in central Örebro. File:Centralpalatset, Örebro, Sweden.jpg Centralpalatset, at corner of Storgatan, one of Örebro's main streets. Culture * Swedish Chamber Orchestra * Örebro is the hometown of the punk-rock band Millencolin. They named one of their albums Pennybridge Pioneers, where ''Pennybridge'' stands for Örebro as a colloquial translation into English. * The influential and highly popular grind band Nasum were formed in Örebro. * Örebro is one

and AIK (AIK Fotboll) in Örebro 2009-07-05. As advertised in Nerikes Allehanda 2009-07-05. alias origin Örebro, Sweden genre Grindcore '''Nasum''' (pronunciation na:sum ) was a grindcore band from Örebro, Sweden formed in 1992. The band released four studio albums, developed into "one of that country's premier metal acts"

of ''Guitar World'' magazine's list of the greatest 100 guitar albums of all time, number 9 on Metal Storm's list of top 100 progressive metal albums of all time, number 42 on Decibel's (Decibel (magazine)) Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums of the Decade, one of ''Classic Rock (Classic Rock (magazine))''‘s 10 essential progressive rock albums of the decade.


with ''Cantigas numa Língua Antiga'' was received as a triumph. Soon after, however, Amália suffered her first health troubles which caused her to be away from the stage for a short period again, and forced her to concentrate on performing especially in Portugal, though she still traveled abroad. Those problems were followed by a period of depression, and an introspection which led to the recording of two very personal albums: 'Gostava de Ser Quem Era' (1980) (literally 'I Wish I Were whom I

of many albums. * ''Tropas Especiais'' (Special Troops): the name of Special Forces Groups in Cabinda (Cabinda Province) * ''Flechas'' (Arrows): a successful indigenous formation of scouts, controlled by the PIDE DGS (PIDE), and composed by Bushmen that specialized in tracking, reconnaissance and pseudo-terrorist operations (False flag#Pseudo-operations). Also employed in Mozambique, the ''Flechas'' inspired the formation of the Rhodesian Selous Scouts. * ''Grupo de Cavalaria

Coconut Grove

securing the amount and quality of work he was qualified to perform. During this period, he played almost no concerts, except in 1977 and 1982 in Japan, and in 1984 in Europe. Despite the low profile, he did record six albums as a leader between 1977 and 1984 (including a 1984 trombone duo album with Al Grey) and a few albums as a sideman, two with Count Basie, and on ''The Sting II'' soundtrack. During the California period he also played in the Coconut Grove orchestra

Avenue , Indian Creek (Indian Creek, Florida), Star Island, Coconut Grove (Coco Plum), Golden Beach (Golden Beach, Florida) * Miami Beach, Florida: Collins Avenue Solo career Ferguson took a year and a half off for rest, until record producer Bill Szymczyk asked Ferguson to come down to his Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, recording studio. Ferguson recorded three studio albums and a limited-run live album for Asylum. He scored a Top 10 (Top 40) hit

with the title song on his second solo album, ''Thunder Island'', which peaked at #9 in the US, and another hit with "Shakedown Cruise" from his last Asylum album, ''Real Life Ain't This Way''. After his recording contract for Asylum was completed, Ferguson changed record labels, and recorded two more solo albums for Capitol Records. type Private location Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, United States coords '''The Kampong''' is an 11-acre (45,000 m

Sausalito, California

(Sausalito Calling)", Camelle Hinds, "Soul Degrees", 1996 * "Sausalito in the Summetime" Benita Hill *"Real Emotional Trash", Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, ''Real Emotional Trash'', 2008. Albums recorded in Sausalito * Huey Lewis

and the News , the Dave Matthews Band, Journey (Journey (band)) and Bob Marley recorded albums at the Record Plant in Sausalito. *''Raised on Radio'', Journey (Journey (band)) at The Plant Studios *''The Real Thing (The Real Thing (Faith No More album))'', Faith No More *''Load'', ''Reload'', and ''Garage Inc'', Metallica (at The Plant Studios) *The drums on ''Breaking the Silence (Breaking the Silence (album))'', Heathen (at Studio D) *'' Rumours

including Warner Bros. Records, A&M Records, and Columbia Records. With the help of Husney, Prince signed a recording contract with Warner Bros.. Warner Bros. agreed to give Prince creative control for three albums and ownership of the publishing rights. Husney and Prince then left Minneapolis and moved to Sausalito (Sausalito, California), California where Prince's first album, ''For You (For You (Prince album))'', was recorded at Record

Australian Taxation Office

pop band that toured Australia and recorded two albums of "60s inspired pop music" during the 1980s. In 1988, the infant daughter of Cockroaches band member Paul Field (Paul Field (musician)) died of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome), and the group disbanded. Anthony Field enrolled at Macquarie University in Sydney to complete his

