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Buddhist Pala Empire ruled the region for four hundred years, and expanded across much of the Indian subcontinent into Afghanistan during the reigns of Dharmapala (Dharmapala of Bengal) and Devapala. The Pala dynasty was followed by the reign of the Hindu Saiva Sena dynasty. Islam made its first appearance in Bengal during the 12th century when Sufi missionaries arrived. Later, occasional Muslim raiders reinforced the process of conversion by building

their diminished dominion lasted until the late 13th century. publisher Asiatic Society of Bangladesh After a period of anarchy, the Buddhist (Buddhism) Pala dynasty (Pala Empire) ruled the region for four hundred years, followed by a shorter reign of the Hindu Sena dynasty. Islam made its first appearance in Bengal during the 12th century when Sufi missionaries arrived. Later, occasional Muslim raiders reinforced the process of conversion by building mosques

their diminished dominion lasted until the late 13th century. Late Middle Ages - arrival of Islam Islam made its first appearance in Bengal during the 12th century when Sufi missionaries arrived. Beginning in 1202, a military commander from the Delhi Sultanate, Bakhtiar Khilji (Muhammad Khilji), overran Bihar and Bengal as far east as Rangpur (Rangpur, Bangladesh), Bogra and the Brahmaputra River. The defeated Laksman Sen and his two sons moved to a place

South San Francisco, California

, California San Bruno , but also borders the most southern part of the city of South San Francisco (South San Francisco, California). SFO is a hub for United Airlines, its largest tenant,

2009-11-08 CNET listed him first on its list of the "Top 5 video game characters". He was voted 100th in IGN's (IGN) Top 100 Villains for his appearance in ''Donkey Kong Junior''.

March 4, 2011 accessdate 2011-03-21 Reception Since his appearance in the original ''Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong (video game))'' video game, Donkey Kong has been described as one of the most iconic mascots for Nintendo. The 12 greatest arcade machines of all time GamesRadar


, and in general, than the other major cities of Haiti. The community is very stable, with nightlife and business conducted with an appearance of western normality, in striking contrast to many other parts of greater Port-au-Prince. The hillside suburban town is filled with nightclubs, beauty salons, fitness gyms and French restaurants. Businesses which cater to tourists are commonplace, and parties and get-togethers often take place at night. Establishments often host considerable expatriates

the distance from the capital and the general affluence of the district, the lack of administrative enforcement has led to the formation of shantytowns on the outer edges of the district, as poor locals migrate upward and have settled there in search of job opportunities. Pétion-Ville has more security than the center of Port-au-Prince, and in general, than the other major cities of Haiti. The community is very stable, with nightlife and business conducted with an appearance of western normality


a sovereign member state of the Holy Roman Empire. It is a testament to the pure political expediency of the purchases that the Princes of Liechtenstein did not set foot in their new principality for over 120 years. thumb upright Corpus Christi procession in Łowicz (Image:2007 Corpus Christi in Lowicz.jpg), Poland, 2007 thumb Corpus Christi procession in Vaduz (Image:Liechtenstein Corpus Christi.jpg), Liechtenstein, 2007 The appearance of Corpus Christi as a feast

in the Christian calendar (liturgical calendar) was primarily due to the petitions of the thirteenth-century Augustinian nun Juliana of Liège. From her early youth Juliana had a veneration for the Blessed Sacrament, and always longed for a special feast in its honour. This desire is said to have been increased by a vision of the Church under the appearance of the full moon having one dark spot, which signified the absence of such a solemnity.

be very slippery, so if visiting at this time it is best to wear suitable footwear to avoid accidents. A short walk towards the river will offer visitors the chance to experience some great views of the mountains surrounding the city. The old covered bridge which spans the Rhine river provides an interesting way to cross the border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The unpainted, weathered wooden bridge is rustic in appearance. It accommodates foot or bicycle traffic only, cars are prevented


the imperial service during the reign of Emperor Jing of Han and rose to high office under Emperor Wu of Han. His relationship with the emperor was uneasy though. At one point he was thrown into prison and nearly executed for writings that were considered seditious, and he may have cosmologically predicted the overthrow of the Han Dynasty and its replacement by a Confucian sage, the first appearance of a theme that would later sweep Wang Mang to the imperial throne. Meanwhile

and calligrapher Hometown Jizhou (Jizhou, Hebei) (in present-day Hengshui, Hebei) First appearance Chapter 39 Background Xiao Rang is a scholar from Jizhou (Jizhou, Hebei) (in present-day Hengshui, Hebei). He excels in calligraphy and holds a reputation for his ability to imitate the handwriting of the four most famous calligraphers in his time (Su Dongpo (Su Shi), Huang Tingjian, Mi Fu and Cai Jing). He is nicknamed "Sacred Handed Scholar"


