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Ao Nang

PADI 5-star IDC & National Geographic Dive Centre and Go Eco operator. The fleet of 4 boats runs daily diving & snorkelling tours to Phi Phi Islands, Shark Point, King Cruiser wreck, Hin Daeng Hin Muang. The dive centre is recognized as one of Thailand's leading eco-dive centres with several awards for educating environmental awareness.. *

Clayton, Missouri

parent Enterprise Holdings (Enterprise Rent-a-Car) thumb right 225px Alamo airport shuttle shared with National Car Rental (Image:Alamo & National airport shuttle Detroit Metro Airport.JPG), Detroit Metro Airport (Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport) '''Alamo Rent a Car''' is the third-largest car rental agency in the United States. Based

Easton, Pennsylvania

County . He obtained the Bachmann's Tavern, later known as Easton House in 1761. History The Fountain House was one of seven taverns constructed in the mid-18th century by William Doyle, the founder of Doylestown. The first part of the building was constructed in 1758. Owned by a Tory during the American Revolutionary War, it was seized by government authorities and sold by auction. Throughout the 19th century, The Fountain House hosted, in addition to a tavern, the first Doylestown post office, and a stagecoach line connecting Philadelphia and Easton (Easton, Pennsylvania). The Fountain House was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. The theater department puts on several productions each year, including one large musical. In the spring of 2006, the arts department was honored with 5 Freddy Awards (The Freddy Awards) given out by the State Theater in neighboring Easton, Pennsylvania, including "Best Female Lead" and "Best Overall Production" for its rendition of Disney's ''Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast (musical))''. Nominated for 16 Freddys in 2008, Parkland won the award for Outstanding Scenic Design for their production of ''Les Misérables (Les Misérables (musical))''. Each year, the Freddys are awarded to recognize excellence in high school theater in the Lehigh Valley. Before he played in the major leagues, Abadie played first base for a semi-professional team in Easton, Pennsylvania. In 1874, the team beat the Philadelphia Athletics (Philadelphia Athletics (1860–1876)), the Philadelphia Whites, and the Brooklyn Atlantics. When the National Association (National Association of Professional Base Ball Players) expanded in 1875, Abadie and seven of his teammates were drafted because of the team's success. thumb 250px left AmeriGas, Ypsilanti, MI (Image:AmeriGas_Ypsilanti.JPG) Under the UGI Utilities, Inc., UGI serves 544,000 natural gas and 60,000 electricity customers in eastern and central Pennsylvania, including customers of UGI Penn Natural Gas (formerly PG Energy) and UGI Central Penn Gas (formerly PPL Gas Utilities). UGI Utilities operates in the urban areas in and around Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), Reading (Reading, Pennsylvania), Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania), Bethlehem (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania), Easton (Easton, Pennsylvania), Hazleton (Hazleton, Pennsylvania), Wilkes Barre (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania), Lock Haven (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania), Pottsville (Pottsville, Pennsylvania), Stroudsburg (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania), Lewistown (Lewistown, Pennsylvania), Huntingdon (Huntingdon, Pennsylvania), Shippensburg (Shippensburg, Pennsylvania), Lewisburg (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania), Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) and Williamsport (Williamsport, Pennsylvania).


