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Mandate, there occurred a withdrawal of most of its members because of infighting. The second time the government formed, it was headed by Muhammad Ali Al-Mughrabi, and lasted another short period, until the establishment of the Emirate of Transjordan. Jordan prime minister website: http: arabic index.php?page_type pages&part 1&page_id 124 The British Resident in Transjordan and the Financial Administration in the Emirate Transjordan

Roman Kingdom

url http: etcbin toccer-new2?id Liv1His.sgm&images images modeng&data texts english modeng parsed&tag public&part 54&division div2 publisher Electronic Text Center location University of Virginia Library chapter The Earliest Legends: 1.54 Inhabited for over 3,000 years — the city was the seat of the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and the Roman Empire — it has now grown to cover


infection and turning him fully back to his native faith. Granovsky was born in Oryol, Russia. He studied at the universities of Moscow and Berlin, where he was profoundly influenced by Hegelian ideas of Leopold von Ranke and Friedrich Karl von Savigny. He felt that the Western history


(5th c.), in his "History of Armenia," introduces the ''Hunni'' near the Sarmatians and goes on to describe how they captured the city of Balkh (Armenian (Armenian language) "Kush") sometime between 194 and 214 which is why the Greeks called that city ''Hunuk''. Chinese:amp;part word&style_mode big&subtype hanja&p %ED%9B%88&prop 24 According

Reading, Pennsylvania

Houghton, Mifflin and company year 1887 url http: books?id LUXgbsAOkJUC page 744

York, Pennsylvania

, 2008 title Letter to Brigadier General Moses Hazen, May 3, 1782 url http: etcbin toccer-new2?id WasFi24.xml&images images modeng&data texts english modeng parsed&tag public&part 218&division div1 publisher Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library - York College of Pennsylvania Spartans York (York, Pennsylvania) Capital Athletic Conference city York, Pennsylvania area

Lower Saxony

;mode req&dir &occ first&part 1&cid 66367#ctx1 publisher European Court of Justice accessdate 13 February 2012 . On 13 February 2007, Advocate General Dámaso Ruiz-Jarabo Colomer submitted his opinion to the court, in which he supported the action. This again

Text of the Judgment" On 26 October 2008, Porsche finally revealed its plan to assume control of VW. As of that day, it held

Kingdom of Gwynedd

of the Fifteen Noble Tribes of Gwynedd. He was Lord of Eifionydd, Ardudwy & part of Llŷn (Llŷn Peninsula) and is a maternal ancestor of the Anwyl of Tywyn Family. Ardudwy was a core part of the Kingdom of Gwynedd above the River Conwy throughout the early Middle Ages. After the conquest and subjugation of Gwynedd in 1283 the cantref was merged with Meirionydd to form the new county of Merionethshire. This situation was retained, more or less, until 1974 when


, An-32 and An-12 transport aircraft. One team rescued the president, another took over the airfield and a third rescued Maldivian security personnel besieged in their NSS (National Security Service (Maldives)) HQ. Later 7 Para & part of 17 Para Fd Regt were also deployed to the Maldives. When mercenaries tried to escape by sea along with hostages, they were intercepted by the Indian navy. Thus, 6 Para ,7 Para & 17 Para Fd Regt conducted the first ever international intervention


playing an increasingly larger role in peacekeeping operations. Ukrainian troops are deployed in Kosovo as part of the Ukrainian-Polish Battalion (Polish-Ukrainian Peace Force Battalion). A Ukrainian unit was deployed in Lebanon, as part of United

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