to the building, which resulted in the entire surrender of the garrison. The prisoners had their hands tied before being ordered to march the road to Midleton while the flying column made their escape. Small-scale rioting broke out in Cloyne on 26 October 2013 after hundreds of youths arrived in the town due to an invitation for a house party going viral

chaos-over-200-teens-gather-2649113 title Chaos as over 200 teens gather for Facebook party in small village work accessdate 28 Oct 2013 Climate

Chivington, Colorado

Citizen , Deschutes River, Dien Bien Phu (film), Disc golf, Dora and Cora Webber, Douglass Houghton, Ducks Unlimited, Dugald Campbell, Duluth lynchings, Dye Branch, Dynamix, EXPCITE, East St. Louis, Illinois, East St. Louis Riot, Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, Eastman Kodak, Ed McMahon, Ed Schultz, Edina, Missouri, Education voucher, Edward Furlong, Edward P. McCabe, Edward S. Curtis, Eklutna River

Brothers , Harry Chandler, Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah, Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen, Haymarket Riot, Health Center Consolidation Act, Heavyweights, Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, Hendrick Motorsports, Henry Ernest Cooper Sr., Henry St. George Tucker, Sr., Henry Wells, Hidden Agenda (game), High Rock Lake, Highways along the BosWash corridor, Hilda, Missouri, Hillsboro, Pennsylvania, Hinduism in the United States, Historiography

Interscholastic Athletic Association , New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot, New York, New York State Parkway System, New York–New Jersey English, New immigration, Nick Lachey, Nike, Inc., No Child Left Behind Act, No Gun Ri tragedy, Nora Fontaine Davidson, Norfork Dam, North Carolina General Assembly election, 2004, North Carolina hardcore, OODA Loop, Off Centre, Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders, 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak, Operation

Farah, Afghanistan

by the account of survivors, the air raid was not a brief attack by several aircraft acting on mistaken intelligence, but a sustained bombardment in which three villages were pounded to pieces.riot-over-airstrike-atrocity-1681070.html Afghans riot over air-strike atrocity An Afghan government investigation concluded on May 16, 2009 with the Afghan Defense Ministry


weapons after settler shootings author Katz, Yaakov work The Jerusalem Post date 2 June 2012 accessdate 7 May 2013 A Palestinian and an Israeli security guard for the Yitzhar settlement were injured in clashes on 17 December 2012 outside the settlement after a Palestinian shepherd approached the settlement and a group of Palestinians began hurling rocks at guards and IDF soldiers which responded with riot dispersal means. According to the Israeli NGO Yesh Din, who

The Independent accessdate 6 May 2013 set fire to fields in Palestinian villages, and stoned two buses carrying Palestinian schoolgirls, lightly injuring two girls and one


hated people from the Caucasus." Teenager Admits to Over 30 Murders The Moscow Times, 29 May 2007 On 5 June 2007, an anti-Chechen riot involving hundreds of people took place in the town of Stavropol in southern Russia. Rioters demanded the eviction of ethnic Chechens following the murder of two young Russians who locals believed were killed by Chechens. The event revived memories of a recent clash

; and '''Aqnogay''' (White or Western Nogay), by the Kuban River, its tributaries in Karachay–Cherkessia, and in the Mineralnye Vody District. Qara-Nogay and Nogai Proper are very close linguistically, while Aqnogay shows more differences. thumb Moscow OMON riot control water cannon police vehicle "Lavina-Uragan" on Ural Automotive Plant Ural (File:Moscow OMON Lavina-Uragan riot control vehicle.jpg)-532362. In April 2006, the European Court of Human Rights found

(as happened with the remains of General Lavr Kornilov (Lavr Kornilov)). Their exact location remains unknown to this day. *Polessk by me. Olessi (User:Olessi) 08:08, 8 November 2005 (UTC) *Bryansk, Krasnodar, Stavropol and Perm articles expanded by me. Still lots to do in Cities and towns in Russia Category. Fisenko (User:Fisenko) 05:37, 8 November 2005 (UTC) *Salt Riot by me. Any pictures for this event? KNewman (User:KNewman) 03:31, 8 November 2005 (UTC

Olympia, Washington

; *The 90s riot grrrl feminist punk movement, which included bands like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, originated in Olympia. *Kurt Cobain wrote most of Nirvana's ''Nevermind'' album while living in Olympia.

independent record label K Records is legendary in indie music circles. Olympia was the heart of the '90s punk (punk subculture) riot grrrl movement, and to the band Sleater-Kinney which hailed from that scene. The band Hole (Hole (band)) wrote and recorded a song called "Olympia" (aka "Rock Star") on their album ''Live Through This'' (1994). Olympia was also the heart of the '90s queercore scene, with bands such as the Mukilteo Fairies and Team Dresch

Underground Convention in Olympia, Washington, heralded the emerging riot grrrl phenomenon. Billed as "Love Rock Revolution Girl Style Now", the concert's lineup included Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, L7 (L7 (band)), and Mecca Normal. Raha (2005), p. 154. The riot grrrl movement foregrounded feminist concerns and progressive politics in general; the DIY ethic and fanzines were also central elements of the scene. Jackson (2005

Tenderloin, San Francisco

participants and arresting several prominent citizens. One of the first "gay riots", pre-dating the Stonewall riots in New York, happened at Compton's Cafeteria (Compton's Cafeteria riot) Documentary movie Screaming Queens: the Riot at Compton's Cafeteria http: at Turk and Taylor Streets in August 1966 when the police, attempting to arrest a drag queen, sparked a riot that spilled into the streets. Prior to the emergence

Otumba de Gómez Farías

the detention of a person in Santiago Tolman. The incident occurred when two police were arresting a local teacher. The residents detained the police for three hours, suspecting that they were kidnapping the teacher, and threatened to lynch the officers. The people were dispersed by an anti-riot squad, but a number of protesters regrouped and blocked the Mexico City-Tulancingo highway, demanding the return of the suspected kidnappers, ref name "

prisoners began a revolt in the maximum security area, claiming mistreatment. Two prison workers were taken hostage as the riot spread to other parts of the facilities. Control of the prison by authorities was achieved about eight hours later.

accessdate March 15, 2010 language Spanish trans_title Prison uprising under control in Otumba


*2011 - Riot in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, at least 7 killed in a prison riot. http: Content GeneralNews.aspx?Id 1663135&SM 1 *2011 - Riot in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 7 killed in a prison riot.


; ref Religious strife Due to its religious makeup, Kaduna has been the scene of religious tension between Muslims (Islam in Nigeria) and Christians (Christianity in Nigeria), particularly over the implementation of shari'a law in Kaduna State beginning in 2001. In February 2000, approximately 1,000 people were killed in a riot. The city remains segregated to this day, with Muslims living mainly in the north and Christians in the south.<

marrying one of its contestants. A massive riot ensued. Churches were among the most frequently attacked targets: More than 20 were burned by Muslims. In retaliation, Christians burned eight mosques. Several hotels were also burned. The city suffered widespread damage, and 11,000 people were left homeless. In particular, the local offices of the newspaper that had published the offending article were torched. As a result, thousands of civilians fled the city to escape. Civil unrest soon spread

to the capital, Abuja. After four days of rioting, Nigerian security forces quelled the riots and arrested hundreds of rioters. A temporary curfew was imposed, although individual killings continued. 215 bodies were counted on the streets or in morgues, while some others were buried by their families. 1,000 people were wounded. The funerals of many of the victims took place shortly after the riot ended. Muslim rioters were tried in Sharia courts, while Christian rioters were tried

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