., if the meter shows 3.2 lei you will probably be expected to pay 3.5 lei, leaving the extra 0.3 lei as a tip). If you do not have exact change, the driver might keep this tip himself when paying back the change. If he tries to keep too much (like rounding from 3.5 to 5 lei, for example), do ask for the change. thumb right Palace of Justice & National Theatre in Avram Iancu Square (Image:Avram Iancu Square, Cluj - Palace of Justice & National Theatre.jpg) Taxi cabs come in all shapes and colors, they are identified by the company logo on the sign on top of the car, which will also be placed somewhere on the car body. Taxis cluster around important locations in the city, and clusters are usually no more than 1 kilometer apart. Take care to always use respectable companies, such as Atlas, Diesel Rapid, Diesel Taxi, Pritax, Nova, Terra & Fan, Pro Rapid. There might be underground, "shark" drivers as they are called, which try to exploit unknowledgeable strangers by overcharging. You should avoid them as they charge at least several times the normal fee. They mostly hang around the train station and the airport. Shark drivers might sometimes "helpfully" offer a ride themselves; you won't see a usual driver do that. Usually shark drivers' cars are marked TAXI and nothing else. Search for name of company on the door of car! Respectable firms typically have several cars parked at each station; that's an easy way to identify them. Elseway, the price per kilometer is sometimes displayed on the cab door. It should be no more than 2.25 lei. thumb right Building in downtown Cluj (Image:Facade d'un batiment de cluj.jpg) Cabs can also be phoned in. You typically need to give a name, and wait for the number of the car to be relayed to you. Cars will arrive after a period on the order of minutes. It may happen that you will be driven around on a longer route if you don't know the city. This may happen even with respectable firms. You can't do much to help that, unless you are able to read a map very well, especially if you're easy to spot as a foreigner. The best thing to do is to appear confident, jump in the car and state your destination unhesitantly as if you knew exactly where it was. Some of the taxi companies in Cluj-Napoca: * '''Nova Taxi''' - (0264) 949, +40-745 151000 * '''Diesel Rapid''' - (0264) 946 * '''Atlas Taxi''' - (0264) 969 * '''Diesel Taxi''' - (0264) 953, +40-744 646663, +40-745 381532, +40-722 859093 * '''Pritax''' - (0264) 942, +40-744 159720, +40-788 550000 * '''Pro Rapid''' - (0264) 948 * '''Terra Fan''' - (0264) 944 * '''Clima&Confort Taxi''' - (0264) 943, +40-742 012280, +40-723 012280, +40-768 347379, +40-264 422224, +40-364 310673 By car Cars can be rented from the numerous operators throughout the city. Many small tourism agencies also act as intermediaries for renting cars, and you might be able to get better rates there. You can find such agencies scattered throughout the city centre. See WikiPedia:Cluj-Napoca Commons:Category:Cluj-Napoca


WikiPedia:Niue Commons:Category:Niue Dmoz:Regional Oceania Niue


or Espionage?" ''Intelligence & National Security,'' Apr 1998, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p 20 Verne W. Newton, author of ''FDR and the Holocaust'', said that no writer discussing Hopkins has identified any secrets disclosed, or any decision in which he distorted American priorities in order to help Communism.

1943: Diplomacy or Espionage?" ''Intelligence & National Security,'' Apr 1998, Vol. 13 Issue 2, p1-31 Arrest and death In 1948, after the assassination of the JAC Chairman Solomon Mikhoels, Feffer, along with other JAC members, was arrested and accused of treason. Feffer had been an informer for the NKVD (predecessor of the KGB) since 1943. Feffer reportedly cooperated with the investigation, providing false information that would lead to the arrest

Akron, Ohio

Golf Classic , and Rubber City Open Invitational. The Akron & National Marble Tournament was created in 1923, by Roy W. Howard, being owned by the Akron District Marbles Tournament and the Akron Beacon Journal sometime before it ended permanently in the 1960s. On January 7, 1938, Akron became the birthplace of women's professional Mud Wrestling, in a match including Professional Wrestling and Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer, Mildred Burke. ref name "

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's Union Station was also known as Penn Station. It was built in 1887 and rebuilt in 1905. It was shared by Reading Railroad, Northern Central Railway, and the Cumberland Valley Railroad, until the Reading Railroad built a separate station in Harrisburg. Today it has the name Harrisburg Transportation Center and serves Amtrak's Keystone Service and Pennsylvanian (Pennsylvanian (Amtrak)) intercity lines (intercity rail), along with Greyhound (Greyhound Lines), Trailways (Trailways Transportation System), and at least two local bus services. airdate March 18, 1949 location Lancaster (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) York (York, Pennsylvania) Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) Lebanon, Pennsylvania callsign_meaning '''G'''reater '''A'''rea of '''L'''ancaster or On January 1, 1954, WGAL presented its first color television broadcast of the ''Tournament of Roses Parade''. It has always been an NBC affiliate but also carried some programs from CBS, DuMont (DuMont Television Network), and ABC (American Broadcasting Company) until 1963 when Nielsen (Nielsen Media Research) made the Lancaster and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Harrisburg


is administered by the Israel Nature & National Parks Protection Authority bus station''' is also a great starting point to '''get to other cities in the Palestinian territories'''. Located at the bottom floor of the bus station are numerous "Serveeces" (Palestinian Sheruts) that drive to cities such as Hebron , Ramallah and Jericho. '''Battir''' — a settlement


;monkey of the deep forest") as it was called by the Dirang Monpa (Monpa people) tribe. Press release issued jointly by NCF (Nature Conservation Foundation), WCS, New York (Wildlife Conservation Society), International Snow Leopard Trust & NIAS, Bangalore (National Institute of Advanced Studies)  PDF It was discovered as a new taxon in 1997 by noted primatologist of north-east India Dr Anwaruddin Choudhury Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

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