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Streetsville, Ontario

at Toronto radio station 102.1 the Edge (CFNY), as an assistant for The Ongoing History of New Music host Alan Cross, to contribute funds towards Billy Talent's first album (Billy Talent (album)). History Peel Regional Police was established in tandem with the creation of the Regional Municipality of Peel on January 1, 1974. It integrated the former police departments of Mississauga, Port Credit (Port Credit, Ontario), Streetsville (Streetsville, Ontario), Brampton

Edmond, Oklahoma

Are Bitter ''. He is also the owner of Edmond Records, which specializes in colored vinyl pressings, including Ben Weasel's latest album. History In 1889 the Governor of Oklahoma Territory, George Washington Steele, urged the Oklahoma Territorial (Oklahoma Territory) legislature to "create public school (Public school (government funded)) systems and universities of higher education". In December 1890, the Legislature established three universities: the state university


albums, two singles and a live VHS. In 1988, the band released their debut album ''History of a Time to Come'', which earned them further recognition. Their next two albums, ''Dreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays) (Dreamweaver (Sabbat album))'' (1989) and ''Mourning Has Broken'' (1991), were also critically acclaimed. Shortly after the release of ''Mourning Has Broken'', tensions with the band began to surface, most of them revolved around money. This resulted in Sabbat breaking up. After an attempted reunion in 2001, which was blocked by Sneap, the original Sabbat lineup reunited in 2006, and in December of that year, performed together for the first time in sixteen years at four different venues in England. The band have continued to perform at many live venues and festivals around the world since then, but have not released any new material. **Manchester (Manchester Airport) **Nottingham (East Midlands Airport) **Southampton (Southampton Airport) * The station is served by Monday to Saturday (there is no Sunday service) by East Midlands Trains, who operate local services from Leicester (Leicester railway station) to Nottingham and Lincoln (Lincoln, Lincolnshire) via Loughborough and Newark (Newark-on-Trent). * The 15:51 northbound service continues from Lincoln to Sleaford. *Bournemouth - Bournemouth Airport *Nottingham - East Midlands Airport *Edinburgh - Edinburgh Turnhouse Airport Tall Stories performed at Firefest V on Sunday, October 26, 2008 in Nottingham, UK. Their setlist included songs from their 1991 release, as well as new songs from the album, ''Skyscraper (Skyscraper (Tall Stories album))'', which was released on January 23, 2009 via Frontiers Records. In November 2006 a leading member Mick "Belsen" Sanderson was murdered in Nottingham following a fight with another NA member. Searchlight (Searchlight (magazine)), No. 379, January 2007, p. 23 In September 2007 the member, John Pakulski, was sentenced to six years imprisonment for manslaughter whilst Catherine Parker-Brown received a community order for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice after she was found to have cleaned the scene of the crime. Searchlight (Searchlight (magazine)), No. 391, January 2008, p. 23 In 1961, his weekly pay declining from £200 to £50, he joined the Nottingham Playhouse, becoming joint artistic director with Frank Dunlop (Frank Dunlop (director)) and Peter Ustinov when the current building in Nottingham opened in 1963. It became one of Britain's leading provincial repertory theatres. Though Dunlop and Ustinov soon left, Neville remained at the theatre until 1967. He resigned over funding disputes with the local authority and the Arts Council (Arts Council of Great Britain). Michael Coveney John Neville obituary in ''The Guardian'', 21 November 2011 However, at Nottingham's Rock City (Rock City (club)) venue on 27 October 2007, FM played together again in public for the first time in twelve years and were also playing at Winstanley College (Wigan, UK) on the 19th March 2009. The station is located on the Midland Main Line and is served by First Capital Connect (FCC) (First Capital Connect) and East Midlands Trains trains. From the station, you can travel north to Bedford, Wellingborough, Kettering, Leicester, Loughborough, Derby and Nottingham. Passengers can also travel south to St Albans, London, Wimbledon (Wimbledon, London), Sutton (Sutton, London), London Gatwick Airport and Brighton. DJ Magazine then ran a feature on IDC saying "he makes music that sounds like a washing machine on crack - no wonder the likes of Mark Moore, Erol Alkan, Radio One (BBC Radio 1)'s Pete Tong and XFM's John Kennedy are all over his tunes" Church, Terry. "Hottest Names In Dance Music" DJ Magazine Vol. 4 No.32 January 2007 and dates continued around Europe and at major UK venues such as Together at Turnmills in London, Stealth in Nottingham and Ocean Rooms Brighton as well as festivals such as Bestival. country United Kingdom United States location Nottingham Los Angeles url PSI Records Inc. '''PSI Records''' is an independent record label based in Nottingham, United Kingdom and Los Angeles, United States formed in 2002 by Pitchshifter (Pitchshifter (band)) frontman JS Clayden and his brother Mark Clayden. Train heating When initially put into service, the locomotives were fitted with multi-unit working (Multiple working) and steam heating boilers (Steam generator (railroad)) for passenger service. In the early 1970s, fifty were fitted with electric train supply in place of their steam heating boilers and assigned to work services on the Midland Main Line from London St Pancras (St Pancras railway station) to Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield. These locomotives were renumbered as Class 45 1. Green's first stage appearance was in Nottingham in 1919 in the chorus of ''A Southern Maid''. After he left the Royal College in 1921, he first joined a touring company, where he played Paul Petrov in ''Sybil'' and decided that Martyn Green would be his stage name. He also appeared in the provinces in the revue ''Shuffle Along''. His first appearance in London was at the London Palladium in ''Thirty Minutes of Melody'' in September 1921. '''Bent''' are an electronica act from Nottingham in England, consisting of Neil "Nail" Tolliday and Simon Mills. They gained critical acclaim from their debut album ''Programmed to Love'' in 2000. Pentrich Revolution The village gave its name to the '''Pentrich Revolution''', which occurred on the night of 9 10 June 1817. A gathering of some two or three hundred men (stockingers, quarrymen and iron workers), led by Jeremiah Brandreth ('The Nottingham Captain'), (an unemployed stockinger, and claimed by Gyles Brandreth as an ancestor), set out to march to Nottingham. They were lightly armed with pikes, scythes and a few guns, and had a set of rather unfocussed revolutionary demands, including the wiping out of the National Debt. '''Keith Alexander''' (14 November 1958 – 3 March 2010) was a Saint Lucian footballer (association football) and manager (Manager (association football)). Born in Nottingham, England, he was the manager of League Two (Football League Two) side Macclesfield Town (Macclesfield Town F.C.) at the time of his death, in a career that included international appearances for Saint Lucia (Saint Lucia national football team). Alexander played for a whole host of lower league football teams. His main success, however, came from football management – managing in both non-league (Non-League football) and the Football League. He took League Two (Football League Two) side Lincoln City (Lincoln City F.C.) to four consecutive play offs, taking them to two finals at the Millennium Stadium. His eldest son, Matt is a FIFA licensed Football agent and works with many top flight players. valign "top" style "font-size: 85%;" rowspan "3" Trent Bridge, Nottingham, England Umpires: BF Bowden (Billy Bowden) (NZ (New Zealand)) and DR Shepherd (David Shepherd (umpire)) (Eng (England)) valign "top" style "font-size: 85%;" rowspan "3" Trent Bridge, Nottingham, England, United Kingdom Umpires: BF Bowden (Billy Bowden) (NZ (New Zealand)) and DR Shepherd (David Shepherd (umpire)) (Eng (England)) '''Rampton''' is a village and civil parish in Nottinghamshire, England. At the time of the 2001 census it had a population of 1,269. "Area:Rampton CP (Parish)" Its name came from Anglo-Saxon (Old English language) ''Ramm-tūn'' "ram (Domestic sheep) farmstead". It is located in the Trent (River Trent) valley north of Nottingham, in the Bassetlaw district 8 miles east of Retford. The village is overshadowed by the chimney and cooling towers of Cottam (Cottam, Nottinghamshire) Power Station. birth_date Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Commons:Category:Nottingham


