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Sunset District, San Francisco

Landscape of the Sunset District: The Late 1800s through the Mid-1900s accessdate 2008-06-21 last Ungaretti first Lorri year 2004 work Encyclopedia of San Francisco publisher San Francisco Museum & Historical Society The Sunset District and the neighboring Richmond District (Richmond District, San Francisco, California) (on the north side of Golden Gate Park) are often collectively known as '''The Avenues,''' because the majority of both neighborhoods are spanned by numbered

; and Spanish (Spanish people) conquistadors. 1st Avenue was renamed Arguello Boulevard, and 49th Avenue was renamed La Playa Street (Spanish for "the beach"). ref


Church alt Будівля Духовної семінарії, Федора церква url email address Polubotka Hetmana str., 40 2 lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content In the beginning the XVIII item here was farmstead of the known colonel Paul Polubotka, and then to October revolution a spiritual seminary was disposed. Pseudo-Byzantine architecture or called the Bulgarian architecture. *

Federal Highway Administration

Map – New York publisher Texas Oil Company year 1933 cartography Rand McNally and Company and US 209 ca. 1935. In early

Texas Oil Company year 1934 cartography Rand McNally and Company *... '''Rhode Island Route 114''' has wrong-way concurrency (concurrency (road)) with itself? *... '''U.S. Route 189''' has a discontinuity in signage that originates where the Federal Highway Administration

, 2009 accessdate March 13, 2008 Farther east, NY 123 was extended westward along current NY 35 to NY 22 northeast of Katonah ca. 1940.

State College, Pennsylvania

in the borough of State College. * South Hills School of Business & Technology Libraries State College is served by the following libraries: Libraries. Retrieved on 2011-03-30. * Centre County Library & Historical Museum * American Philatelic Research Library * Centre County Library Bookmobile * Centre Hall Area Branch Library * Holt Memorial Library


. * Do *'''Visit the newly remodelled Port Area'''. A hive


publisher Barbados Museum & Historical Society archiveurl http: web 20100505161730 http: archivedate 5 May 2010 deadurl no quote A temporary exhibit which examined some of the preliminary excavations conducted at the dig site at Heywoods, St. Peter. "Redstone island with teeth outside (reefs)",

: Barbados Maritime Ship Registry * Barbados Museum & Historical Society ; General information * Long.

White House

House) Blue Room of the White House. thumb right Bellange Furniture at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (Image:Bellangewiki.jpg) thumb right Bellangé sidechair at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (Image:Bellangewiki2.jpg) In 1817 President James Monroe purchased a suite of furniture for the White House, which was made famous in Jacqueline Kennedy's TV tour of the White House. The furniture is in the Blue Room. (Blue Room (White House)) He also produced furniture for Napoleon at Saint-Cloud, for the Tuilleries, Joséphine's Château de Malmaison, and also for his brother Joseph Bonaparte. Examples of his work can be seen at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace in England. The set of furniture, property of the Yuko Nii Foundation, in the Treasure Room of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is of the period when Napoleon was emperor, around 1810, and has the swan motif favored by Josephine, his first wife. It is entirely possible that this set was made for one of Napoleon's or Josephine's rooms. WikiPedia:White House, Tennessee Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Tennessee Localities W White_House


) The East End is home to the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Carlow University, Chatham University, The Carnegie Institute's Museums of Art and Natural History (Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh), Frick Art & Historical Center (Clayton and the Frick art museum), Phipps Conservatory, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, and the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium (Pittsburgh Zoo). The neighborhoods of Shadyside (Pittsburgh) Shadyside

and dance. Hundreds of major films have been shot partially or wholly in Pittsburgh. ''The Dark Knight Rises'' was largely filmed in Downtown, Oakland, and the North Shore. Pittsburgh has also teamed up with a LA based production company, and has built the largest and most advanced movie studio in the eastern United States. Pittsburgh's major art museums include the Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Frick Art & Historical Center


WikiPedia:Indianapolis Dmoz:Regional North America United States Indiana Localities I Indianapolis commons:Indianapolis, Indiana


. '''Sean Russell''' (born 1952 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian (Canada) author of fantasy & historical (historical novel) naval literature. Also writes under his full name Sean Thomas Russell. '''Jarvis Collegiate Institute''' is a high school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. '''St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church''' is an Evangelical Lutheran church in downtown Toronto serving the Latvian and Estonian population of Toronto. It is home

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