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1,52 - -align center align "left" Abstention 667 15,52 - 739 16,72 - 730 16,81 - Economy The municipality relies heavily on the tertiary sector of the economy (56.3% of workers in 2011) and it is largely dependent on tourism. In 2011, right in the middle of the Spanish financial crisis (2008–2012 Spanish financial crisis), the total number of unemployed people was 512 (15.5% of the active population). Primary

; Tertiary sector This is the main economic sector employing 56.3% of the active population, with a great reliance on tourism. In 2011 the municipality (including the town itself, El Raso and the disseminated areas) had 158 retail establishments, 25 restaurants, 71 bars, 5 banks, 3 drug stores, 3 gas stations and 10 hotels or hostels. Rural tourism has been the fastest growing industry in the last few decades. By the 1990s the annual number of visitors to the Tiétar Valley region was estimated at 100,000. Category:Municipalities in the Province of Ávila Category:Populated places in the Province of Ávila


Syphilis outbreak in Tolagnaro. State of Emergency is declared with up to 17.000 people (30% of the sexually active population) being infected. * Ministry of Justice removed the prosecutor and the President of the Tribunal in Fort Dauphin as punishment for their ineffectiveness in prosecuting Sex

Amur Oblast

for 2008 *Births: 11,290 (12.98 per 1000) *Deaths: 13,117 (15.08 per 1000) economically active population amounts to 463,100 people (52.6% of total resident population.) Unemployment in 2006 was 5.5%. ;Vital statistics for 2012 *Births: 11 733 (14.3 per 1000) *Deaths: 12 054 (14.7 per 1000) wikipedia:Amur Oblast Commons:Category:Amur Oblast

Anosy Region

in Tolagnaro while working on the QMM projects, filling up all the hotels for the next two years, ruining most of the tourism business in Anosy. *2007 – Major Syphilis outbreak in Toalagnaro. State of Emergency is declared with up to 17.000 people (30% of the sexually active population) being infected. – Port d'Ehoala Port d'Ehoala. is completed and QIT Madagascar


significantly. The economically active population of the city grew from 104,000 in 1919 to 365,000 in 1968. In 1967 the city had 145 enterprises, with the bulk of these being light industrial (Light industry) and food industries, which was slightly different from a typical Soviet city where the bias was usually towards heavy industry and capital goods production. Dmoz:Regional Asia Kazakhstan Localities Almaty WikiPedia:Almaty Commons:Category:Almaty



year 2012 title Las mejores ciudades para hacer negocios publisher Especiales work América Economía url http: 2011 ciudades ranking.php accessdate 23 August 2012 - According to the "Specialized Household Survey on Employment Levels" has the largest amount of "Economically able to work" within the country amounting to 625 547 people, and the most economically active population (PEA) which amounts to 376 764


: user katvixenchick?blend 23&ob 5#p u 5 JLRQ0IihvDY title YouTube: Trinidad creole songs work YouTube:bèlè songs accessdate september 10, 2005 The countries with the highest percentage of credit union members in the economically active population were Barbados (72%), Ireland (Republic of Ireland) (71%), St. Lucia (67%), Belize (65%), Grenada (59%), Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica (54% each), Canada (46%), Antigua & Barbuda (45

East Timor

http: published 2010%20and%202011%20Publications Census%20Summary%20English English%20Census%20Summary%202011.pdf publisher Direcção Nacional de Estatística The agriculture sector employs 80% of the active population. <


is significantly lower than the 2010 world average of 67.2. The general prevalence of HIV AIDS in the sexually active population of Zanzibar is 0.6 percent, with the rate slightly higher in females (0.7 percent) than males (0.5 percent). The rate for divorced women, however, is 10 percent and is even higher for injecting drug users (16 percent), men who have sex with men (MSM) (12.3 percent), and female sex workers (10.8 percent). Among MSM, 13.9 percent reported injecting drugs within the previous

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