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Södertälje Municipality subdivision_type2 County (Counties of Sweden) subdivision_name2 Stockholm County subdivision_type1 Province (Provinces of Sweden) subdivision_name1 Södermanland established_title Founded established_date 1300s area_footnotes '''Södertälje''' ( southwest of Stockholm, is the home to truck maker Scania AB and the research and development arm of a top 10 pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca

. Södertälje is an international municipality and this fact is reflected in business, cultural life and the population. History Prior to 600 AD, the lake Mälaren was connected to the sea. Due to land elevation, the lake was slowly cut off, and boats had to be carried over land to and from the lake. The name ''Telje'' is mentioned in the 11th century. To resolve a name conflict with another town that was founded north of Stockholm in the 17th century, ''Söder'' (meaning ''south


SE pushpin_map Sweden subdivision_type Country subdivision_name Sweden subdivision_type3 Municipalities (Municipalities of Sweden) subdivision_name3

Danderyd Municipality subdivision_type2 County (Counties of Sweden) subdivision_name2 Stockholm County subdivision_type1 Province (Provinces of Sweden) subdivision_name1 Södermanland and Uppland established_title First mention established_date 1252 established_title1 Charter (Stad (Sweden)) established_date1 13th century area_footnotes

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

image Stockholm-Arlanda logo.png image-width 200 image2 Arlanda 1 Publish.jpg image2-width 250 IATA ARN ICAO ESSA type Public owner operator Swedavia city-served Stockholm and Uppsala location Sigtuna Municipality, Sweden hub * Amapola Flyg * Nextjet * Scandinavian Airlines

* Norwegian Air Shuttle elevation-f 137 latd 59 latm 39 lats 07 latNS N longd 017 longm 55 longs 07 longEW E coordinates_region SE pushpin_map Sweden Stockholm pushpin_label ESSA pushpin_map_caption Location within Stockholm County website arlanda metric-rwy yes r1-number 01L 19R r1-length-m 3,301 r1-surface Asphalt r2-number 01R 19L r2-length-m 2,500 r2-surface Asphalt r3

: AIP AD AD%202 ESSA ES_AD_2_ESSA_en.pdf title ESSA – Stockholm Arlanda work AIP Sverige Sweden publisher The LFV Group accessdate 21 October 2012 location Norrköping format PDF date 23 August 2012 pages AD 2 ESSA 1-1..8 Statistics: Swedavia '''Stockholm Arlanda Airport''' , is an international airport located in the Sigtuna Municipality of Sweden, near the town of Märsta, 37 km (23


coordinates_display display inline,title latd 59 latm 22 lats latNS N longd 18 longm 09 longs longEW E website '''Lidingö''' is an island in the inner Stockholm archipelago, northeast of Stockholm, Sweden. In 2010, the population of the Lidingö urban area (Urban areas in Sweden) on the island was 31,561. It is the seat of government of the Lidingö Municipality, Stockholm County. Lidingö's qualities have attracted

and October are the months of the short autumn. The first snow fall is expected in the first two weeks of November. During winter, thick ice covers the waters around Stockholm and up to 15 to 20 nautical miles into the Baltic Sea. The coldest period is from January until the end of February. Springtime is from mid April to May. thumb 280px none Map of Lidingö, 2009. (File:Karta över Lidingö.png) History Runic inscriptions Two runic inscriptions have been found


, Rauma (Rauma, Finland), Oulu. There is passenger traffic from Helsinki and Turku, which have ferry connections to Tallinn, Mariehamn and Stockholm. The Helsinki–Tallinn route, one of the busiest passenger sea routes in the world , has also been served by a helicopter line. Port logistics prices were among the lowest in OECD. Vuosaari harbour is the largest container port after completed in 2008. There is passenger traffic from

: public default.aspx?culture en-US&contentlan 2 Embassy of Finland in the Hague Passenger transport on the gulf includes a number of ferry lines which connect the following ports: Helsinki and Hanko (Finland), Mariehamn (Åland Islands), Stockholm and Kappelsher (Sweden), Tallinn and Paldiski, Rostock (Germany), Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad (Russia), as well as many other cities. Из Петербурга в Хельсинки

на пароме (From Saint Petersburg to Helsinki by ferry). 7 July 2008 Ferry traffic between Finland and Russia starts in April 2010. Retrieved on 2011-08-14. News of the week-Expert Online 2.0, Sea transport Ferry connections to Tallinn, Mariehamn and Stockholm are serviced by various


;ref http: polopoly_fs 1.561819.1259760309! sn-saab-20090131.pdf Military history Nyköping has been a stronghold for the reconnaissance squadrons of the Swedish Air Force. Between 1941 and 1980, the nearby Stockholm Skavsta Airport was hosting the F11 wing (F 11 Nyköping) which had three squadrons with reconnaissance aircraft. It was the only dedicated reconnaissance wing in the Swedish Air Force. The city has also hosted the flying school

of regional transportation, showing (1) Nyköping, (2) Oxelösund, (3) motorway E4 (European route E4) and railroad towards the airport (Stockholm-Skavsta Airport), Norrköping and Malmö, (4) road 52 (Swedish national road 52) and railroad towards Katrineholm and Kumla, (5) road 53 (Swedish national road 53) towards Malmköping and Eskilstuna, (6) motorway E4 (European route E4) and railroad towards