'' reached number 2 in Australia and featured the top ten hit "Change of Heart", but it did not sell as well as previous albums. In 1996 the greatest hits compilation ''Hits'' returned Jimmy Barnes to the top of Australian charts, along with the hit single "Lover Lover". It was the beginning of a comeback that was hastened by the reformation of Cold Chisel in 1998. In 2008 Lowy and related interests were mentioned in documents stolen from the LGT Bank of Lichtenstein


, and Boston where he combined his jazz and Latin music interests with traditional Ethiopian music. Astatke led his band while playing vibraphone and conga drums—instruments that he introduced into Ethiopian popular music—as well as other percussion instruments, keyboards and organ (organ (music)). His albums focus primarily on instrumental music, and Astatke appears on all three known albums of instrumentals that were released during Ethiopia's Golden ’70s. ref name

Newberg, Oregon

treated not separately, but as a kind of 'financial family.' The technical accounting term for this is commingling." The Prophet Margin Mary Manin Morrissey's second ex-husband, Edward Morrissey, pled guilty to money laundering and using church money for the personal expenses of himself and his wife, and spent time in federal prison. albums v486 aesculapius75 img045.jpg KOIN 6 News

Retrieved June 7, 2007albums v486 aesculapius75 img046-1.jpg albums v486 aesculapius75 homepage.jpg Wilsonville Spokesman: Morrissey to meet with LEC 'refugees' Retrieved June 9, 2007 The ''Seattle Times'' reports that the Morrisseys committed "financial improprieties" and that some former members of Living Enrichment Center were upset with the deal the Morrisseys struck with federal prosecutors

Huntington Beach, California

, California, U.S. instrument Voice (Human voice) Music Many years later, Gene would form a funk rock band called Adam Again and become the owner of the Green Room recording studios in Huntington Beach (Huntington Beach, California), California. Gene recorded and produced hundreds of albums at the Green Room including albums by the Aunt Bettys, The Choir (The Choir (alternative rock band)), Daniel Amos, Michael Knott, The Waiting (band) The Waiting

, Rage and Grace '', and has been a member of the band since. '''The Green Room''' (a.k.a. '''The Fabulous Green Room''') was a popular recording studio located in Huntington Beach, California. The Green Room was owned and operated by musician Gene Eugene and Anna Cardenas. Literally hundreds of albums were recorded there in the 1980s and 1990s. Image:Gondola Getaway Long Beach CA.JPG right thumb Romantic gondola rides in Long Beach through

'''The Vandals''' are an American rock band established in 1980 in Huntington Beach, California. They have released ten full-length studio albums and two live albums and have toured the world extensively, including performances on the Vans Warped Tour. They are well-known for their use of humor, preferring to use their music as a vehicle for entertainment

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

, Los Angeles Silver Lake ; songs like "Knock Me Down" were formed from jam sessions without any input from returning producer Michael Beinhorn. Apter, 2004, p. 185. Although there had been stress and conflict during the recording of other Chili Peppers albums, the ''Mother's Milk'' sessions were especially uncomfortable due to Beinhorn's incessant desire to create a hit. Frusciante and Kiedis were frustrated with the producer's attitude.<

, was refurbished, but the cafeteria and other portions were razed. "School History." ''John Marshall High School.'' Retrieved 24 Feb. 2012. KCRW Rare on Air (1994–98, four albums); KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic Vol. 1 (1999) – Soon after the Atlantic joint-venture deal went down, Mammoth hooked up with Chris Douridas, host of the hugely influential L.A. NPR station KCRW, opening

Fort Collins, Colorado

albums over the next six years, weathering several lineup changes (Navetta left the band in 1983 and was replaced by Ray Cooper, and Lombardo left in 1985 and was replaced by Doug Carrion) and a hiatus from 1983 to 1985 while Aukerman attended college and Stevenson joined Black Flag (Black Flag (band)).

years. Stevenson explained that the gap of eight years between Descendents albums was due the band members having children and to his father's death. Released Recorded February 2002 at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado April 2002 at Planet of Sound in Wilmington, Delaware Genre Punk rock The recording sessions for the Descendents' sixth studio album '' Cool to Be You

work descendentsonline.com url http: www.descendentsonline.com discography singles_eps accessdate 2010-02-16 archiveurl http: web.archive.org web 20100211212200 http: www.descendentsonline.com discography singles_eps archivedate 11 February 2010 However, these recordings were not released for another two years. Stevenson explained that the gap of eight years between Descendents albums was due the band members having children and his father's

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