) and Chinese name '''Heilongjiang Cheng''' (黑龍江城), which both mean "Black River (Amur River) City". Jean-Baptiste Du Halde, ''Description géographique, historique, chronologique, politique, et physique de l'empire de la Chine et de la Tartarie chinoise, enrichie des cartes générales et particulieres de ces pays, de la carte générale et des cartes particulieres du Thibet, & de la Corée; & ornée d'un

grand nombre de figures & de vignettes gravées en tailledouce'', Vol. 4 (La Haye: H. Scheurleer, 1736). Pp. 18-19. Later the governor office was transferred to Qiqihar. However, Aigun remained the seat of the Deputy Lieutenant-General (Fu dutong), responsible for a large district covering much of the Amur Valley within the province of Heilongjiang as it existed in those days. File:Ravenstein-p118-Sverbeyev-View-of-Aigun-1854.png thumb left

et particulieres de ces pays, de la carte générale et des cartes particulieres du Thibet, & de la Corée; & ornée d'un grand nombre de figures & de vignettes gravées en tailledouce'', Vol. 1 (La Haye: H. Scheurleer, 1736). (p. xxxviii in Vol. 1) who found it a stronghold, serving as the base of Manchus controlling the Amur River basin. The Aigun Treaty was concluded at Aigun in 1858. According to this treaty, the left bank of the Amur River was conceded

Anoka, Minnesota

in the real-estate business (Real estate); he was married to Edith McGinty of that city the same year. They had one son, Richard. Los Angeles Public Library records based on interview with his wife -- Akin Riverside Parkamp;DE %7BD44A9132-029F-4BF2-B1B5-68DCF56D6259%7D

index.asp?Type B_BASIC&SEC %7B6DFA3A0E-5496-4331-B8C6-02B5DCFBC3F7%7D&DE %7BCC6DC618-D393-4E65-B2B2-2A291B2988A0%7D 1995 Features interpretive signage, park amenities, and a state champion green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica) tree at the mouth of the Rum

Moses Lake, Washington

-E2316612F283 &DE D87BE6BA-F4B7-46A5-BCF7-EC891FE5CC3B *Reid Stowe - Sailor, Adventurer - Born 6 January 1952, on Larson Air Force Base near Moses Lake *Martha Thomsen - Model - Born in Moses Lake 25 January 1957 *Kirk A. Triplett (Kirk Triplett) - PGA golfer - Born in Moses Lake 29 March 1962 *Joseph J. Tyson - Roman Catholic bishop of Yakima diocese *Bryan Warrick - NBA player of the Washington Bullets, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks

León, Spain

+Tuñón Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos for the MUSAC in León (León, Spain), Spain * Praemium Imperiale Architecture Award (Praemium Imperiale#Architecture) – Herzog & de Meuron Location Image:Iberian Peninsula in 125.svg thumb 200px left Map of the Roman roads in Hispania. A suggested location for the battle is on the road ''Via Caesar Augusta'' that led from Caesaraugusta to Benearnum and joined another to Burdigala. This crossed the Pyrenees through the valley of Hecho

South Beach

0,2933,184394,00.html title Mariah: She Was Almost On Fire (Fi-ah) last Friedman first Roger publisher Fox News. News Corporation date February 9, 2006 accessdate June 30, 2011 There have been a handful of parking garage that has received considerable praise for their design. 1111 Lincoln Road, located in the South Beach section of Miami Beach, Florida and designed by the internationally known Swiss architectural firm of Herzog & de Meuron. ref name "ar-arch"

State College, Pennsylvania

-4C75-8BA1-5BB39BA7B758 &DE B7B0D0E1-9BDC-47F7-8A34-650656B20576 Bicycle Friendly Community Initiative - Public Transportation Facilities - COG - Council of Governments . Crcog.net. Retrieved on 2014-06-17. * Pennsylvania Bicycle Route G (BicyclePA Route G) runs just south of the city. Walkability Walk Score ranks State College as ninth (out of 37) best walking city (with populations over 40,000) in Pennsylvania. Walk Score

Kingdom of Galicia

to overthrow Sancho in favor of Ordoño IV (Ordoño IV of León), who was enthroned in Santiago de Compostela in 958. Portela Silva (2001) p. 165. However Sancho reclaimed the crown in 960 with support from his mother's Kingdom of Pamplona, the Leonese nobility, and Muslim assistance. After returning to the throne he frequently spoke of his "returning back from Spain": ''"Era DCCCCa LXLVIII anno regni nostri quarto & de adventu Spanie secundo"

Ithaca, New York

; Ithaca is home to Cornell University, an Ivy League school of over 20,000 students, most of whom study on Cornell’s Ithaca campus.

;DE 0F21E16C-E234-456D-8841-FF5C2F491300 title History of Ithaca and Tompkins County author Carol Kammen publisher City of Ithaca accessdate 2007-08-16 Ithaca College is located just south of the city in the town (Town (New York)) of Ithaca, adding to Ithaca’s "college town" focus and atmosphere. Nearby is Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3). http: www.tc3.edu These three colleges influence Ithaca's

Binghamton, New York

University Downtown Center. Off-Campus Courses: Downtown Binghamton Center The college is also looking to acquire and renovate the former Carnegie Library, with the goal of creating a permanent downtown campus that will specialize in new career-oriented programs. amp;DE 4781812F-2874-44FC-B0F0


and educated Leonhard Euler in his youth. In recent years, various governments have spearheaded the concept of developing architectural projects, sometimes ostentatious ones, designed by renowned architects–for example, the remodeling of the Plaza de España (Plaza de España (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife by the Swiss (Switzerland) architects Herzog & de Meuron. Other examples include the Playa de Las Teresitas project by the Frenchman Dominique Perrault

the government. Each year, the Federal Assembly (Federal Assembly of Switzerland) elects a President of the Confederation (President of the Swiss Confederation). By convention, the positions of President and Vice President rotate annually, each Councillor thus becoming Vice President and then President every seven years while in office. '''Herzog & de Meuron Architekten, BSA SIA ETH''' ('''HdM''') is a Swiss (Switzerland) architecture firm, founded and headquartered in Basel

at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design since 1994 and professors at ETH Zürich since 1999. '''Herzog & de Meuron Architekten, BSA SIA ETH''' ('''HdM''') is a Swiss (Switzerland) architecture firm, founded and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland in 1978. The careers of founders and senior partners '''Jacques Herzog''' (born 19 April 1950), and '''Pierre de Meuron''' (born 8 May 1950), closely paralleled one another, with both attending the ETH Zürich Swiss Federal

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