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year the City Mayor awards the scholarships to the students who have outstanding achievements in studying, scientific and civil activity. Student councils and trade unions operate in Kirovohrad higher educational institution. Students have an opportunity to use them for effective solution of the youth’s problems, consolidation of democratic basis of the Ukrainian society. In 2011 the Youth Council was established under the city Council, the participants of which are the most active young people

council “Aelita”, dance theatre “Visiting a Fairytale”. Concert programmes of these creative groups are the synthesis of collection, study and artistic processing of the folk melos, the folklore of world’s nations and the creative experience of the leading artists of Ukraine. Among their achievements are recognition, victories in the international, republican festivals, competitions, numerous prizes, performances on the best stages of Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic countries, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany

, France, Holland, Japan, Morocco, Italy, Greece. The achievements of the group “Prolisok” have given the opportunity to open the department of choreographic studies at Kirovohrad State Pedagogic university named after Volodymyr Vynnychenko, and later on the regional general secondary educational complex of humanitarian-aesthetic profile. The reputation of the city as centre of dance and choreography has been confirmed by the triumph of Kirovohrad team in the Ukrainian national project “Maidan’s


Achiam : ''Tribute to the fallen patriots for liberty'' (1963) Portorož hosts annual Festival of Slovenian Film (''Festival slovenskega filma'') with ''Vesna'' awards being awarded for best achievements in Slovenian cinematography. Since 1961, Portorož also hosts a contemporary art biennale, the International Sculpture Symposium Forma Viva. ref

region (Slovenian (Slovenian language) ''Primorska''), where it is located. ** Mark Dowling (2001) and Colm Flynn (1999 and 2005) have served as Grand Final Judges at the Championships. Colm Flynn also judged the ESL final in 2005. ** The Debating Union submitted a bid at the 2001 Championships in Portorož, Slovenia to host the 2002 event but the Europeans Council chose University of Haifa, Israel to host. * Other notable achievements: Srebotnik was the only player in 2005

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

worldwide. According to Scimago world scientific database, if Pakistan continues at the same pace, its ranking will increase from 43 to 27 globally by 2017. Achievements The creation of HEC has had a positive impact on higher education in Pakistan. * Established the finest Digital Library in Pakistan: Every student in every public sector university today has access to 45,000 textbooks research monographs from 220 international publishers as well as to 25,000 international research journals

this facility for conducting lectures, meetings and other events etc. Political overview Despite its achievements, the HEC was harshly critiqued by noted scholar and nuclear physicist, dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, who maintained that "HEC have made higher education more expensive."


. In 1587 he married Mara, the daughter of Pero Gomović. He shared his time between writing and running his estates in Cavtat and Konavle. He had friends among poets from Italy and Dubrovnik and admired the famous Renaissance beauty Cvijeta Zuzorić. Zlatarić wrote in Croatian (Croatian language) and Italian (Italian language) – love poems, epitaphs and poetic meditations – but his greatest achievements are his translations. br>


of the eighth Twelver Shi'a Imam, Ali al-Ridha at Mashhad, and restored the dynastic shrine at Ardabil. Both shrines received jewelry, fine manuscripts and Chinese porcelains. Abbas moved the capital to Isfahan (Isfahan (city)), revived old ports, and established thriving trade with Europeans. Amongst Abbas's most visible cultural achievements was the construction of ''Naqsh-e Jahan Square'' ("Design of the World"). The plaza, located near a Friday mosque, covered

Ismā‘il succeeded in conquering Persia. Noted for achievements in state building, architecture, and the sciences

world and double Olympic (Olympic Games) champion in Olympic weightlifting. He is also a world record holder in the clean and jerk and considered as one of the greatest weightlifters of all time. In 2006 the Rezazadeh Stadium (Reza Zadeh Stadium) was built in Rezazadeh's hometown of Ardabil. It was built to honour the achievements of Rezazadeh and is one of the most modern and innovative indoor arenas in Iran today. File:Hossein Rezazadeh by Mardetanha 4014.JPG thumb left


year the first hot-rolled plate was produced. Nowadays complex production processes of iron and steel making are highly mechanized and automatically operated. The works' shops have been modernized according to the latest achievements of engineering and technology of metal production. The joint-stock company ''Severstal'' (LSE, MOEX) is one of the global exporters of ferrous and non-ferrous metals: iron, steel, hot-rolled plates, cold roll-formed shapes, and other products. Chemical

construction has been carried out in the city. Over the past years hundreds of new multi-story blocks of apartments as well as detached and semi-detached houses were built in Cherepovets. Cherepovets is not only an industrial city; it is also a center of culture, education, and sport. Professional associations of local writers, poets, actors, painters, composers, journalists function there. Cherepovets is famous for its sport achievements. The joint-stock company "Severstal" regularly holds


and the Barents Sea. During the last flight he reached the 76th parallel north. Nagórski failed to find Sedov's expedition, but he gained valuable experience as the first polar aviator in history. His report to the Admiralty prepared after his return, as well as a report of Nagórski's achievements by Admiral Mikhail Zhdanko , included a number of suggestions that would prove invaluable to every polar aviator. Among them was the idea of painting red all the planes operating

in the Arctic, to make them more visible. His achievements proved that the North Pole could be reached by airplane. Initial period of war On 27 June 1941 the Council of deputies of the working people of Leningrad decided to mobilize thousands of people for the construction of fortifications. The Leningrad Narodnoe Opolcheniye Army begun to be formed almost immediately while city fortifications to ring it were built around it to offer a measure of defence. One of the fortifications ran from

Al Karak

regiments, mostly conscripts from West of the River Jordan doing their three years of military service. There were also 200 Circassian (Circassians) cavalry. Bliss, page 220. Dowling page 329. One of his achievements was the disarming of the local population. He also established a Military Hospital with a Jewish doctor; enforced the regulation of coinage and weights and measures; introduced a weekly postal service to Jerusalem, Damascus and Ma'an; and set up

Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea

Manchuria, China and Siberia. The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea was established in Shanghai, China, in the aftermath of March 1 Movement, which coordinated the Liberation effort and resistance against Japanese control. Some of the achievements of the Provisional Government include the Battle of Chingshanli of 1920 and the ambush of Japanese Military Leadership in China (Yoon Bong-Gil) in 1932. The Provisional Government is considered to be the de jure

Ferrol, Galicia

of quartering, because of armorial inheritance via the male and the female lines. Moreover, Italian heraldry is dominated by the Roman Catholic Church, featuring many shields and achievements, most bearing some reference to the Church. Thomas Woodcock & John Martin Robinson. ''The Oxford Guide to Heraldry''. (Oxford University Press, New York: 1988), pp.24-30. founded 1919 ground A Malata (Estadio de la Malata), Ferrol (Ferrol, Galicia), Galicia

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