Södertälje and Stockholm. Buses Nyköping's intercity and city bus-links are operated by Nobina Sverige. The city bus network consists of five lines: class "wikitable" - ! Number !! Origin !! Final destination !! Frequency


. By 1956, however, 18 of them had been closed due to competition from countries abroad with lower wages, such as Italy and Japan. In 1970 only 10 factories and 1,200 employees remained. In that year, the renowned Holmen (Holmen (company)) paper mill, with its 350 years long history, announced closure, and another 900 people were let go . To counter the effects, several governmental authorities were relocated to Norrköping from Stockholm. See also

system that drains lake Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden, into the Baltic Sea in Norrköping. It is named from the city Motala where it begins. In the early 19th century, the Göta Canal was constructed in parallel with Motala ström. * Gothenburg: Gothenburg tram * Norrköping: Norrköping tramway * Stockholm: Tvärbanan, Nockebybanan, Lidingöbanan, Djurgården line During the later half of the 18th century real income dwindled

and engagements. * E 02 – Route number not used * 35px link European route E4 (File:Tabliczka E04.svg) – : Tromsø – Nordkjosbotn (Balsfjord) – Storfjord Skibotn


of Vegerbol, between Karlstad and Arvika. At the age of twelve his father died, and he had to start working as a miner. He worked until he had money enough to leave the village and move to Stockholm in 1867. He then worked for six years for an instrument maker named ''Öllers & Co.'' who mainly created telegraph (Telegraphy) equipment. Because of his skills, he was given two state scholarships to study instrument making abroad between 1872 and 1875. One of the companies he

– Örebro – Västerås – Stockholm Kapellskär … Mariehamn … Turku Naantali – Helsinki – Kotka – Vaalimaa – Vyborg – Saint Petersburg * 35px link European route E22 (File:Tabliczka E22.svg) – : Holyhead – Chester – Warrington – Manchester – Leeds – Doncaster – Immingham … Amsterdam – Groningen (Groningen (city)) – Bremen – Hamburg – Lübeck – Rostock – Sassnitz

Stockholm. To prevent the King from joining loyal troops in Scania, on 13 March 1809 seven of the conspirators led by Carl Johan Adlercreutz broke into the royal apartments in the palace, seized the king, and imprisoned him and his family in Gripsholm castle; the king's uncle, Duke Charles (Karl), was thereupon persuaded to accept the leadership of a provisional government, which was proclaimed the same day; and a diet, hastily summoned, solemnly approved of the revolution


för landskapsplanering Ultuna och Konstvetenskapliga institutionen, Stockholms universitet 2005, s. 550 It has a port by the Gulf of Bothnia, and is located 395 km north of Stockholm. The city has burned down and been rebuilt four times. http: ~hogman slhist_l.htm The first time, in 1721, it was set on fire by the Russian army during the Great Northern War. image:Sundsvall brand 1888.jpg thumb left The city was burnt on 25

– : Tromsø – Nordkjosbotn (Balsfjord) – Skibotn (Storfjord) – Kilpisjärvi – Kolari – Tornio – Kemi – Oulu – Kokkola – Vaasa – Pori – Turku

Demography Huddinge has a total population of roughly 97,000 Huddinge ( Sweden ) , or 4.5% of the population of Stockholm County. The average age is 36.7 years, but one-third of the population is under 25 years of age. This means that Huddinge has a slightly younger population than both Stockholm County (38.9 years) and the whole country (40.6 years


17 °C 0 abbr on in July. Yearly rainfall is around . Economy thumbnail left View of the harbour, approx. 1940-1959 (File:The harbour at Fredriksskans, Gävle, Gästrikland, Sweden.jpg) Trade from the port of Gävle increased markedly during the 15th century when copper and iron began to be exported from the port. In order to ensure that all trade was via Stockholm, sailing to foreign ports from Gävle and a few other ports was forbidden. During

, the country museum of Gävleborg, and the national railway museum are the three largest museums in the city.The prison museum is located near Gävle castle and depicts the history of crime and punishment in Sweden. The country museum (located downtown) hosts an art collection spanning from the 1600s to present time and well as a section dedicated to cultural history. Finally, the national railway museum (Rälsgatan 1), hosts a collection that began to accumulate in 1906 in Stockholm and which

'', but became known to a wider audience in 1995, when he started to draw for the Stockholm-based but nationally distributed conservative newspaper ''Svenska Dagbladet''. His strips have been collected and republished in several albums. Motorways Motorway (List of motorways in Sweden)s run through Sweden, Denmark and over the Öresund Bridge to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Uddevalla. The system of motorways is still being extended. The longest continuous

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