year, using about 10,000 tons of apples. It also promotes other local projects such as jams, soft drinks, preserved fruit and other fruit wines.


on the Chinese (China) province of Xinjiang and Indian Kashmir (Jammu and Kashmir). The tourist season is from April to October. The maximum temperature is 27 C and minimum (October) 8 C. Apart from its incomparable cluster of mountain peaks and glaciers Baltistan's five valleys, - Shigar, Skardu, Khaplu, Rondu and Kharmang are noted for their luscious peaches, apricots, apples and pears. Get in By air Pakistan International Airlines flies daily from Islamabad. However, since

the shimmering peaceful deep Shangrila lake also called Kachura Lake, teeming with brown trout. During spring many exotic and colourful flowers adorn its banks, while peach, apricot and apple trees are laden with blossoms in April. Later in the summer one can taste the apples, which are a particularly delicious variety. Also see '''Shangrila resort'''. * '''Shigar Valley''': The gateway to the great mountain peaks of the Karakorams, Gasherbrum & K-2, is only 23 km away from Skardu via jeep road

. Shigar valley’s gentle, irrigated slopes are filled with terraces of wheat, maize and barley. Its orchards of apricots, mulberries, peaches, plums, pears, apples and nuts are unique to Baltistan. The wooden mosque in the middle of the town was built by Kashmiri carpenters several hundred years ago. * * '''Khaplu Valley

Pinal de Amoles

;ref name "encmuc" San Pedro el Viejo has 516 inhabitants and its mostly dedicated to seasonal agriculture and orchards with fruits such as apples, plums, pine nuts and peaches. There is some forestry as well. Santa Águeda has 491 inhabitants and has the least amount of natural resources in the municipality. The climate is semi hot and dry, with mostly seasonal agriculture of corn, beans, chili peppers, squash, tomatoes and onions as its

pepper s, potatoes and tomatoes. The area has climates suited for the cultivation of apples, but pears, peaches, quince and fig (Common fig)s are also grown. In the small subtropical area there is the production of limes, lemons, papaya, mangos, guavas, peaches, coffee, avocados, sugar cane, blackberries (blackberry), pineapples and ornamental plants. Livestock is mostly cattle with some sheep, goats and pigs. Local livestock farmers have a cooperative to help

. Initial taste tests were positive but marketing was a challenge. Business students helped out and eventually the product began to appear on store shelves in various parts of Mexico and even in the US. In 2005, the cooperative signed a deal with bottlers to sell 60 tons of Querétaro Golden apples as 550,000 250-ml boxes of juice.


) control, reaching its zenith during the reign of the Amazigh king Juba II. Some ancient Greek writers located at Lixus the mythological garden of the Hesperides, the keepers of the golden apples. The name of the city which was often mentioned by writers from Hanno the Navigator to the Geographer of Ravenna and confirmed by the legend on its coins and by an inscription. The ancients believed this to be the site of the Garden of the Hesperides and of a sanctuary of Hercules, where Hercules gathered

gold apples, more ancient than the one at Cadiz, Spain. However, there are no grounds for the claim that Lixus was founded at the end of the second millennium BC. Life was maintained there nevertheless until the Islamic conquest of North Africa by the presence of a mosque and a house with patio with the covered walls of painted stuccos. Today Today Larache has a population of approximately 121,257. http: 20130209214903 http: wg.php?x 1337341476

Manjimup, Western Australia

Apples accessdate 2008-01-10 date Manjimup used to produce frozen French fries, and had a lucrative tobacco industry that ended in the 1960s.

http: web 20070829004444 http: manjimup.htm archivedate 2007-08-29 Manjimup exports include marri (Corymbia calophylla) flooring; apples, primarily to India;

India taken with Manjimup apples url http: news stories 2004 06 21 1136424.htm publisher ABC News date 21 June 2004 accessdate 2008-01-29 and spring water to Saudi Arabia, Singapore and India. File:Picking tobacco leaves in Manjimup.jpg


. It maintains billboards at the ruins of many buildings and effectively preserves it in the condition that the Israeli army left it in. Since 2004, Syria has accepted the import of apples from farmers in the Golan Heights, territory which it claims, through the Quneitra crossing. This was a result of the on-going Israeli refusal to accept apples from Golan farmers (reportedly due to over-supply), which led to a plea by the farmers to the Syrian government

to accept their produce before it became spoiled in order to prevent economic collapse. In 2010, some 10,000 tons of apples grown by Druze farmers in the Golan Heights were sent to Syria. Israeli trucks cross into Syria in annual 'apple invasion' Research findings In 2002, Asher Kaufman of the Harry S. Truman Research Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, discovered previously unknown

Villa Regina

Regina date November 16, 2012 accessdate April 26, 2013 work ADN Rio Negro publisher Agenda Digital de Noticias Additionally, the area has vineyards which are used to grow grapes that are then turned into sparkling wine.

on the National Route #22. Together with San Carlos de Bariloche, this is the most prosperous part of the province. Most pear and apple plantations are at the ''Alto Valle'', but many also at the ''Valle Medio''. -- Together with Villa Regina, Allen (Allen, Río Negro), Cinco Saltos, Cipolletti, Neuquén and many other smaller towns, they constitute the ''lineal'' urbanisation of the ''Alto Valle'' of the Negro River (Río Negro (Argentina)). Besides apples and pears, there are vineyards, peaches, and other fruits and vegetables. Within the industrial sector highlight the fabrication of refrigerating storehouses, fruit and vegetable packaging, and other agricultural related industries.


the rice paddies. Programs to learn many folk dances and mask dance contests are also prepared during the festival. *

will see them. Spend a day walking around and appreciating the beauty. Maybe the locals will offer apples to foreigners when they are in season around October. Buy The iconic Andong mask replicas are the obvious souvenir of the city, although the mass-produced lacquered ones can be purchased just about anywhere in Korea. At the entrance to Hahoe village you can find entire shops that specialise in these masks, so if seeking a uniquely crafted mask replica, try there. *

of the most beautiful temples in the area Buseoksa draws in the most visitors in the fall when leaves cover the area in color. It can be reached by taking Bus No. 55 or 23 from the Local Bus Terminal. Cost is around ₩4,000 each way and the journey takes 40 minutes approx. Entrance to the temple is ₩2,500. The area has plenty of restaurants and is famous for apples. * '''Sosu Seowan''' Known to be the home of Joseon scholars and the first Confucian school. Entrance is ₩2,500 and it can

Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán

apples. The altar was surrounded by numerous “sand carpets,” such as those associated with traditional funerals, most with Christian themes but also included one depicting the pre-Hispanic belief of a route to the land of the dead. References External links * Santos in Oaxaca's Ancient Churches: Xoxocotlán - Art-historical study of the ''santos'' (statues of saints


: articles 0,7340,L-3994394,00.html ''On the slopes of a hill, at an elevation of 860 meters surrounded by cherry orchards, pears and apples, built houses, especially church building looks from afar. Number of inhabitants 3,000 divided by 55% Maronite Christian, 10% Greek Catholics and the rest are Muslims.''

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