. Its current appearance, however, stems from renovations in the 1880s by Helgo Zettervall, who also renovated the Cathedral of Uppsala. Middle ages Medieval artifacts have been found in or near the Skara cathedral. A chalice from bishop Adalvard the Elder, dead in 1064, was found in his grave in the 18th century. For a while the ''Adalvardskalken'' was used in the Holy Communion. Some 44 pages of a book containing texts and hymns of 11th-century Catholic rituals

- Stockholm ... Tallinn - Narva - St Petersburg Ireland thumb Grave on Norra kyrkogården, Lund (Image:Grave of swedish bishop Edvard Rodhe lund sweden.jpg). '''Edvard Magnus Rodhe''' (Lund 17 December 1878 – Skara 12 April 1954) was a Swedish theologian and bishop of Lund 1925-1948. In perhaps its most famous appearance, Miles defeated reigning world champion Anatoly Karpov in the 1980 European Team Championship in Skara, Sweden


. Saintonge was exported well through the 17th century. Acadians and French colonialists in Quebec and Eastern Canada imported many Saintonge ceramics, including bowls, plates, mugs and other types. Many Saintonge ceramic fragments have been found in context with 17th century colonialists and are often used as evidence of pre-British occupation of these areas. Slipped Saintonge is more consistent in colour and appearance than unslipped, having the benefit of an undercoating to regulate the process

107 BC) L. Cassius Longinus and his army was a welcome pretext to engage in an offensive war in Gaul whose proceeds permitted Caesar not only to fulfil his obligations to the numerous creditors he owed money to, but also to further strengthen his position within the late Republic. Cf. Birkhan, 243f. In this sense, even the character of Divico, who makes his appearance in the ''Commentarii'' half a century after his victory over L. Cassius Longinus, seems more like


the Muslims of the southeast and their Oromo neighbors. But one thing that deserves attention here is the recurrent appearance of a name Aw Seid or ''Seid Ali'' in the long list of Harari (Harari people) saints, from which we may infer the saint called so was not a mere a legendary man only. (For example, he might have been engraved in Harar after his mission had failed in the land of the Ittu Oromo). For all, detail investigations would clarify the real

at Gelemso and Oda Bultum, we can deduce that ''Gelemso'' must had been a place of higher social and spiritual importance in the tradition of the Oromo people since ancient times. And to the least, we can say it existed on the ''line of history'' long before the appearance of many of the current towns of the Hararghe region. After the conquests of Menelik II In 1887, while campaigning to occupy the city state of Harar and the whole of Eastern Ethiopia, which he accomplished

at Gelemso was in 1887, and it is assumed that the Emperor did not had rest at a village which cannot fulfill the subsistence needs of his huge army; and where marketing was inaccessible. That means Gelemso had at least certain appearance of a small town or it had been a market place prior to the Menelik's period. During the Italian occupation Gelemso stayed under a period of dwarfism and stagnancy in the reign of ''Ras Teferi Mekonnen'' (latter Emperor Haile Selassie I ) who had

Ingersoll, Ontario

Major Thomas Ingersoll and his son Charles who were responsible for the first major settlement of the Townships of East, West and North Oxford and who founded the community of Ingersoll in 1793. Site of Thomas Ingersoll's log cabin This plaque, situated on a pavilion, marks the former location of Thomas Ingersoll's log cabin, 1795. Old town hall The original town hall, located at King Street West and Oxford Street, was designated a historical landmark due to at least one appearance

. production 2009–present assembly Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada Oshawa, Ontario, Canada body_style 4-Door Crossover (Crossover (automobile)) The Suzuki Grand Vitara, although similar in size and appearance to a Saturn Vue, was developed

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