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) Mars ," Adam notes) and that Thor has a mace, a detail which Adam compares to that of the Roman god Jupiter (Jupiter (mythology)). Adam adds that, in addition, "they also worship gods who were once men, whom they reckon to be immortal because of their heroic acts ... ." Orchard (1997:169). In all probability he founded the town of Sigtuna, which still exists and where the first Swedish coins were stamped for his son and successor


http: Breaking%2BNews SE%2BAsia Story STIStory_328916.html accessdate 2009-02-14 Since 2008 the city administration has banned Valentine's Day and New Year's celebrations as they consider them not in line with Minangkabau traditions or Islam that can lead to "immoral acts" such as young couples hugging and kissing. WikiPedia:Bukittinggi Commons:Category:Bukittinggi


General Assembly . It passed a resolution on 29 November 1974 describing the destruction of Quneitra as "a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention (Fourth Geneva Convention)" and "condemn ing Israel for such acts," by a margin of 93 votes to 8, with 74 abstentions. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights also voted to condemn the "deliberate destruction and devastation" of Quneitra in a resolution of 22 February 1975, by a margin of 22 votes to one (the United States) with nine abstentions. "Human Rights Commission condemns Israel". ''The Times'', 22 February 1975 The U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, a non-governmental organization, has reported that: "Before leaving, however, the Israelis leveled the city with bulldozers and dynamite." USCRI Modern Quneitra Image:Golan Hospital.jpeg 250px right thumb Quneitra hospital. The sign reads: "Golan Hospital. Destructed by Zionists and changed it to firing target!" '' sic '' The city remains in a destroyed condition. Syria has left the ruins in place and built a museum to memorialize its destruction. It maintains billboards at the ruins of many buildings and effectively preserves it in the condition that the Israeli army left it in. The former residents of the town have not returned and Syria discourages the re-population of the area. However, in the 2004 census by the Central Bureau of Statistics (Central Bureau of Statistics (Syria)), a small population of 153 people living in 28 households was recorded, all living in the neighborhood of Rasm al-Rawabi. General Census of Population and Housing 2004. Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (Central Bureau of Statistics (Syria)) (CBS). Quneitra Governorate. Yom Kippur War Like the rest of the IDF, the Golani Brigade was caught by surprise with the first Arab attack of the Yom Kippur War. The brigade's sector in the Golan Heights was lightly manned, and most of its units were either on leave or preparing for a planned major ceremony. The Syrians attacked in three major locations: near Khushniya, Quneitra and Mas'ada. The 13th Battalion's position on Mount Hermon was overrun (First Battle of Mount Hermon) on October 6–7, 1973. The brigade was assigned defence of the northern Golan, in preparation for a push to retake the Hermon. Golan Region In Quneitra and the Golan Region (Quneitra Governorate), there was a numerous Circassian (Circassians) community. Several Circassian leaders wanted in 1938, for the same reasons as their Assyrian, Kurdish and Bedouin counterparts in Al-Jazira province in 1936-1937, a special autonomy status for their region as they feared the perspective of living in an independent Syrian republic under a nationalist Arab government hostile towards the minorities. They also wanted the Golan region to become a national homeland for Circassian refugees from the Caucasus. A Circassian battalion served in the French army and had helped it against the Arab nationalist uprisings. Like in Al-Jazira Province the French authorities refused to grant any autonomy status to the Golan Circassians. M. Proux, "Les Tcherkesses", ''La France méditerranéenne et africaine'', IV, 1938 The 5th Indian Brigade Group—commanded by Brigadier Wilfrid Lewis Lloyd—were ordered to cross the Syrian border from Palestine and take Quneitra and Deraa. It was anticipated that this would open the way for the 1st Free French Division forces to advance to Damascus. Four days after the commencement of the operation, this force was bought under unified command and was named ''Gentforce'' after its French commander, Major-General Paul Louis Le Gentilhomme (Paul Legentilhomme). The frequent reverting is causing trouble on several pages, attracting sockpuppetry, proxy IP reversions, and personal attacks. This isn't to excuse the sockpuppetry and abusive responses, but there's a causal relationship between them and Yuber's editing practices. Currently protected in part because of him are Jihad, Saudi Arabia, Quneitra, Terrorism, Qana, and Suicide bombing. Although others are obviously reverting too, Yuber's presence is the common denominator on the pages experiencing trouble, and based on what I've seen, reverting is all or most of what he does. A temporary revert parole would calm the situation down. SlimVirgin (User:SlimVirgin) (talk) (User_talk:SlimVirgin) 08:14, Jun 18, 2005 (UTC) History The kibbutz was founded in 1971 by a core group of settlers from the ''Machanot HaOlim'' Zionist youth movement. Although they had intended to settle in Beit HaArava in the southern Jordan River Valley (Jordan River), they were eventually persuaded to move to the Golan Heights. The original settlement was located in the vicinity of the occupied Syrian town of Quneitra, however, this settlement was destroyed during the Yom Kippur War, and an enormous tank battle (Armoured warfare) was fought in its fields. In June 1967 after battling Syria, Jordan and Egypt in the Six Day War, Israel captured the entire length of the Golan Heights including its principal city Quneitra. The resulting ceasefire line (dubbed the "Purple Line" as it was drawn on the UN's maps) was supervised by a series of positions and observation posts manned by observers of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation and became the new effective border between Israel and Syria. The sector is divided into two battalions—Erez, which monitors most checkpoints around Jerusalem, and Ta'oz, manning all other military police-run checkpoints. The Erez battalion lists three companies; Alef (A), Bet (B) and Gimel (C). The Ta'oz battalion lists the following companies: Eyal (אייל), Maccabim (מכבים), Reihan (ריחן), Sahlav (סחלב) and Shomron (שומרון). Other than these battalions, soldiers in the sector also help man crossings at Ghajar and Rosh HaNikra (Rosh HaNikra Crossing) (Lebanon), Quneitra (Syria), and Erez (Erez Crossing) and Kerem Shalom (Kerem Shalom Crossing) (Gaza Strip).