(Alphaville song) Forever Young " was recorded and later released to Alphaville fans in a limited, cassette-only album entitled ''History (History (Alphaville album))''. http: main.htm He toured the UK in 1992 along with other Penthouse stars Marcia Griffiths, Tony Rebel, and Buju Banton. Larkin, Colin (1998) ''The Virgin Encyclopedia of Reggae'', Virgin Books, ISBN 0


visit to Moscow in September, Jackson came up with the song "Stranger in Moscow" which would be released on his 1995 album HIStory. He thought of it while sitting in his hotel's closet crying due to the Jordan Chandler case. Frank Cascio's Book: My Friend Michael: An Ordinary Friendship With An Extraordinary Man It was during a time when Jackson felt very alone, far away from his family and friends, yet every night


2007 08 16 larry-norman-concert-in-new-york-city-1 ; and "A Brief History", http: about-us -brief-history brief-history. The 1972 concert was recorded and released as ''Restless In Manhattan '72'' (2003), http: restless.htm Grammy-nominated Australian singer and songwriter Paul Colman, who has covered Norman's Sweet, "Sweet Song of Salvation", on his 2009 album, ''History'',


of the Bandit Spirit"). This was released in 1980 on Crammed Discs, a new independent record label Hollander had created to release the album. History In 1928 the first party members joined forces abroad in Paraguay and in Brazil. Similar associations came into being in Switzerland and in the United States in 1930. These groups had been officially accepted by NSDAP only after the foundation of the ''Auslands-Organisation'': On August 7, 1931 Local


metal band, The Kovenant, and was released in 1998 through Nuclear Blast. Album history The original album ''In Times Before the Light'' was successful at staging a fan base in the black metal scene in Norway. Nagash and Blackheart had greater ambitions for the band and wanted better production and pay for their music. Nuclear Blast caught eye of the band and Covenant (still known as that before the change) signed with them. ''Nexus Polaris'' was hugely


, Germany to record their debut album, ''History of a Time to Come''. This generated lots of media attention amongst journalists and fans alike for its unique lyrical approach and its difference to the "Big 4" approach at the time during the 1980s metal scene. History The idea of Kvutzat Yavne was conceived in Germany. The intention of the founders was to make the area near ancient Yavne (from which it takes its name) the site of a religious kibbutz and a yeshiva. These founders, members of the Religious Zionist (Religious Zionism) movement, began to prepare themselves for agricultural work on German farms in 1929. Shortly thereafter, they immigrated (aliyah) to Mandate Palestine (British Mandate of Palestine). They initially settled near Petah Tikva on land purchased by a Jewish-owned German company. Finally, in 1941, the 180-person group of German Zionists, began to build Kvutzat Yavne at its intended location. The kibbutz continued to grow, joined by German, American (United States of America), and Sabras (Sabra (person)). It came to be known as the cradle of the Religious Kibbutz Movement, with which the kibbutz is associated. thumb TU Chemnitz, new lecture theater (Image:Chemnitz-TU-Orangerie2008.jpg) '''Chemnitz University of Technology''' is located in the town of Chemnitz in Germany. With over 10000 students it is the third largest university in Saxony and around 750 international students from 100 universities all over the world are enrolled each year. It was founded in 1836 as Royal Mercantile College ("Königliche Gewerbeschule") and became a technical university in 1986. '''''Bagdad Café''''' (also known as '''''Out of Rosenheim''''') is a 1987 German (Germany) film directed by Percy Adlon. The film is a comedy set in a remote truck-stop café (Truck stop) and motel in the Mojave Desert. The plot is centered around two women who have recently separated from their husbands, and the blossoming friendship which ensues. It ran 95 minutes in the U.S. and 108 minutes in the German version. Life and career Siodmak was born '''Kurt Siodmak''' in Dresden, Germany, the son of Rosa Philippine (née Blum) and Ignatz Siodmak. His parents were both from Jewish families in Leipzig . Siodmak acquired a degree in mathematics before beginning to write novels. He invested early royalties earned by his first books in the movie ''Menschen am Sonntag'' (1929) a documentary (Documentary film)-style chronicle of the lives of four Berliners on a Sunday based on their own lives. The movie was co-directed by Curt Siodmak's older brother Robert Siodmak and Edgar G. Ulmer, with a script by Billy Wilder in collaboration with Fred Zinneman and cameraman Eugen Schüfftan. Siodmak was the nephew of noted film producer Seymour Nebenzal, who funded ''Menschen am Sonntag'' with funds borrowed from his father, Heinrich Nebenzahl.. '''Jan Hoffmann''' (born 26 October 1955 in Dresden) is a German (Germany) figure skater (figure skating) who represented East Germany in competition. A four-time Olympian, he is the 1980 Olympic silver medalist (1980 Winter Olympics), the 1974 & 1980 World Champion (World Figure Skating Championships), and a four-time (1974, 1977–1979) European Champion (European Figure Skating Championships). '''Senigallia''' (or '''Sinigaglia''' until the beginning of the 20th century) is a ''comune'' and port town on Italy's Adriatic coast, 25 km by rail north of Ancona, in the Marche region, province of Ancona. The town is one of the most famous seaside resorts of the region, attracting tourists (mainly families) from all over Europe: especially from Germany, Belgium, Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany

United States

;ref http: 3.html businessman and nineteenth century shipping magnate. '''''Top of the World Tour''''' was the 2003 (2003 in music) concert tour by American (United States) country music trio (Trio (music)) Dixie Chicks. It was in support of their album ''Home (Home (Dixie Chicks album))'', and named after the song "Top of the World (Top of the World (Dixie Chicks song))" on that album. History The company

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