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Rouleau, Saskatchewan

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San Anselmo, California

by the hills of Ross Valley. To the north are Red Hill and Grove Hill. To the south-west is Bald Hill. To the east is Moore Hill. In the distance to the south is Mount Tamalpais. Ross Valley, "Watershed History".

Ajax, Ontario

. Also, a street is named after him in the Lincoln Park (Lincoln Park, Calgary) neighbourhood of Calgary, Alberta. amp;time &date &ttype &q Dallaire+Avenue+S.W.Calgary,+AB,+Canada&sll 51.004088,-114.121084&sspn 0.008966,0.020084&ie UTF8&ll 51.002967,-114.12456&spn

South San Francisco, California

billion to acquire all outstanding shares of Longs Drugs, and hopes to save upwards of $100 million in 2009 and $140–$150 million in 2010 in expenses from synergies attained from the business combination. http: news articles.asp?guid 8BF352F3-659E-4964-84DB-9B6650B6968A &newsid 935607946&orig &time &symb CVS&sid 3082&source htx\http2_mw '''San Bruno Mountain''' in northern San Mateo County, California is the northernmost

Kaliningrad Oblast

annexation to Germany (Nazi Germany) Military career Goltz was born in Bielkenfeld, East Prussia (later renamed Goltzhausen; now Ivanovka, near Polessk, Kaliningrad Oblast), amp;time &date &ttype &q ivanovka+kaliningrad&sll 37.0625,-95.677068&sspn 38.008397,66.269531&ie UTF8&latlng 54800000,21120000,5662813060177601497&ei EDWGR-fCIIbw2wLBjKDCAg&cd 14# Google Maps !-- bot


. Snowfall was experienced in 1889, 1892, 1912, 1928 (two days), 1942, 1955, 1957, 1962, 1975 and again in 2013.

Bakersfield, California

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Abu Dhabi

numbered, while all vertical streets are evenly numbered. Thus, the Corniche is Street #1, Khalifa is Street #3, Hamdan is Street #5, Electra street is Street #7 and so on. Conversely, Salam Street is St #8.


center of Berlin honouring him named ''Kapelle-Ufer'' (which means something like "Kapelle Bank" or "Kapelle Shore"), see thisamp;time &date &ttype &q Berlin&ie UTF8&ll 52.521875,13.376251&spn 0.004119,0.007006&z 17&om 1 Map. In 1935, he was arrested for the first time, and on 2 October 1936, the Berlin Superior Court of Justice (''Kammergericht'') sentenced him to two years at hard labour

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