endangered by Serb military forces. BTW, compare with the previous entry: planned exodus is depicted as the most criminal act, while death of thousands is supposed to be... I'm not sure? Necessary casualties of war? Accidents? Suicides? - While the ICJ found that "genocidal acts" had been carried out


and AIK (AIK Fotboll) in Örebro 2009-07-05. As advertised in Nerikes Allehanda 2009-07-05. alias origin Örebro, Sweden genre Grindcore '''Nasum''' (pronunciation na:sum ) was a grindcore band from Örebro, Sweden formed in 1992. The band released four studio albums, developed into "one of that country's premier metal acts"

History of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi

would continue to support the Red Army Faction, the Red Brigades, and the Irish Republican Army as long as European countries support anti-Gaddafi Libyans. The Foreign Minister of Libya also called the massacres "heroic acts". Patrick Seale

Northern England

; (20 April 2008, p. 55). However both ''The Sun'', "It's diva les vegas" (20 March 2008, p. 25) and ''The Independent'', "The Ten Best Drag acts" (27 June 2006, p. 24) state Sidebottom. are two Northern (Northern England) housewives created and played by the comedian Les Dawson and comic actor Roy Barraclough on television in the 1970s and 1980s. With a love of gossip, stoical pursing of lips and constantly heaved bosoms, the perfectly realised


supported a Zionist revival for religious reasons The Jewish militia Irgun used violence also against Arab civilians as "retiliatory acts

", attacking marketplaces and buses (List of Irgun attacks during the 1930s). Special importance is attached to the ''Abisha Scroll'', which is used in the Samaritan synagogue of Nablus. The Samaritans claim it was penned by Abishua, great-grandson of Aaron ( WikiPedia:Nablus


In November 1923, he took an active part in the miscarried Beer Hall Putsch. He was tried for high treason and in April 1924 was sentenced to one and a half years of confinement in a fortress - which


Contemporary Review date 1 December 1992 url http: Libyan+terrorism:+the+case+against+Gaddafi.-a014151801 The Foreign Minister of Libya called the massacres "heroic acts". Seale, Patrick (Patrick Seale). ''Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire''. Hutchinson, 1992, p. 245. Gaddafi fueled a number of Islamist and communist militant groups in the Philippines, including the New People's Army of the Communist Party

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