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1987 volume 1 pages 221–274 isbn 3-87919-145-X * *


the complete drying up of the lake in the oasis. Sources *


" and the name of a bird "voron" (raven) should be considered in relation to the Indo-European eponyms: Uranus (Uranus (mythology)), Varuna, Phoroneus, Bran the Blessed and so on. Comparative analysis suggests the origin of the Indo-European toponyms and hydronyms Varanasi, Varna, Verona, Voronezh from the Indo-European root «''*var''» and connects with this root the origin of names of ancient water deities. Лазарев А. "Тайна


content Worth the climb for magnificent views over the old town from the restaurants' terrace and presumably taking it's name from an ancient water feature just outside the restaurant (not for the prudish). Grilled fish with vegetables 110 kn, grilled chicken with fries about 70 kn, salads etc. Be prepared to wait for a table with a terrace view as is very popular with locals - alternatively arrive before 8 in the evening to avoid the busiest times. Beware of wasps! Mid-range


: 2010 02 28 world middleeast 28yemen.html archivedate 4 March 2010 deadurl no Main sites thumb right A street scene at the old town of Aden. 1999 (File:Street Scene Aden Yemen.jpg) Aden has a number of historical and natural sites of interest to visitors. These include: *The historical British churches *The Zoroastrian Temple *The Cisterns of Tawila (Cisterns of Tawila)—an ancient, water-cachement system located in the sub


visitors to explore, discover and enjoy their surroundings: the beaches of Pourville (treat yourself to a serving of excellent oysters!) and Quiberville, Varengeville with its old church perched high up on a rock and its enchanting park «Bois de Moutier«, in Veules les Roses the ancient water mills on France's tiniest river, the Benedictine monastery of Fécamp — or take a walk across the beach to admire the famous chalky pinnacles and arches of Etretat. And don't forget to visit some of the numerous antiquities shops that are known to have surprised many browsers with unexpected finds! In the hinterland there are a lot of beautiful places to discover, for instance the Sâane valley with its moated castle of Imbleville, or the Château de Miromesnil, birthplace of novelist Guy de Maupassant. See Le Tréport near Dieppe The Normandy Coasts: The white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast in Étretat, the posh resorts of the Cote Fleurie, Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg, Houlgate, and the old city of Honfleur, the beaches of the Cote de Nacre, the D-Day landing beaches of Omaha Beach and Utah Beach, the Cotentin Peninsula, with the lively harbors of Barfleur and St-Vaast in the Val de Saire, and the wild and rugged landscapes around La Hague, and the long stretch of sandy beaches that lead south to the Mont-St-Michel. Do Eat Norman cuisine is based around the three main products of the region: seafood, apples and dairy products. Specialities from the sea include Dieppe sole and Normandy oysters. Normandy is the home of several world-famous cheeses: Neufchâtel, Pont-L'Evêque, Livarot (also known as the "Colonel"), and the round Camembert of Marie Harel. Normandy is renowned for its variety of meats, from the delicate flavor of saltmarsh lamb to creamy chicken "à la Vallée d'Auge" and duck "à la Rouennaise". The creamy omelettes of the Mont Saint Michel, the Vire andouille sausages, tripes cooked "à la mode de Caen", the "boudin" sausages of Mortagne, and the recent introduction to the region of ''foie gras'', are also guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding gastronome. Local desserts include "bourdelots" or "teurgoule", or such sweets as Isigny toffees or apple sugars from Rouen. Drink Apples being a major item of produce in the orchards of Normandy, it is not surprising that '''cider''' - still or sparkling, dry or sweet, or perry - is a favorite regional tipple. Also derived from Norman apples is the famous calvados apple brandy (the ''trou normand''). Produced and originating in the region (from the abbey at Fécamp on the coast) is the famous Bénédictine liqueur. Stay safe Go next WikiPedia:Normandy Commons:Normandie


article2495647.ece title Tamil Nadu praised as role model for Rainwater Harvesting publisher date 2011-09-29 accessdate 2012-03-24 *In Rajasthan, India rainwater harvesting has traditionally been practiced by the people of the Thar Desert. There are many ancient water harvesting systems in Rajasthan, which have now been revived


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