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Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

amp;year 2009&country 7557 Map of Freedom in the World, ''Freedom House'', 2009 amp;year 2009&country 7560 Map of Freedom in the World, ''Freedom House'', 2009 amp;year 2009&country 7740 Map of Freedom in the World, '' Freedom House

: template.cfm?page 22&year 2009&country 7557 Map of Freedom in the World , ''Freedom House'', 2009 amp;year 2009&country 7560 Map of Freedom in the World, ''Freedom House'', 2009 amp;year 2009&country 7740 Map of Freedom in the World, ''Freedom House'', 2009 ref>

Stinson Beach, California

: A personal history of Stinson Beach,'' Stinson Beach Village Association, 1993 * Bernard Poinssot, ''The Stinson Beach Salt Marsh: The Form of Its Growth,'' Stinson Beach Press, June 1977,ISBN 0-918540-01-1 External links *PKFHSPKFHS amp;year current California Coastal Records Project, "Stinson Beach Central Parking Lot and Restrooms," 2005 * http

: cgi-bin image.cgi?image 200400199&mode sequential&flags 1&year 2004 California Coastal Records Project, Stinson Beach - main beach and most of downtown from the air, 2004 *Stinson Beach Community Center *Stinson Beach Village Association *Stinson Beach Library * 1977



North Battleford

continental climate (Köppen climate classification ''Dfb (Humid continental climate#Dfb Dwb Dsb: Warm summer subtype)''). The average high during the end of July is 25C (76F) and the average low is 11C (52F). ref>

; For the middle of January the average high is -12C (10F) and the average low is -23C (-9F).

Rouleau, Saskatchewan

pages C-2 publisher ''Washington Post'' date 2005-08-04 url http: wp-dyn content article 2005 08 03 AR2005080301977.html?nav rss_print style accessdate 2006-12-21

Le Sud-Ouest

search.php?kind 1&vsearch 1&name &floor &floormax &location &borough 11&year &yearmax &subType 0&architect &sub Rechercher&TYPE &interval 10&resume 2&sortBy YEAR&sortType DESC Historical buildings and skyscrapers in Sud-Ouest borough

Bolinas, California

January 31, 2010 External links *PKFHSPKFHS amp;year current Bolinas Beach from the air, 2005 (California Coastal Records Project) *Bolinas Library *Bolinas Community Land Trust (BCLT) (Affordable, community housing, preserving the human ecosystem, and the natural ecology of Bolinas.) * http

Oak Bay, British Columbia

297.3 Sep sun 204.1 Oct sun 153.4 Nov sun 83.1 Dec sun 68.7 year sun 2193.3 source http: advanceSearch searchHistoricDataStations_e.html?searchType stnName&timeframe 1&txtStationName victoria+university&searchMethod contains&optLimit yearRange&StartYear 1840&EndYear 2013&Month 5&Day 14&Year 2013&selRowPerPage 25 date May 2013 The above table includes temperature and precipitation measurements from

Lytton, British Columbia

: climateData dailydata_e.html?timeframe 2&Prov CA&StationID 966&Year 1941&Month 7&Day 26 title Daily Data Report for July 1941 publisher Environment Canada accessdate March 25, 2010 Lytton also holds the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in the province during the month of August after the temperature reached on the August 14, 2004.

dailydata_e.html?timeframe 2&Prov BC&StationID 961&dlyRange 1990-03-01&Month 8&Year 2004&cmdB1 Go title Daily Data Report for August 2004 publisher Environment Canada accessdate February 13, 2013 Hot summer temperatures are made more tolerable by low humidity; however, the heat can be intense with usually clear blue skies and blazing sunlight – heat also radiates from the valley's slopes, and forest fires are not uncommon in the region during the summer. Lytton's


falling as snow. Temperatures in winter are much milder than in Siberia—a typical January day averages and higher. http: monitor.php?id 32583&month 8&year 2006 Despite the generally high precipitation, the weather is less cloudy than in the adjacent Kuril Islands

Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska), Alaska to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with a flight continuation to Khabarovsk. * Komsomolsk-on-Amur * Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Petropavlovsk

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